22 Jan 19, 5:00am
Against the backdrop of the RBNZ's review of bank capital requirements, Gareth Vaughan explains how bank capital rules were liberalised for NZ's big 4 banks in 2008
16 Jan 19, 9:23am
Westpac economists challenge their ANZ counterparts, downplaying the effect higher proposed bank capital requirements will have on interest rates
15 Jan 19, 11:05am
Business sentiment and demand pick up from low levels in December quarter, according to the NZIER; Weak profitability remains a problem
14 Jan 19, 3:00pm
FMA's Simone Robbers and Harbour Asset Management's Christian Hawkesby shifting to RBNZ assistant governor roles
9 Jan 19, 12:00pm
We look at some key data available from the RBNZ Dashboard to help investors and depositors in our banks understand where some important hazards lie
8 Jan 19, 6:04am
The RBNZ's new Relationship Charter doesn't impress Geof Mortlock - he advises them to go back and start again to get something more meaningful and professional
24 Dec 18, 7:02am
Gareth Vaughan details the two reports, the consultation process and the chart he'll be keeping a close eye on in 2019
23 Dec 18, 7:02am
The 2018 Interesties featuring Adrian Orr, Jacinda Ardern, Nouriel Roubini, Donald Trump, Winston Peters, Simon Bridges, Co-op Money, Bitcoin, @TranslateRealDT, Boatman, KiwiBuild & more
22 Dec 18, 7:16am
David Hargreaves says the interlinked issues of KiwiBuild, immigration and the overall housing market performance in 2019 will together be the key determinant of who forms a Government in 2020
21 Dec 18, 10:10am
Roger J Kerr ends the year with some specific predictions on how the Kiwi dollar will track in 2019. He sees a game of three halves
20 Dec 18, 3:45pm
Slower than expected GDP growth, major bank capital changes, and a gloomy global outlook prompt ANZ economists to jump off the fence and forecast 3 OCR cuts by 2020
20 Dec 18, 3:30pm
Latest Reserve Bank monthly figures show the share of borrowing by the housing investor is continuing to drop sharply to new lows
19 Dec 18, 4:48pm
BNZ interest rate strategist Nick Smyth has a crunch of the detail of the RBNZ's new bank capital proposals; says bank funding costs will increase but the RBNZ may offset future increases in lending rates with delays to OCR rises, or even cuts
19 Dec 18, 11:06am
RBNZ's new capital requirements would need Heartland to lift its 'Tier 1' capital by about $15m a year; company believes the new requirements will stir more takeover activity and says it will consider any 'value-accretive' acquisition
19 Dec 18, 9:56am
RBNZ bank capital proposals go well beyond the international norm, are highly conservative & positive for banks' credit profiles, Fitch says
17 Dec 18, 5:14pm
Gareth Vaughan details how the RBNZ's proposals for NZ banks to hold more capital are a victory for the smaller NZ owned banks over their much bigger Aussie owned rivals
17 Dec 18, 2:40pm
RBNZ capital proposals would see bank profits take a significant hit with billions of dollars worth of new Tier 1 capital required
17 Dec 18, 2:38pm
RBNZ wants big 4 banks to increase assets held to determine capital requirements to 90% of what other banks hold, up from 76%
17 Dec 18, 9:37am
The ANZ Banking Group says ANZ NZ would need up to NZ$8 bln of new capital to meet RBNZ's new bank capital proposals
17 Dec 18, 8:25am
Roger J Kerr says the mood towards the US dollar value over 2019 should turn more negative, with the sharp increase in the US Government’s budget deficit cited as a reason to adjust USD currency holdings lower


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