OnePath named fund manager of the year and KiwiSaver provider of the year by research house Morningstar. Your view?

OnePath named fund manager of the year and KiwiSaver provider of the year by research house Morningstar. Your view?

By Amanda Morrall

OnePath, the largest KiwiSaver provider by market share with more than NZ$2.5 billion under management, was doubled crowned by research house Morningstar who named the provider KiwiSaver and fund manager of the year at an awards banquet Thursday evening in Auckland.

This is the second consecutive year OnePath has taken top honours in KiwiSaver, beating out this year finalists Westpac and Milford Asset Management. 

Morningstar said OnePath won on the basis it offered Kiwi investors a "quality range of investment options run according to a disciplined asset allocation framework that has generally performed ahead of rivals over both last year and the last four years.''

According to Morningstar's most recently quarterly report on KiwiSaver, OnePath's conservative default fund has delivered after fee (before tax) returns of 5.2% per annum for four years making it the best performer among the default providers and their default funds. See's performance ranking list for a full range of providers here.

OnePath was commended for its commitment to transparency in fee reporting as well as for its investment team.

Morningstar's co-head of research Chris Douglas said OnePath's suite of KiwiSaver options made it "the best all around solution for New Zealander's retirement savings needs."

In addition to also winning the grand title of fund manager of the year, OnePath was also a finalist in the international and fixed interest categories. (See category winners below).

"OnePath's achievement is a testament to the quality of the firm's processes and people, and the consistent results the fund manager has produced for investors  in its funds," said Douglas.

In determining the winners, Morningstar uses both qualitative research and quantitative analysis of risk-adjusted performance. (For more on the selection process see Amanda Morrall interview with Chris Douglas here).

New Zealand Fund Manager of the Year

Winner: OnePath 

Finalists: AMP Capital Investors, Milford Asset Management


Winner: OnePath

Finalists: Westpac, Milford Asset Management

Fixed interest 

Winner: Tower BondPlus

Finalists: AMP Capital, OnePath

Domestic Equities 

Winner: Fisher Funds

Finalists: Milford Asset Management, AMP Capital

International equities: 

Winner: Brook Walter Scott

Finalists: Elevation Capital, OnePath

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OnePath, also known as, ING, also known for its frozen funds? No thanks.

Yep, number 23 in Bernard's Deep Freeze list;
$520m frozen - expecting a 56-63% return to depositors.

It just goes to show how naive and what short memories NZ'ers have when it comes to investing.  ING changed its name to OnePath solely because of the huge losses in its dreadful funds that lost Kiwis so much money.   These funds, supposedly as safe as cash deposits, were actually invested in CDO's of U.S. sub-prime mortgages that went very sour.  Now a couple of years later we are showering them with awards.  

Yes, what gives? ING = One path and now they are the good guys? This is what is paying for those million dollar cruises for the top brass in oz

Has anyone tried to join the OnePath Conservative Fund? If anyone is attracted to this provider and this particular fund, make sure that you join it the right way. 
It can be done if you download the form online and send it in yourself ...but ask an Adviser and they will sell you the OnePath SIL KS scheme.   Ask a  Bank person and they will sell you the ANZ KS scheme or the National KS scheme.    Those KS schemes are diffierent and  have higher fees.   Usually, the only way to get into it is by automatic enrolment at the workplace.  

Ngakonui Gold.
I have deleted your abusive comment. Do it again and you will be de-registered.

Sorry doesn't cut the mustard for me !
Milford wins my vote 

Sorry doesn't cut the mustard for me !
Milford wins my vote