21 Nov 18, 12:49pm
ASB, like BNZ, adopts facial recognition technology to enable new customers to apply for a bank account in 15 minutes without entering a branch 
18 Nov 18, 5:23pm
Surprise! For the first time ever we are now not paying more than the Aussies for one key fixed rate. We look at how New Zealand mortgage pricing compares with what Aussies pay for the same sort of loans
15 Nov 18, 1:02pm
'High risk' of inappropriate sales practices occurring with banks 'not adequately' monitoring and controlling the risk, FMA says in bank pay incentive structures report
12 Nov 18, 5:05pm
Another major bank reduces one mortgage rate below 4%, leaving only ASB and Kiwibank as majors with no offers at this new level
12 Nov 18, 2:27pm
Cybercrime and scams run through email, phone calls, text, mail, and door knocks could be costing up to $0.5 bln per year. A big bank has some advice about how to avoid being a victim
12 Nov 18, 10:33am
Treasury to probe 'fundamental change' and growth required by Kiwibank to take on core government banking in 2023
6 Nov 18, 11:51am
Westpac NZ's David McLean is seeing increased competition between the banks as the spring housing market springs to life
5 Nov 18, 10:07am
Westpac NZ annual cash earnings rise 5%, statutory earnings up 3% to $936 mln, three-year business transformation programme yielding benefits
3 Nov 18, 11:17am
Three cuts from a rising challenger bank tighten the rate competition for home loans. While none of these reductions are market-leading, they reinforce the downward trend in mortgage rate offers
30 Oct 18, 4:46pm
Could it be that NZ's big 4 banks have all posted annual profit of at least $1 billion just as the FMA & RBNZ's report on their conduct & culture is released?
30 Oct 18, 6:30am
Five things to look for in the Financial Markets Authority and Reserve Bank report on New Zealand banks' conduct and culture
17 Oct 18, 2:10pm
ASB economists now see a milk price for this season of $6.25 per kilogram of milk solids, down from a previous forecast of $6.50; see farmer net earnings as about $240 million lower
15 Oct 18, 11:44am
We face the apparently contradictory situation in which inflation is strongly rising and yet the Reserve Bank will keep the possibility of interest rate cuts on the table
11 Oct 18, 8:51pm
Three banks change home loan rates. But even though the trend is down, further reductions may be achievable for many borrowers, even with cash-back incentives
11 Oct 18, 1:47pm
There's some expectation the Reserve Bank might loosen mortgage lending restrictions next month - but the 'evidence' either supportive or against such a move is is not definitive
10 Oct 18, 6:48am
Westpac economist Michael Gordon argues capacity constraints are restricting government spending more than its debt rules
4 Oct 18, 4:00pm
Sales or profit incentives need to go for banks' top dogs - not just frontline retail staff - says head of Aussie royal commission
3 Oct 18, 4:40pm
Economists say milk production levels this season will be crucial, with the strong start already putting pressure on prices
3 Oct 18, 8:40am
Both TSB and Westpac move some key home loan rates lower, with TSB's eighteen month fixed rate a notable lower level. All rate offers now tightly bunched
27 Sep 18, 4:16pm
BNZ senior economist Doug Steel sees Fonterra's $6.75 milk price forecast as difficult to achieve without an improvement in international product prices


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