25 Mar 19, 11:35am
Bernstein's Michael Parker says NZ's funds management sector should use a 'slow and dour' minority investor tool to pressure Facebook & Google after Christchurch terrorist attacks
20 Mar 19, 10:27am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics details a new technology that initially appears to be mere entertainment, but he believes will have significant economic effects
9 Mar 19, 10:02am
The Productivity Commission's Tim Maddock and Terry Genet analyse NZ's labour market ahead of an inquiry into technological disruption and the future of work
4 Mar 19, 12:14pm
Payments NZ releases standards detailing how banks and fintechs that engage in open banking have to protect consumers' data
22 Feb 19, 11:08am
CEO Steve Jurkovich says Kiwibank has selected a new technology partner and has 'a truck load to do in the next six months'
21 Feb 19, 10:44am
As the current business cycle nears its inevitable end, investors should not lose sight of the unprecedented technological, political, and liquidity risks that will make the next cycle uniquely perilous
16 Feb 19, 9:16am
Patrick Watson of Mauldin Economics says the assumption that the US has the military upper hand on China is just that - an assumption - and no one really knows if it is true, though some of the signs aren’t good
15 Feb 19, 10:00am
Siah Hwee Ang on the latest happenings surrounding China, including the inevitable slowdown, a call for more investments and imports, keeping multinationals on their toes, the new e-commerce law and the new tech ambitions
21 Dec 18, 10:05am
Matthew Bartlett and Geoffrey Roberts of Citizen AI look at the geopolitics of AI, China's digital dystopia in the making, the transport and energy transformation, building digitally inclusive communities and more
18 Dec 18, 9:46am
KPMG's James Dowle says if Open Banking is to take off, more needs to be done to quell fears from customers about data security, while banks and other providers need to really demonstrate the true value and benefits
15 Dec 18, 9:31am
Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi says reciprocity key to preventing open banking from seeing the big four tech companies gazump banks
30 Nov 18, 9:33am
DCReport's David Cay Johnston says US President Donald Trump's reaction to GM layoffs shows he doesn’t get automakers, technology or his own new tax law
29 Nov 18, 8:55am
Peter Dunne says it seems that where China is concerned, New Zealand has become very reluctant to say a word out of place, presumably for fear of the economic consequences
22 Nov 18, 2:49pm
Cigna follows Kiwi Wealth and Nikko Asset Management in getting FMA clearance to provide digital personalised advice
21 Nov 18, 12:49pm
ASB, like BNZ and The Co-operative Bank, adopts facial recognition technology to enable new customers to apply for a bank account in 15 minutes without entering a branch 
16 Nov 18, 10:18am
Motu researchers on the history of wellbeing, robot ethics, whether the left or right hand should pay tax, the 1918 flu epidemic, prestige and value for money, the effect of cash transfers, protecting large carnivores, and the expansion of the culture war
14 Nov 18, 11:06am
Patrick Watson suggests future historians will say the 2008–2009 crisis marked 'peak globalization' and we're now heading down the other side of the mountain
9 Nov 18, 10:00am
Gareth Vaughan on Francis Fukuyama & identity politics, Silicon Valley & the radicalisation of the world, Corbyn the Trotskyite, Goldman Sachs cops a kicking, Bolsonaro & the Amazon & more
9 Oct 18, 10:39am
Murray Grimwood, aka commentator Power Down Kiwi, says NZ needs a strategic plan with all-party political support to achieve energy resilience
3 Oct 18, 10:13am
EY's Tim Benbow and David Snell say the Government's new R&D plan is a bold initiative


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