Record loss of migrants to Australia in year to August, Stats NZ says; Nearly net 40,000 cross Tasman to the 'lucky country'

Record loss of migrants to Australia in year to August, Stats NZ says; Nearly net 40,000 cross Tasman to the 'lucky country'

Migration to Australia hit a new high in the year to August, as a net 39,956 people crossed the Tasman from New Zealand, figures released by Statistics New Zealand show.

Most of the 53,904 people who left New Zealand for Australia - a record - and the 13,948 coming the other way, were New Zealand citizens, Stats NZ said.

Figures on overall permanent and long-term migration between New Zealand and the rest of the world showed a net loss of 4,118 in the year to August 2012.

There had been an annual net loss of migrants since the October 2011 year, Stats NZ said.

"Arriving and departing migrants were mostly between 15 and 34 years old in the August 2012 year. In this age group, New Zealand gained 2,500 more migrants than it lost. There was also a net gain of migrants aged 60 and over (1,300). In contrast, there was a net loss of migrants aged under 15 years and aged 35 to 59 years (each 4,000)," Stats NZ said.

Offsetting the huge net loss to Australia were net gains of migrants from most other countries, led by the United Kingdom (5,400), China (5,200), and India (5,100).

In the month of August, seasonally adjusted figures showed a net loss of 300 migrants from New Zealand.

"This is similar to the average net loss of 200 migrants over the last 7 months. The seasonally adjusted net loss to Australia was 3,400 in August 2012. Net outflows to Australia have remained relatively stable since March 2011, averaging 3,300," Stats NZ said.

Turn around as Aus slows?

On Thursday - a day before the migration figures were released - Finance Minister Bill English said that while the New Zealand economy was creating jobs on a net basis, one factor that could be affect headline unemployment figures was that the Australian economy was slowing down.

"There might be less of a safety valve of people going there, maybe some people coming back if they can't get jobs, and that could affect our employment numbers," English told media in Parliament Buildings.

"Australia does seem to be slowing down a bit. That's something of a risk for New Zealand. We always do better when they're doing better. It has been a bit of a safety valve for jobs for people who can't find jobs here," he said.

...or perhaps not...

ASB economist Daniel Smith wasn't so sure on whether the outflow would taper off.

"The August migration data support the view that a steady net outflow will continue, driven by departures to Australia. Given the currently stronger Australian labour market that is likely to continue for the time being," Smith said.

"However, the state of the Australian mining industry and the Canterbury rebuild will be key factors to watch going into 2013," he said.

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Today, 1 Australian dollar = 1.0443 US dollars.

We make an assumption that Mr Key and Mr English care. Well here's the truth, they don't give a fat rats jack! Mr Key in particular believes in running NZ like a business. So why would the 'CEO' of a business be concerned about a bunch of whinger and whiner 'employees' leaving NZ LTD? Especially when there are wealthy cashed up immigrants ready to rush in and buy our cold, leaky dark shit boxes, for ship loads of money! As long as we have cows and immigration she'll be right. What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?
Dutch Disease , Blue Meany....that's what , we are currently ...A symptomatic.

But Christov,the employees fleeing across the ditch will all make squillions of South Pacific peso and when Dutch Disease lays waste to 'stralia, will bring them back, like Kiwi expats did after 911, and keep the NZ economy ticking over with a more biggerer (means even bigger than big)house buying frenzy. Seriously, this is NZ, economically it could never be sucked in to vortex sucking abyss... Jeepers some people have no idea how the NZ economy works... Have you not read our secret unofficial logo? "Nya Zeelan, too bloody awesome to fail!"

 "Nya Zeelan, too bloody awesome to fail!"
Send Me the,,Tshirt Blue Meany....I'll have cases of em made and parked at Immigration for the Swearing in Ceremonies.
BTW ...a long long time since I heard your they still have em around..?

