Have your say: 'Keep Kiwisaver stable', ING survey says

Have your say: 'Keep Kiwisaver stable', ING survey says
An ING survey found that 87% of high net worth investors thought Kiwisaver rules and regulations should remain unchanged to sustain the long-term stability of the retirement savings scheme. "(F)or KiwiSaver to continue to grow, it's important there is stability around the rules and regulations that govern the scheme so New Zealanders feel confident they know what they are signing-up for," ING Head of KiwiSaver Distribution David Boyle said. "The fact that more than half of all investors (54%) surveyed feel KiwiSaver should be compulsory highlights the confidence New Zealanders have shown in the scheme," Boyle said. A high net worth investor is someone who has disposable assets or investments of US$100,000 and above. What do you think? Are the current Kiwisaver rules and regulations alright, or do they need to be changed further? What needs to be done? Should the savings scheme be compulsory for New Zealanders?

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