25 May 18, 2:03pm
RBNZ's Adrian Orr says foreign controlled banks must acknowledge they operate in NZ, acknowledge the home-host regulator relationship & have a long-term focus
25 May 18, 8:00am
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says NZ won't require unconventional monetary policy in the foreseeable future
24 May 18, 3:52pm
New monthly mortgage borrowing figures show a strong continuation of the relative honeymoon period first home buyers are enjoying after the Reserve Bank clampdown on lending to investors
24 May 18, 12:46pm
FMA and RBNZ give life insurance companies until June 22 to prove they aren't mimicking the misconduct of some of their Australian parents
24 May 18, 7:56am
RBNZ says possibility of needing unconventional monetary policy tools 'higher than it ever was in history' meaning it needs to be ready just in case
21 May 18, 8:24am
A relief bounce following the Budget comes as hedge fund book squaring stops the slide in the NZD and other selling forces run out of steam at US$0.6850
18 May 18, 12:43pm
BNZ unveils two breaches of banking registration that mean it has been overstating its capital adequacy ratios and has restated them, discloses big restructuring provision
15 May 18, 4:10pm
Any NZ inquiry into the conduct of the financial services sector will require a lengthy and deep probe into the insurance sector, Gareth Vaughan argues
15 May 18, 1:05pm
Michael Wood, the Chairman of Parliament's Finance and Expenditure Select Committee, says summoning bank CEOs to appear before MPs is an ‘open and live option’  
14 May 18, 8:29am
Interpretation of Orr's first MPS has been unrealisticaly conservative, ignoring the realities of our economy, says James Riley. The most likely direction of the NZD is up
12 May 18, 9:22am
Housing mortgage rates are more likely to go down rather than up despite increased US dollar funding costs for New Zealand banks
11 May 18, 1:47pm
FMA and RBNZ's response to revelations from Australian financial services Royal Commission appear 'rather desperate' and 'driven by being seen to be doing something'
11 May 18, 9:38am
'You're in New Zealand,' RBNZ's Adrian Orr tells overseas owned, NZ operating banks, and your behaviour needs to be consistent with our laws and expectations
11 May 18, 6:26am
The new Governor’s approach to the central bank’s communication was on full display on Thursday, turning the heads of journalists, MPs and economists
10 May 18, 4:02pm
The New Zealand Shareholders' Association calls for CBL Corporation to be liquidated and the FMA to exercise its powers to act on behalf of investors
10 May 18, 1:07pm
The Reserve Bank Governor has already won over the bank economists with his new style of upfront and simple communication
10 May 18, 9:56am
Live-streamed video from the May 2018 RBNZ press conference with Governor Adrian Orr - will start at 10am
10 May 18, 9:10am
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.75%; new Governor stresses that the next move could go either way
7 May 18, 9:02am
Roger J Kerr analyses the likely range of trading for the Kiwi dollar in coming months and the reasons why
7 May 18, 8:22am
Roger J Kerr says NZ bonds are at risk of being sold off by foreign investors - and next week's Budget may be a trigger point


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