Shhh... It's the secret unofficial motto... Am assuming they still have them around, but am only making that assumption as there are enough cabinet members and NZ Prime Ministers out there with that special look in their eyes.... you know which one I mean Christov, don't ya mate ;) ?

We seriously need to check John Key's smarts when this sort of thing happens!! How can we trust him on the so-called bigger issues?
sorry about the nzherald link Bernard and team, but I don't know how to turn the link into just a word or phrase so the address is hidden... maybe one of your clever computer team members can enlighten me...

'Comprehensive' govt response to Productivity Commission's housing affordability report due in late October Hugh.
I'm told most of it is RMA changes. This is why they've taken a few months to release their response - it's being built up as a pretty pig package....

A "Pretty Pig Package" .. good one .. lotta lipstick

 it's being built up as a pretty pig package...
Is that a typo or a Freudian slip Alex, haha. Brilliant!! 

Hey they have just promised some money for Social Housing in the Chatham Islands. Never mind Christchurch.

Ah S**t. Yeah should read pretty big package.
That was a good one :)
Sunny Friday in Wellington.

P and B are pretty far apart on the keyboard :)  Fat finger?

Ooops! Alex...I gave it the first thumbs up this morning because I thought you were injecting some brutal honesty as to it's probable content as in Pig in a Dress, I'm feeling a little disappointed now.....{ : > (
 More typos could just be divine guidance know.
Sunny Friday in Wellington.....but what about the wind , have you got any wind..?

'Comprehensive' govt response to Productivity Commission's housing affordability report due in late October Hugh.
The Productivity Commision that loves landlords and property developers
The nobbled Productivity Commision:
We recommend that you:
a agree to the inquiry selection process set out in Appendix 1
b agree that Commission’s second tranche of inquiries be selected on the degree that
• are relatively uncontroversial given the desire to establish broad political support for the Commission
and ignore immigration as a primary cause of house price increases as claimed by the Savings Working Group
or the Australian Productivity Commision which found that there was little or no discernible benefit to Australians from immigration; it was all captured by the migrants ( and realestate industry)

I've been back to Auckland 6 times since August last year.  On each occasion leaving Auckland airport, I marked my Immigration card as "leaving permanently", have they counted 6 times for me????

They're just pleased to see you go :)

yeah I spotted the greener grass and it aint astrotuff !

..... you've been smoking it , then ?

"It has been a bit of a safety valve for jobs for people who can't find jobs here,"
That admission says to me firstly that he thinks things would be much worse here without the migration to Australia relieving the pressure, and secondly he admits that there are not enough jobs, yet the National Party is being ever more punitive to those on benefits for whom there is no work. He also said unemployment could well get worse if some of those Kiwis came back from a slowing Australian economy.
There was one guy commenting in the Herald the other day who had returned from Australia and been threatened with having his unemployment cut if he didn't accept a job as a bouncer. He might have been a big guy but he said he couldn't fight and would be hopeless bouncer.

LOL. When you see it that way I suppose it makes sense. It's our "10 years in NZ" anniversary tomorrow. Haven't really considered it might be time for a change, but this article is kinda depressing reading.'s raison d'etre is to depress you ! .......... it's all part of a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox .....
Dr Evil ( AKA Bernard Hickey ) and his minions publish a steady stream of soul destroyingly depressivie articles , all alluding to imminent disaster , a cataclysmic destruction of the world's economies , riots , famines , pestilence .... ... and some really scarey stuff , too .......
Then Mini Me ( AKA Gummy , moi ! ) advertises his patented line of tropical mango flavoured Anti-Hickeystamine tablets ...... we saturate Radio Pacific with advertorials , claiming a complete  cure for the Hickey induced depression , improved sexual vitality , and removal of warts ( Bernard , again ! ) ........
....... we can't lose ! ......

LOL. Thank goodness for you Gummy, and a few others. Fortunately I am not easily depressed and I quite like looking at life through my rose-tinted glasses (never mind what others think of that).
But even you have left. Now, what should I make of that?!

