16 May 18, 3:35pm
ASB economists expect Fonterra next week to give a 'healthy' milk price forecast of $6.50 or better for the new season
15 May 18, 12:41pm
Australasia's big banks have come to the end of a super cycle and face a difficult transition featuring a combination of operating headwinds and regulatory risks, analysts say
14 May 18, 3:07pm
The Finance Minister has spent weeks dampening Budget day expectations but experts say the healthy books will show the Government is on track to deliver its fiscal targets
12 May 18, 9:22am
Housing mortgage rates are more likely to go down rather than up despite increased US dollar funding costs for New Zealand banks
11 May 18, 9:03am
Westpac's Paul Clark assesses the prospects for the important, complex forestry sector, finds China demand likely to wane, local processing lacking advantages, and issues with both sustainability and carbon emission timing
8 May 18, 12:02pm
Westpac NZ CEO David McLean says Aussie Royal Commission chance for NZ to get a free ride, defends vertically integrated banking model, sees increased mortgage market competition
7 May 18, 10:11am
Westpac NZ posts increase in half-year cash earnings as income rises and expenses fall. Net interest margin rises 19 basis points
7 May 18, 7:19am
Although no one expects a change to the OCR, Thursday’s MPS will be the first for Governor Adrian Orr meaning even more tea-leaf reading than usual will go on during & after his press conference
30 Apr 18, 1:42pm
Westpac economists see Govt policies as acting to rein in household debt and providing scope for the Reserve Bank to further loosen lending restrictions
23 Apr 18, 12:55pm
Although wage inflation is expected to bounce, the Government’s progressive increases to the minimum wage is not forecast to have a major impact on CPI, Westpac says
23 Apr 18, 10:39am
Despite the revelations from Australia's Financial Services Royal Commission going from bad to worse, don't expect the local offshoots of Australia's big banks to face the same scrutiny in NZ
18 Apr 18, 9:02am
What the NZ retail payments industry is doing to facilitate open banking and reduce merchant fees to keep the Government happy and avoid regulation
17 Apr 18, 4:58pm
Westpac Australia says introducing open banking could cost it more than A$200 mln and its customers up to A$250 mln a year
17 Apr 18, 11:39am
Westpac report says the good times in the residential property market will "end very soon"
16 Apr 18, 4:01pm
The market consensus is for CPI inflation to fall to 1.1% year-on-year when the data is released on Thursday but most bank economists say that figure is higher than they are expecting
13 Apr 18, 12:09pm
Westpac report says Auckland housing shortage will get worse before it gets better - fixing problems will 'be a slow grind'
12 Apr 18, 4:32pm
The Minister of Workplace Relations Iain Lees-Galloway is not taking much notice of a Westpac report which shows the Government’s minimum wage increase will add 0.2% to the unemployment rate
11 Apr 18, 10:10am
Westpac's Imre Speizer shows why our bank bill rates have started to rise, sees the impact as 'modest' so far, but cautions on further upside potential and what is driving that
10 Apr 18, 3:01pm
Could Australia's banking Royal Commission be the catalyst for the country's Minsky moment?
6 Apr 18, 11:29am
Consumer NZ survey finds TSB, Co-op Bank and Kiwibank customers are happy but ANZ and ASB customers are less so


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