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Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says no new COVID-19 cases in the community - Cabinet to review current restriction levels Friday afternoon

Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says no new COVID-19 cases in the community - Cabinet to review current restriction levels Friday afternoon

There are no new cases of COVID-19 in the community today.

Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said six new COVID-19 cases had been identified, but all were in managed isolation facilities. One of those had been moved to Auckland hospital, but it was not yet known if that was due to COVID or some other medical condition.

There were 14,671 COVID-19 tests carried out yesterday (Wednesday), of which 7853 were in Auckland.

Testing of wastewater in Auckland, Rotorua and Christchurch had produced negative results.

Bloomfield said trials of saliva testing procedures (as an alternative to nasal swab testing) were continuing at managed isolation facilities.

There were now 800 healthcare workers around the country who had completed training to administer COVID vaccinations.

Around two-thirds of border workers had now been vaccinated.

Cabinet would meet tomorrow (Friday) to consider whether to change or extend current restriction levels (Level 3 in Auckland, Level 2 in other parts of the country).

Here's the Ministry of Health's statement.

No new COVID-19 community cases; 6 cases in managed isolation

Media release

04 March 2021

There are no new COVID-19 cases to report in the community.

There are 6 new COVID-19 cases to report in managed isolation.

Testing update

On Wednesday, 14,671 tests were processed. More than 68,000 tests have been processed in the last week, with a seven-day rolling average up to yesterday of 9,721 tests processed.

The total number of tests processed by laboratories to date is 1,751,605.

There are 11 community testing centres open in Auckland today; seven of these are in South and East Auckland. The centres are in Takanini, Wiri, Mangere, Otara, Pakuranga, Balmoral, New Lynn, Henderson, Northcote, with pop-up testing centres at Kohuora Park in Papatoetoe and Barry Curtis Park in Flat Bush.

There will also be a pop-up testing station at Ngâ Whare Waatea Marae in Mangere tomorrow. The Auckland DHBs are working with Turuki Healthcare there.

Community testing centres are reporting steady demand. GP and urgent care clinics are also available to carry out COVID-19 tests. COVID-19 tests are free wherever you go.

Remember the most important thing people in Auckland should be doing at Alert Level 3 is staying home. Please don’t get a test if you are well, or if you weren’t at one of the locations of interest at the stated times unless you have been advised to by public health teams.

As always, anywhere you are in the country, if you have symptoms please stay home and call Healthline (0800 358 5453) for advice.

Auckland February cases contact tracing update

We thank all those affected by the latest cases of COVID-19 in our community for their ongoing cooperation with our isolation and testing requirements.

The dates and times of potential exposure events are on the locations of interest page on the Ministry’s website. This page also has public health advice for contacts.

Our contact tracing teams are working hard to follow up with all close contacts as quickly as possible, and are in daily contact with people isolating. All casual contacts should be limiting their movements and interactions with other people. Under Alert Level 3, everyone in Auckland should also currently be staying at home.

Since Monday 1st March, 45 home visits have been undertaken by welfare providers in Auckland in partnership with the local public health service.

For the period between 14 February and 28 February, 88 percent of close contacts of a positive COVID-19 case were contacted within 48 hours from the moment when the Public Health Unit was notified of the case.  

Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Manukau

All close contacts for the Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Manukau campus have returned a negative test and are receiving ongoing follow up from public health staff, while they complete their 14 day isolation period.

The vast majority of people on the campus at the same times as Case M are considered casual contacts and need to watch for symptoms. They do not need to have a test unless they have symptoms, or are a close or casual plus contact.

All 44 Casual Plus Contacts from MIT on the 22nd and 25th February have been successfully contacted. 42 have returned negative day 5 tests, two people without a test result are being followed up further.

City Fitness in Hunters Plaza

The 185 attendees of City Fitness in Hunters Plaza on February 26 are casual plus contacts, of which 156 have returned a negative test. There are 29 people who are due for test and we are following up these test results.

KFC Botany Downs contacts

KFC staff - there are 12 close plus contacts who worked at the same time as Case L. All 12 of these people have returned negative test results.

All other test results received so far have come back negative.

Progress with tests at Papatoetoe High School

Of 11 Papatoetoe High School students still to be retested, eight of those were visited yesterday. They are from six separate households and mobile testing vans are taking tests from them today.

Two of the remaining students have refused a test and are being managed by Auckland public health officials. Contact tracers are working actively to contact the one outstanding student, who returned an initial negative test between the 15th and 19th of February.

