22 Mar 18, 4:41pm
Westpac New Zealand five-year bond issue drags in $550 million
19 Mar 18, 12:00pm
Acting RBNZ Governor Grant Spencer is widely tipped to sit on his hands at Thursday’s OCR review, with very little change expected in his statement
19 Mar 18, 11:49am
Westpac NZ five-year bond pricing doesn't look too attractive for retail investors
18 Mar 18, 7:07am
A new RBNZ Policy Targets Agreement is due before Adrian Orr takes the RBNZ’s top job on March 27. What it will say is the subject of much debate
15 Mar 18, 11:22am
New Zealand’s economy grew by a whisker under 3% last year as GDP data for the fourth quarter of 2017 came in under market expectations – the growth figure is more than 1% off 2016’s figure
14 Mar 18, 8:48am
Immigration Minister Ian Lees-Galloway says the Government never had a specific target for cutting immigration numbers, but National says Labour was beating the anti-immigration drum in the election campaign and is now “backsliding on a grand scale”
12 Mar 18, 12:56pm
The economy is expected to have grown just above 3% over 2017, but economists are worried New Zealand is coming to the end of the current business cycle and a period of lower growth could be around the corner
5 Mar 18, 10:12am
Soft mortgage growth doesn't prevent key financial metrics at the major banks improving during the December quarter
21 Feb 18, 3:35pm
ANZ NZ selling its 25% Paymark stake for almost seven times its carrying value
20 Feb 18, 3:15pm
December quarter net interest margin up, cost of funds and cost to income ratio down at Westpac NZ
19 Feb 18, 11:14am
Westpac economists say many are getting it wrong expecting interest rates to rise soon; they don't see a rise till late next year; a subdued housing market will be a key reason why
17 Feb 18, 6:02am
Australian Govt's open banking report, that'll be closely read in NZ Govt circles, recommends enforcing open banking on big 4 banks a year before their competitors
16 Feb 18, 12:33pm
PM Jacinda Ardern challenges view that Labour-led governments hamper business; Says she wants perception to meet reality
12 Feb 18, 5:14pm
New Zealand's largest mortgage lender makes a relatively unusual move (for them) to price its one year fixed rate below all its main rivals
11 Feb 18, 7:10am
Westpac’s chief economist not convinced the economy is in as good shape as the RBNZ suggests, as Acting Governor Spencer says the RBNZ’s projections are 'perfectly balanced'
9 Feb 18, 1:48pm
Westpac makes second home loan rate change this week, matches BNZ with 4.39% for one year fixed. Rivals seek new ways to be competitive
9 Feb 18, 6:02am
Insuring your car with one insurer over another could cost you twice as much. But would this see you get more bang for your buck? Jenée Tibshraeny investigates  
8 Feb 18, 12:51pm
Hard on the heels of changes by Westpac and TSB earlier in the week, BNZ strikes with a market-leading low one year 'special' home loan rate
8 Feb 18, 9:33am
Interest.co.nz got a bunch of car insurance quotes in January 2016. We then got quotes for the same profiles in January this year. Here's what happened to premiums 
7 Feb 18, 3:34pm
Unemployment is at a near decade low, but wage growth continues to remain subdued. Economists have divided opinions about what’s keeping wage inflation so sluggish


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