13 Feb 19, 4:16pm
FMA plans more work on KiwiSaver fees, says eye will be on the conduct of default providers ahead of the next round of default appointments
2 Feb 19, 10:02am
The KiwiSaver results are in for the December 2018 quarter and we review how high market volatility affected our retirement savings accounts, with a detailed look at Default funds
24 Jan 19, 9:38am
NZX & FMA seek industry input into a review of New Zealand's capital markets noting the NZ share market is 'underdeveloped relative to global peers'
7 Jan 19, 12:15pm
Term deposit rates are tightly bunched, but there are still opportunities even when rates are low. We compare where rates are at the start of 2019, and look at some practical options
2 Jan 19, 8:48am
Now is as good a time as any to think about how you are invested in KiwiSaver. Here are five basic points to get you started. But remember, you need to think long-term and past the issues-du-jour
24 Dec 18, 10:13am
A key fund manager expects the NZ economy to be 'sound' in 2019. Equity volatility will aid active fund managers; and large impending maturities will see the local bond market well supported
16 Dec 18, 7:46am
This is how one KiwiSaver manager views the current state of investment risk and volatility, positioning for the special perspective of New Zealand members. Your view?
15 Dec 18, 10:44am
Martin Hawes asks: do you find market volatility 'interesting' or 'worrying'? Your tolerance for risk must pass the 'sleep test' and you may need to review the type of KiwiSaver fund you are in
15 Dec 18, 9:46am
This is how a major global fund manager is feeling about 2019. Nikko AM's Global Investment Committee's 2019 outlook takes a tempered positive view
9 Dec 18, 12:02pm
Yes, housing debt is growing but perhaps not to levels that anywhere near threaten financial stability, especially if you measure that on a per dwelling basis. The regulatory restrictions are doing their job well
24 Nov 18, 10:02am
Martin Hawes thinks there are three key reasons property investors should also be in KiwiSaver - and one of them is that the returns can be better
19 Nov 18, 4:58pm
The NZX warns against the introduction of a capital gains tax on NZ shares, saying it could uneven the playing field between those who invest in the market directly and indirectly through the likes of KiwiSaver
11 Nov 18, 6:30am
Shane Jones accuses the FMA of being 'chummy' with banks, the RBNZ of being too independent and the Super Fund of using the wrong investment strategy 
10 Nov 18, 12:00pm
KiwiSaver members’ attitudes to responsible investing are changing, according to large-scale survey
31 Oct 18, 9:50am
ANZ NZ profit surges $206m to $1.986b, or about $809 per customer. Calls off UDC sale. Group cuts staff incentive payments by A$124m in wake of Royal Commission
27 Oct 18, 10:02am
We review the performance of KiwiSaver growth funds and find our previous expectation they might struggle quite wrong. Results are on an upswing again
25 Oct 18, 11:10am
AMP agrees to sell NZ and Aust life insurance businesses for A$3.3 billion; Plans to float its NZ wealth management (including KiwiSaver) and advice business on the share market
25 Oct 18, 10:42am
Michael Littlewood argues Tax Working Group members must ask themselves whether KiwiSaver has lifted NZ's overall savings & if its tax subsidies are worth it
25 Oct 18, 7:58am
Our comprehensive review of moderate KiwiSaver fund regular savings returns as at September 30, identifying who has the best long-term returns
14 Oct 18, 5:02am
Despite recent market volatility most KiwiSavers should be happy with their investment. Now is not the time to be cutting and running or you will miss the benefits of long term investing. Even default funds are doing better


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