Outgoing Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard next Executive Director of APEC Secretariat, NZ Herald's Fran O'Sullivan tweets

Outgoing Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard next Executive Director of APEC Secretariat, NZ Herald's Fran O'Sullivan tweets

Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard, who is stepping down from the role later this month, is set to be appointed Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat, NZ Herald columnist Fran O'Sullivan has tweeted.

"Alan Bollard just been introduced in Singapore as next Executive Director of the Apec Secretariat," O'Sullivan tweeted, adding in a second message, "Note the Bollard tip is unconfirmed."

An APEC media official would not confirm or deny whether this was true to interest.co.nz.

He said the organisation's next Executive Director would be announced at the 24th APEC Ministerial Meeting on August 5 and 6 in Vladivostok, Russia.

The APEC Secretariat Executive Director position had been held on an annually rotating basis by an officer of Ambassadorial rank from the host economy until 2010, when the appointment began to be made on a fixed-term basis (3 years), open to professional candidates from any of APEC's 21 member economies, it says on the organisation's website.

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I am going to be sick......uuuyulglh.....oh go on just kill me God...
Is the APEC Secretariat planning an extensive holiday...?I mean while the GFC runs it's course, I suppose the appointment would hold some logic.....they could go in occassionaly and discuss the merits of observation without application.
Or is it more sinister than that .......If I were a Bully, I'd handpick Bolly in a position I wanted to Bully him in.
 I say give Muhamad another go ...Yacob do a lot worse.............

What's with this passive aggressive stuff christov .. last week you were going out to hurt someone .. anyone ..

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What's with the need to see results...?

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Still around....? Failure...?.......is there something specific you want me to do , or just bugger off...?
I've been saving a little eye opener to send you.... had been waiting for the right thread, .....yeah maybe your right , time to give it rest, maybe a little too much niggle for me anyway, I like a laugh you see, it's good for me and as I cannot solve the problems of a species hellbound on procreating itself into oblivion and all the nasty self serving shit in between , I try to find things to smile about  in all ways.
Yeah Ok I'll give it some thought.....happy day to you...stay well.... really.!

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Ill bet the applause was a deafening smatter, trickling out to Wheelers wheezy  whooping and hollering.....
 Boo I say .....boo....to you Sir.

open to professional candidates..
Meaning "professional career bureaucrats".

Wheels within wheels .. patronage? .. influence? .. nepotism? .. reward for a job well done in a past life? .. reward for past services rendered? that's the type of language used to describe someone nominated for a knighthood .. next step .. who is on the honours committee?

Arise Sir Nepotoad.

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