18 Sep 18, 10:03am
Economists note that economic growth slower than the central bank is predicting would see growing speculation of future interest rate cuts - but higher growth figures would curtail such speculation
14 Sep 18, 10:29am
Three more banks lower their home loan rates but only to levels in the middle of the pack - and one of them lowers term deposit rates as well
12 Sep 18, 3:01pm
Discussion papers released on Govt plans to introduce Wellbeing measures into public finance and for the setting up of an independent fiscal institution to provide non-partisan costing of political policies
12 Sep 18, 11:59am
Former Reserve Bank chairman and acting governor Rod Carr appointed an ASB director
11 Sep 18, 6:39pm
TSB takes a sharp pencil to home loan rates three years and longer. ANZ reduces most of its rates, but none market leading
8 Sep 18, 9:31am
David Chaston probes current bank margins to swap rates to check whether banks are using the latest falling interest rate environment to fatten their margins
7 Sep 18, 11:15am
ASB trims a range of term deposit rates, in most cases matching their main rivals, focusing on terms of 18 months and longer
7 Sep 18, 11:04am
ASB joins Kiwibank with special deal for KiwiBuild home buyers, saying they'll 'potentially' only need a 5% deposit & get $2,500 towards costs
7 Sep 18, 10:42am
Falling wholesale rates and the start of the Spring real estate selling season sees a major home loan lender cut a longer term fixed rate aggressively
6 Sep 18, 9:27am
ASB's economists suggest the neutral OCR is within a 2.5% to 3.5% range and could head lower with implications for borrowers, savers and policymakers
5 Sep 18, 2:05pm
ASB to pay investors 3.31% per annum for $450 million five-year bond issue
1 Sep 18, 9:05am
Five banks & five mortgage borrowing calculators, so how much would each lend's fictional borrowers? Between $320,000 and $866,000, apparently
22 Aug 18, 4:31pm
Further falls in global dairy prices indicate that even a $6.50 farmgate milk price could be in doubt
16 Aug 18, 5:02am
'Ongoing uncertainty in the housing market is fuelling caution about market prospects' - ASB Housing Confidence Survey
15 Aug 18, 12:16pm
How using bank apps locks you into excessively high spreads & fees when you convert money from or to NZ accounts & why direct negotiation will save you a bundle
14 Aug 18, 9:29am
Credit ratings agency Moody's says big year after year increases in major Kiwi banks’ profits are coming to an end
10 Aug 18, 9:01am
Ahead of the Spring selling season, and following big wholesale rate drops, the second largest home loan lender cuts its four year fixed rate sharply
9 Aug 18, 12:41pm
The Reserve Bank surprised financial markets by saying it does not expect the next OCR move to be until 2020, but why has Governor Orr suddenly become so much more dovish?
9 Aug 18, 11:19am
CEO Vittoria Shortt says ASB not seeing weak business confidence transferring to actual economic activity, doesn't expect FMA & RBNZ to turn up systemic issues
8 Aug 18, 10:08am
The ASB profit machine marches on with June year net profit up 10% to $1.177 bln, net interest margin, return on equity & parent CBA's dividends all up


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