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ASB to replace Ira Goldstein with 'Creating Futures' telling tales of IVF treatment and entrepreneurial spirit

ASB to replace Ira Goldstein with 'Creating Futures' telling tales of IVF treatment and entrepreneurial spirit

ASB will launch a scene-setting television advertisement this weekend as its new campaign entitled Creating Futures kicks off following the canning of the popular series of advertisements featuring Ira Goldstein after 11 years.

Deborah Simpson, ASB's general manager for brand & marketing, says Creating Futures, the bank's "new brand promise," has been created with input from customers, community groups and ASB staff. The scene setting advertisement apparently took 16 days to shoot.

"Our customers have been telling us they want their bank to look behind their transactions, to deepen the relationship between us by understanding and forming connections with their aspirations and dreams," says Simpson.

"Creating Futures' answers this call, with ASB responding to the challenge to communicate and deliver banking in a simple, human and caring way that is relevant to each customer and the future they hope to achieve."

Featuring ASB staff in banking roles, the new campaign is based on real-life personal stories, revealing "deep insights" into the situations customers often find themselves in, Simpson adds.

The initial television advertisements feature the "emotional and personal" dilemmas of a couple undertaking IVF treatment, and a "celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit ASB uncovers and supports" in its customers.

"We want all of our customers to be comfortable sharing with us what is happening in their lives, with the guarantee of real, human conversations that include banking explained in a simple and relevant way," adds Simpson.

ASB says the "Creating Futures" advertisement stories will be able to be viewed at after they are launched.

(Update adds video).

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I want their advertising to tell me:

a) when they have the best deals and what they are

b) how being with them will save me money relative to being with another bank

Everything else is just useless noise that I dont want to hear.


  "....banking explained in a simple and relevant way..."   I wonder if they paid Parky to do a that would be some show!