Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard to launch banknote upgrade project this Thursday

Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard to launch banknote upgrade project this Thursday

Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard will launch a project to upgrade New Zealand's banknotes this Thursday.

Bollard and RBNZ head of currency Alan Boaden will hold a press conference on Thursday to discuss the upgrade, which will include a review of the material of the notes, and anti-fraud features. 

It is understood the Reserve Bank is not considering changes to the famous New Zealanders who appear on the bank notes. will report from the press conference at 3:30pm on Thursday.

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Bernard Hickey for the new $500 note

That's about the size of it.....the tens are treated as the ones and twos were...Sir Ed due for replacement with a copper coin...debasement going flat tack...your doing a good job Alan...on the currency!

Ah Wolly the copper coins have not been used in 20 + years due to the metal was worth more as scrap than the face value the copper commodity coin had! Same for our excellent nikel cad coins, the last silver stuff junked on us is just cheap pressed steel....

Scratch a new coin circa 1995 on and it rusts away....not that great a storage of wealth and energy  for work thats been done...


Well it would seem that the debasement of our not so soveriegn currency is moving ahead full steam, and as pre planned...

This is good to know! Time to buy more gold and silver whilst the international debt peddlars are still busy at what they do best shafting you! 

Thats probably what Key is probably chit chatting to Bernanke about over in the corporation of the US. NZ is now ripe for the second round of NZ debasement for enslavement and to further the globalist agenda One World Currency naturally owned and run buy the phsycopaths who have bought you every type of artificial/planned crisis you can imagine!

Cue Bono?

I've no idea why Sepherial wants to cue bono.

Cant imagine Bono giving a feck about our economy.

Do you mean "cui bono" possibly

play on words farky

cui bono - from now on ok farky cui it will be...

Bono dosnt he is a tax dogger but loves to preach about this and that....

only took a couple of months for someone to pick up on...

not much hope then for the next election of morons i'll have to endure....