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Southern Cross Travel awarded 5 stars in Australia

Southern Cross Travel awarded 5 stars in Australia
By John Grant Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) has scored well in a recent review by Canstar Cannex. It's picked up a 5 star ranking for its Travel policy. Canstar Cannex compared 44 travel insurance brands and 111 products to develop its first ever travel insurance star ratings and named only two companies as offering five-star value "“ one of which was Southern Cross Travel Insurance. SCTI only launched the product to the Australian market in April of this year. It was one of a few available online with most Australians still purchasing travel insurance through their travel agent or direct. SCTI CEO Craig Morrison says Australia was the company's first foray into an international market. We are delighted to receive this sort of recognition so quickly. It's a real validation of the decision to enter the Australian market and of the quality of our product. He says the company decided to launch in Australia after they perceived a gap in the market for a direct-to-consumer, online service. In New Zealand SCTI are fierce competitors and have had to cope with the arrival of 1Cover who ironically are Australian. 1Cover received a 4 star ranking in the Canstar Cannex review. SCTI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Southern Cross Health Trust, which is part of the Southern Cross Healthcare Group. ------------ John Grant edits the insurance coverage on

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