NZ First

18 Feb 19, 6:43pm
Labour overtakes National, NZ First become irrelevant and Bridges falls to Collins' level in latest 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll
14 Feb 19, 8:47am
Peter Dunne says Greens co-leader James Shaw's CGT comments are far less a statement on his party's position and more an attempt to flush out where NZ First stands
11 Feb 19, 6:26pm
National nose-dives in new poll to the point Labour and Greens wouldn't need NZ First to form a government; Collins receives more support than Bridges
27 Jan 19, 6:06am
A battle for the conservatives: How National is using drug reform and migration to cut NZ First's lunch
30 Dec 18, 8:02am
With Jami-Lee Ross gone, Chris Trotter wonders why National Party leaks continue against Simon Bridges. He explores what is really going on
24 Dec 18, 7:02am
Gareth Vaughan details the two reports, the consultation process and the chart he'll be keeping a close eye on in 2019
20 Dec 18, 9:33am
Peter Dunne would like a political party he can vote for at the next election
17 Dec 18, 7:47am
Chris Trotter questions whether PM Jacinda Ardern is really running the Government or is merely its figurehead
13 Dec 18, 10:38am
As Shane Jones pushes for a bank levy to support regional NZ banking services, ACCC report says Aussie bank levy costs not being passed on to mortgage borrowers
12 Dec 18, 10:13am
A government Farm Debt Mediation Bill would be 'a useful tool in the tool kit' Federated Farmers says as farmers' satisfaction with their banks drops
3 Dec 18, 9:48am
Chris Trotter says employment law reform changes leave Labour’s ideological nakedness covered, business lobbyists quietly satisfied & Winston Peters claiming credit
29 Nov 18, 5:00am
Tax Working Group members Craig Elliffe and Robin Oliver discuss the challenges of creating a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that excludes the family home
25 Nov 18, 7:21am
A look at the economic indicators that show the Government should keep avoiding introducing measures to majorly reduce migrant numbers
22 Nov 18, 2:12pm
Peter Dunne says carefully crafted Parliamentary Questions are the primary weapons of an Opposition to get the answers it needs to do its day to day job of holding the Government to account
12 Nov 18, 11:14am
Opposition pulls up Shane Jones for not disclosing 61 meetings he had with a variety of business, government and community leaders over seven months
12 Nov 18, 10:33am
Treasury to probe 'fundamental change' and growth required by Kiwibank to take on core government banking in 2023
11 Nov 18, 6:30am
Shane Jones accuses the FMA of being 'chummy' with banks, the RBNZ of being too independent and the Super Fund of using the wrong investment strategy 
7 Nov 18, 4:00pm
Jami-Lee Ross to have his vote cast in Parliament as an independent MP for Botany thanks to New Zealand First
1 Nov 18, 5:00am
Winston Peters cites ANZ attributing its $1.99 billion profit partially to the strong economy, as the Govt comes under attack for business confidence remaining in a slump
28 Oct 18, 7:02am
Jen​ée Tibshraeny crunches the numbers to figure out whether criticisms that the Labour Party is the 'tax party' are well-founded


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