Video: 10 reasons to be cheerful despite the eco-gloom

Video: 10 reasons to be cheerful despite the eco-gloom

Bernard Hickey finds 10 reasons to be cheerful despite the economic gloom enveloping the planet. There are plenty of silver linings to the Credit Crunch, including lower prices and New Zealanders returning home. 10 reasons to be cheerful 1. Mortgage borrowers should celebrate Mortgage rates will be under 5% within 6 months 2. Petrol prices up but still well under $2 a litre 3. Housing becoming more affordable, 30% by end 09 4. House prices falling. Young buyers easier to get in 5. Exporters should celebrate NZ$ under 50 USc soon 6. Other prices falling (cars/land/clothes/gadgets) 7. Easier to find staff (Employer) 8. NZers likely to come home 9. Sun is shining 10. Alex Tarrant February 26, La Cages aux Folles, Auckland Musical Theatre, wearing high heels

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