30 Dec 18, 7:02am
We look back on a big, successful year and reveal our most popular stories; announce new features coming 2019
13 Dec 18, 11:13am
The Reserve Bank has released its climate change strategy, which will include studying the extent to which climate change is factored into the country's current house prices
13 Dec 18, 10:00am
Robertson quiet on whether something's wrong when the RBNZ pays the Government a $430m dividend but can't afford to hire 15 new staff
12 Dec 18, 1:41pm
Insurance Council of New Zealand cautions those who might be affected by Air New Zealand pre-Christmas strike disruption that their travel insurance might not cover them for financial costs
10 Dec 18, 4:00pm
Government vetoes ACC's proposed motor vehicle levy hike and reduces work levies. It also scraps the vehicle risk rating programme
8 Dec 18, 9:30am
Before the next financial crisis erupts, preparing to respond merits a more holistic approach – one that accounts for the serious and escalating threats posed by climate change
5 Dec 18, 9:35am
First Credit Union's First Insurance to offer insurance via other NZ credit unions after Co-op Money sells its insurance operations
1 Dec 18, 10:16am
Jenée Tibshraeny on why you should spend more time talking to insurers before buying a property
29 Nov 18, 12:00pm
A 325% debt-to-disposable income ratio, household debt growing at a more sustainable rate, horticulture lending being monitored, eye watering life insurance commissions & more from the RBNZ's FSR
28 Nov 18, 4:55pm
RBNZ flags astronomical life insurance commissions as it indicates its conduct and culture review on the industry will be more scathing than the one it did on banks; However the sharpness of regulators' teeth remain in question
24 Nov 18, 9:16am
The World Meteorological Organisation says the warming effect of long-lived greenhouse gasses has increased by 41% since 1990
22 Nov 18, 2:49pm
Cigna follows Kiwi Wealth and Nikko Asset Management in getting FMA clearance to provide digital personalised advice
13 Nov 18, 12:43pm
Reserve Bank climate change strategy to focus on both its own activities and its regulatory oversight of financial stability
13 Nov 18, 10:46am
Ex-Governor-General and High Court Judge Silvia Cartwright to lead public inquiry with 'all the powers of a Royal Commission' into the Earthquake Commission
13 Nov 18, 5:00am
Review considers change to existing RBNZ sound & efficient financial system policy objective with competition, consumer protection & public confidence also in the mix
12 Nov 18, 2:15pm
CBL Insurance to be wound up as creditors back RBNZ's liquidation push over directors' rescue remedy; RBNZ commissions inquiry into its handling of CBL Insurance 
12 Nov 18, 11:58am
RBNZ Act review consultation paper details the local banking system by the numbers, highlighting the dominance of the Aussie owned banks
2 Nov 18, 11:08am
Consultation document for next stage of Reserve Bank Act review gives clear signals that some form of formal protection for bank depositors is likely to be introduced
27 Oct 18, 11:13am
Havard Halland and Justin Yifu Lin argue that multilateral finance institutions need to operate more like private investment organisations if they are to be effective in raising the long-term capital needed
25 Oct 18, 11:10am
AMP agrees to sell NZ and Aust life insurance businesses for A$3.3 billion; Plans to float its NZ wealth management (including KiwiSaver) and advice business on the share market


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