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Labour Finance spokesman David Cunliffe thinks a Labour, Greens, NZ First coalition "would work well"; Will Labour need the Maori Party too?

Labour Finance spokesman David Cunliffe thinks a Labour, Greens, NZ First coalition "would work well"; Will Labour need the Maori Party too?

A Labour, Green Party and New Zealand First coalition would work well if those parties formed a government following the November 26 election, Labour finance spokesman David Cunliffe says.

Answering questions on a NZHerald live chat, Cunliffe was asked whether a Labour/Greens/NZ First/Hone Harawira coalition would be a strong government.

Cunliffe said Labour leader Phil Goff had ruled out Harawira being part of an incoming Labour-led government.

"At the end of the day, voters decide who is in parliament and we will work with the options the electorate gives us. I have every confidence that Labour, Greens (with whom we share a passion for our environment) and NZ First (with whom we share concerns around National selling our assets) would work well," Cunliffe said.

But Labour might be in need of the Maori Party as well as the Greens and NZ First to form a government, with the latest iPredict weekly election snapshot showing it would be almost able to squeeze in with those partners if NZ First gets 5% of the general vote without having to rely on Hone Harawira's Mana Party.

United Future leader Peter Dunne, an ex-Labour MP and former Labour coalition partner, has ruled out working with Labour following the November 26 election due to Labour's tax policy, which includes a capital gains tax and higher top personal tax rate.

Although the majority of their economic policies are similar, such as restricing sales of farmland to foreigners and changing monetary policy to focus more on controlling the exchange rate, a sticking point bewteen Labour and Winston Peters' New Zealand First would be Labour's recently announced intention to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 between 2020 and 2033.

See and compare the economic policies of parties in Parliament here.

Also see this morning's diary piece: Winston eyes savings tax inflation indexation, promises tax cuts (but doesn't say by how much); Labour swaps holiday highway for Auckland rail.

Labour appears to be gaining some traction more recently, with the latest 3 News Reid Research poll showing its support has lifted to 30.2 percent while National's is on 52.3 percent.

The poll had the Green Party's support on 9.4 percent, giving a Labour coalition some 40 percent.

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he forgot to mention that   " I,David Cunliffe would also work well as Labaaaa  leader after GGGGoff is offf

Who do you reckon will replace Key when national only gets 43% of the vote and isn't able to cobble a coalition together?

yeah Nats will have a problem with a  leadership vacuum just as Labar did after Klark. But that wont be until 2014 I think and then J Collins will make her move...

No they won't gonz...they are grooming someone named Lock to replace Key...haha

stop Ryalling me . If it rains on Goffs big day at least he has a Parker only just up the Street, unless Mallard causes a flap

Can you imagine another Labour Led government pandering to the Greens .

Back to the ultimate Nanny State , telling us how much water we can use to shower

Telling us we cant drive Diesel vehicles and banning their importation when every bit of research and emperical evidence indicates they produce way less carbon and are more efficient.

More taxes to pay for thier dumb ill concevied schemes 

Telling us we must use Trains , when Aucklands topography and Harbours mean that it would be so expensive to establish it would never see a even a zero% yield on the investment, and Aucklanders would pay for it for the next 100 years, most of whom would never ever use it . 

God Forbid that New Zeland has to go through the hell of another Labour led Government.

It would be an outcome too horrendous to contemplate ....and I will migrate to Australia 

Can you show me where low volume showers were made compulsory? I note that the water usage labelling scheme was introduced under National, last year.

When were diesel vehicles banned?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Yes I would leave too if that were to happen, Boatman.

The country is already decimated from the effects of the 4th and 5th Labour govts., a sixth would just about kill it off completely. Sadly there are too few NZers left here who have the wit to be able to see that. Most that can have already got up and gone.

Kiwi voters have such bad memory.  It was Labour that flogged off 19 billions worth of State Assets back in the 80s and not even a mention here!  I am not a National supporter but I do think this website needs a bit more balanced reporting..  Currently it's leaning like a stranded containers ship (Rena!)

We should also remember some of nationals egregious errors then, too. Remember Bradford and the electricity reforms? Remember Muldoon and the scrapping of Labour's compulsory superannuation in 1975? Remember the 1981 springbok tour? Bastion Point?

They are just a few off the top of the head.

Good we do need that - thanks for bring them up.  It's called balanced debating.

As I said currently what being reported are very leaning (to the left).  Half the comments here can be found on Red Alerts, Labour's blog site!  However, one postive note about is, unlike Red Alerts their moderator will limit the number comments that are NOT promoting Labour's policies.  So much for freedom of speech - I guess it was auntie Helen that introduced the controversial Electoral Acts

As a mobile person, I had already mostly left during the final years of the clark regime, but still live in NZ some of the time because of family. Most of my assets and definitely the earning ones are offshore though. It turns out that R&D and production etc are possible from a lot of places.

It was a wise decision in hindsight as National certainly haven't fulfilled their election mandate to fix the labour train wreck.

At some point, the union party will get back in and their policies naturally increase their voter base whereas anyone that acted in NZs best interests would see their support fall because of the vested interests, largely demographic in nature. At a guess, NZ is roughly

40% on charity (dpb, unemployed, sickness, elderly)

30% are working poor

25% are working class, maybe half of whom pay net tax

5% are middle class, probably less.

It is unfortunate, but NZ is on an irreversible downward slide. The only thing that will stop it will be a Greece style collapses

Hello Boatman -- where is this country about which you talk about "another Labour Led government pandering to the Greens"?  Because it ain't happended in New Zealand.  

ps it might be true of Austarlia where I see you are headed.  Have a good flight. 

Total rubbish...

Green's well they run 7 to 10% of the population making them the significant 3rd party....and becoming more energy efficient is our future, with Peak oil, no option.

Water, well thats either paid for via rates or a water meter.....funny thing but when wtaer meters get installed all of a sudden low volume heads sell well.....

Im not aware of any claim to ban deisel vehicles from the Greens, please provide a URL....but old deisels, sure, no loss.....and you are wrong on every bit of research supports doesnt.....what you do tend to see is the two technologies leap frog each other every few years...the last stuff I looked at suggested petrol was ahead at the moment in emissions and mileage....but I suspect within 5 years bio-fuel (bio-deisel) capability will win the day for the deisel as main transport in NZ.

I suggest you buy a ticket to OZ now and get over it....Labour will get in in 2014 or 2017....its just time.




the greens can control the ministry of fruits.

They are what they eat!

What an unholy alliance that would be. Goff & Cunliffe controlled from New York. HC. Greens under the spell of the Religion of Environmentalism. Then Winston's talking tough..... and holding country to ransom after the election.

Interesting how loony the ranting of the right is......


All these fanboys desperately attempting to convince themselves that "their" party is better than any other, when the fact is we all lose no matter who gets the votes.

When you idiots finally grow up and stop regarding politics and elections as just another retarded footie match, the nation will be much better off.

Oh, and something else for you to mull over: the objects of your affection don't give a toss about you. They just want your vote. And your money.

Bra ... effing ... vo.

If anyone NZ to commit suicide vote Greens party!

While I cocur with your sentiment Anon Good Nurse it leaves the question unanswered as in what to replace the system with that has checks and balances without growing the administration...? that holds dear the wider interests of it's citizens while still able to satisfy Corporate investment....that has the long term management of our environment as a priority while continuing to rape short term rewards.

These are just some of the paradoxical issues that cause the term politician to exsist.....

 I once read diplomacy ....."is the art of saying nice doggy untill you can pick up a big stick"

 I have never forgotten still holds true.

 If the enemy is within then so should his enemy be...., provided he can survive the lure .