Will Auckland get lions share of road funding ?

Will Auckland get lions share of road funding ?

Hon Darren Hughes: Is it correct that no additional funding has been tagged to any of these seven roads of national significance; if so, could the Minister assist the House by ranking the Government's priority list of these so-called significant roads from No. 1 to No. 7? Hon STEVEN JOYCE: The member may not be aware that the New Zealand Transport Agency is responsible for the particular projects. It is the Government's job, firstly, to provide some funding"”which the previous Government signally failed to do when it cut funding by 9 percent"”so we have increased that by about $4.5 billion over the next 10 years, and, secondly, to signal projects of national significance, which we have chosen because they are the most important projects for New Zealand's economy and productivity. David Bennett: How will the Government improve transport links through the Waikato? Hon STEVEN JOYCE: Following on from our election pledge to complete the Waikato Expressway within 10 years, we have nominated this road as being one of national significance. This reinforces our commitment to the people of the Waikato that they will not have to wait the decades they would have waited under the previous Government. This section of State Highway 1 is the main southern road access to Auckland, and links New Zealand's golden triangle of population and economic growth"”Auckland, Waikato, and the Bay of Plenty. It is clear that completing the Waikato Expressway will fuel long-term economic growth and boost national productivity.

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