22 Oct 17, 7:02am
Another associate of the dodgy property developer, with a company called 'Jesus (2016) Company Ltd', defaults on their mortgages  
21 Oct 17, 10:54am
Just as HSBC ends its 3.87% one year 'special, TSB offers a market-leading new 4.79% three year fixed mortgage rate, significantly lower than all its rivals
18 Oct 17, 8:25am
Further weakness in the latest global dairy auction has prompted economists to drop their forecast milk price from $6.75 to as low as $6.30
16 Oct 17, 10:44am
Aussie parents of NZ's big 4 banks seen facing increased risk of mis-selling claims as interest-only mortgage borrowers come under pressure
14 Oct 17, 7:22am
Court orders reveal Auckland property owners involved with notorious slumlord on the brink of having their properties seized by Westpac
13 Oct 17, 8:58am
Westpac launches 4.94% three year fixed home loan rate, lower than all its main rivals, nearly as low as HSBC's three-year 'Premier' rate
11 Oct 17, 10:19am
ANZ customers have the highest average loan to income ratio among Australia's banks, Morgan Stanley reveals
11 Oct 17, 9:38am
BNZ borrowers save $480m in interest over 10 years through offset mortgages; Mortgage brokers say first home buyers with wealthy parents generally not among these
7 Oct 17, 6:02am
Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean pushing for open banking in NZ as part of greater retail payments competition. Notes regulation limiting merchant fees, open access to bank data common overseas
28 Sep 17, 9:09am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; reiterates view that monetary policy will remain accommodative for a considerable period; notes recent construction sector weakness
27 Sep 17, 10:32am
'Negligible direct impact on profit' for the Australian parents of NZ's big four banks by scrapping ATM fees
26 Sep 17, 9:22am
New Zealand banks in no rush to follow Australian banks' example and cull ATM fees
23 Sep 17, 5:02am
Westpac's chief economist says the RBNZ is unlikely to announce any changes to the OCR at Thursday's review, but sluggish housing and construction markets could weigh on its mind down the track
20 Sep 17, 10:17am
ANZ's Maile Carnegie says open banking is exciting, ANZ is preparing for it and will need to move fast
15 Sep 17, 11:17am
Average June quarter net interest margin, cost of funds drops across New Zealand's big five banks 
4 Sep 17, 10:49am
Westpac economists point to recent softening in Auckland house building activity; dwelling consents numbers have 'flat-lined' at levels well short of those needed to keep up with population growth
30 Aug 17, 11:10am
Number of residential building consents issued in July down compared to last year 
26 Aug 17, 8:23am
Two more banks cut their two year rates as the home loan market struggles to find the volumes it needs from a quiet housing market. Borrowers have the advantage
24 Aug 17, 11:17am
Asset quality slightly better and capital ratios rise at Westpac NZ as RBNZ ordered independent review of capital modelling gets underway
21 Aug 17, 3:39pm
The ANZ, ASB, BNZ & Westpac owned Paymark's annual profit rises with generous dividends paid


21 Aug 17, 11:26am
6 Jun 17, 1:27pm
24 May 17, 2:06pm