Kmart Botany contacts

A total of 33 staff members have been identified as close plus contacts. All 33 people have tested negative.

We have been contacted by 1,882 people who reported being at the store at the times of interest. They have been provided with public health advice. We currently have 1,839 negative test results for this group.

There are 43 people that self-identified through the Kmart exposure event remaining that have not yet been tested. 42 of these have been contacted, are complying with isolation requirements and are being actively supported to have a test.

New border case details

There are six new COVID-19 cases to report in managed isolation.

Arrival date



Positive test day/reason

Managed isolation/quarantine location

27 Feb



Around day 3 / routine testing


2 Mar



Around day 0 / routine testing


2 Mar



Around day 0 / routine testing


2 Mar



Around day 0 / routine testing


2 Mar



Around day 0 / routine testing


2 Mar



Around day 0 / routine testing


*These people arrived on the same flight and are part of the same travel bubble.

No previously reported cases have recovered. The total number of active cases in New Zealand is 68. Our total number of confirmed cases is 2,033.

Historical cases

Since January 1, there have now been 37 historical cases, out of a total of 223 cases.

One previously reported historical case has been reclassified as Not a Case as they have been reported and counted as a case in another country.


NZ COVID Tracer now has 2,726,794 registered users.

Poster scans have reached 205,443,184 and users have created 8,153,612 manual diary entries.

There have been 1,566,316 scans in the 24 hours to 1pm yesterday, and 1,400,527 scans per day on average for the past week.

It’s critical to keep track of where you’ve been and the COVID Tracer app is an easy way to do this. Please continue to scan QR codes wherever you go and turn on Bluetooth tracing in the app dashboard if you haven’t already done so.  

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Excellent news.
Given the highly transmissible nature of the new strain it’s great that it’s been contained.

Would love to see us back at Level 2 for Sunday onwards in Auckland but not worth the Sunday morning Church risk. Rest of NZ should be at Level 1 from Saturday onwards

That's what it must be.

Many of them will go to church as normal regardless of which level we are in.

So why is Auckland locked down?
The "class being punished for the one kid misbehaving" methodology?

The question appears to be - did you ever go to class?

Mortgagebelt.... not the dumbest comment I have seen on this site......but it has to be in the top three.

30,000 tests in 2 days: nil positive.

Next idea from Dr Ashley is that we have only had 6 days since last exposure, as he put it.
Does this mean we have to have 14 day lockdown then?
Next time they want a lockdown, I think a lot more people are going to object.

I mean he's not wrong, but I wouldn't count on substantive buy-in from Kiwis next time around if we need a L3. The Herne Bay Borehole has little discernible difference between the last few working days and previous L1 days and it feels like there's a lot more traffic on the road then there was in August.

E: Apparently there isn't - Bloomfield thinks there are similar traffic volumes to last L3 and I guess he'd know.

In my AK experience, no one cares anymore, they have lost the crowd, new tricks required.

I'd be worried that there are some potential sleepers out there who are too scared to come forwards now after how some of the last cases have been treated.

CNN Covid Vaccine tracker stats, double checked (due to contradiction with Hippo's statement yesterday) with Johns Hopkins University, Faculty of Medicine website as at 5am 4 March NZ time.
New Zealand 10 days since first vaccination administered, 1500 vaccines administered.
Australia 10 days, 41 900 administered.
Senegal 9 days, 35 000 administered.
South Korea 6 days, 87 000 admin
Malaysia 8 days, 25 000 admin
Ukraine 8 days 7 000 admin.
This covers most other countries who started the roll out at a similar time to NZ. Sure you all get the picture.

What a joke

No. It's a global pandemic that has cost almost a million lives and changed the way the world works.

So 29 people from the Hunters Plaza Gym haven't been tested yet. The incompetence continues.

Hi Stuart, possibly - are you aware of the facts around these 29 people not being tested? Is there some extra context you could provide?

dcnbws....Facts around these 29 not being tested yet are that the gym has contact details for all (or nearly all) these people and yet a week later they have still not been tested. If there are valid reasons for this (I can't think of any) then it up to the MOH to publicly provide them , not Stuart.

Thanks Karl. I quite agree.

Thanks for your support guys. The fact ( widely reported in NZ Herald ) that there were still key individuals yesterday afternoon that needed to be tested, despite all that has been said and reported this week, shows that it's not the team of 5 million we need to be talking about, but the team running the show.