18 Sep 18, 5:03pm
Bank lobby group the New Zealand Bankers' Association developing an industry-wide whistleblower standard as FMA & RBNZ bank probe is labelled 'closed-door'
18 Sep 18, 10:03am
Economists note that economic growth slower than the central bank is predicting would see growing speculation of future interest rate cuts - but higher growth figures would curtail such speculation
18 Sep 18, 5:00am
Why are NZ banks cutting mortgage rates as Aussie banks hike them, and how long might this last?
17 Sep 18, 8:40am
Roger J Kerr says exporters who budgeted US dollar export receipts at US70c and above now have the opportunity to significantly reduce future currency risk and lock-in company profitability over several years
17 Sep 18, 5:00am
The capacity of home loan borrowers to borrow has dropped by about 20% over the past couple of years, mortgage brokers estimate
15 Sep 18, 8:27am
The collapse of Lehman Brothers, the GFC and all that it spawned, from sub-prime mortgages to Donald Trump. Plus reminiscing with 2 Kiwis who had front row seats
10 Sep 18, 10:53am
Key consultation period of over-arching review of the Reserve Bank will take place over the Christmas-New Year holiday period
10 Sep 18, 8:43am
Roger J Kerr says classifying the NZ and Aussie economies/currencies in the same mould as Turkey and Argentina would be a plainly ridiculous perspective that will not be sustainable
7 Sep 18, 4:30pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson adds ex-bank boss, former FMA enforcer and commercial lawyer to panel advising him on Phase 2 of the RBNZ Act review
7 Sep 18, 10:51am
Long read: Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr on where the global economy has come from, where it's going, and why there's a need for longer-term thinking
7 Sep 18, 10:00am
ASB Chief Economist Nick Tuffley examines the 'neutral' interest rate limbo dance, what history tells us about interest rates, the new neutral in NZ, the real limbo record, the struggle to be green & more
6 Sep 18, 2:05pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says location of bank branches is up to banks, but notes banks need a 'social licence' to operate
6 Sep 18, 1:25pm
Brad Olsen of Infometrics argues there are clear reasons for the Reserve Bank to leave the Official Cash Rate unchanged over the next year
6 Sep 18, 9:27am
ASB's economists suggest the neutral OCR is within a 2.5% to 3.5% range and could head lower with implications for borrowers, savers and policymakers
4 Sep 18, 8:09am
David Hargreaves says surprisingly robust monthly mortgage figures suggest the RBNZ will put on hold indefinitely any further relaxation of lending limits
3 Sep 18, 1:29pm
Rabobank NZ commissions independent report to probe its governance and management frameworks & the extent of its independence from the Rabobank Group
3 Sep 18, 12:30pm
RBNZ points wannabe bank start-ups down the non-bank deposit taker path with no plans for restricted banking licences as have been provided in the UK and Australia
3 Sep 18, 11:57am
Crikey! Falling business investment is a serious threat to term deposit savers. The last time business loan demand slumped, TD returns fell -0.5%. If that happens this time, we would be at record lows
3 Sep 18, 8:39am
Roger J Kerr says unless you firmly believe that the US dollar is about to take off and dairy prices are about to collapse, it is hard to fathom how forecasts of the NZ dollar falling to US60c will be proven to be accurate
31 Aug 18, 1:17pm
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ Act review, the NZ Initiative's Roger Partridge argues greater oversight of the RBNZ's role as prudential regulator is required


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