The Gummy clan have only left to avail ourselves of the free courses offered by TAFE , in Ash-tray-lia .
..... we shall return to NZ  , triumphallicly , as fully qualified oyster sexers , and red-back spider bite specialists ........
Yeah , that'll learn my old school teachers who said that I was good for nuffink !

It'll be O .K .Elley , we won't let you get too down, once we've got full blown Dutch Disease we'll sit around PDK 's campfire swilling cider from recycled swamp sludge, chow down on some of your delicious croissants and sing a happy verse of'll be O.K. , you'll see...
 As to GBH living parts yonder, never forget abscence makes the heart grow fonder, ...............familiarity breeds contempt...all that kind of stuff...but really, I heard tell Hickey ran him out of town because he was just too damn cheerful.....spoiling the atmos.

What's depressing about it? It's simply stating that NZ is losing a (very) small proportion of it's people oversea's at the moment. It's a trend and like all trends it'll swing back the other way. But either way, having less people isn't necessarily a bad thing - one of the great things about NZ is the lack of population. You can't beat it if you like wide open spaces that aren't being trashed by millions of people.

Hey GBH don't you live in Brissie...?

No , I don't . .... . must get back to the Anti-Hickeystamines , Elley has inspired me to launch a truffle & escargot range of flavours for connoisseurs of haute cusine  ...

Do you live in NZ? Or are you still building houses on cheap labour in the Philippines?

Chalets ...S'il vous plait , Blue Meany...and no he departed Pannay Bay some time back  with freinds and was processed in Christmas Island I think......he was fast tracked for Australian immigration for cheerfullness reasons.....and he'd claimed a relationship with Gina R.

I agree. The 2nd photo in the slideshow on the home page of my new site ( is the view from my desk. Well, from my deck to be accurate. Now tell me how Australia is going to beat that.

Wow Elley..! your outlook sure beats the one  Bernard posted from his back porch...!

The view is almost as good as mine Elley.
Count tell me how on earth did you find that :-P

I just googled for images of  the Big Guy naked.

Indeed! Yes to "wow". I guess you can tell why I like it here :)

It's a news non-starter. In our mobile world people are much more likely to move country for what they perceive as a better life - currently younger people moving to Oz, retirees moving from Europe and China to NZ.... all we need now is for someone to mention The Brain Drain, a term which was coined somewhere back in the 70's and seems to afflict every western country.

Where are all these 'brainy' people going then? Erm, in between all the western countries that complain about brain drain but fail to account for the skilled people arriving.

So NZ is losing a few thousand people a year at present - part of the overall depopulation of the South Pacific as young people head off to more exciting cities. I think NZers tend to have this idea that New Zealand is part of the Asia/Americas, a geographical and economical demographic that Australia can just manage (thanks to China and closer proximity to Asia), but New Zealand cannot.

New Zealand is basically just the bigger fish in a hegemony of Rarotonga/Samoa/Nuai/Cook Islands/North Island/South Island. Of course young people are going to leave - it's so boring in New Zealand! Eventually population pressure and/or economics will turn the tide, and then we'll get news stories about NZ infrastructure not being able to handle such rapid population growth etc etc *yawn*

Its true while we angst about young people leaving for Australia, Australians angst about their young people leaving for the US.
Personally I've found the night life in Auckland to be better than Sydney or Brisbane. Can't vouch for Melbourne. Small towns/cities are boring anywhere unless they're tourist centres like Queenstown.

It's much more fun watching the fish fights with knifes and spot the piles of vormit in Queens street, Auckland.

I've spoken with a lot of my children's friends that are headed across the ditch or are back for a visit. I always ask them (or they volounteer) the reason/attraction and none have mentioned boredom. I've lived here all my life and never been bored, don't even know what it feels like.
Folk that are easily bored (and finish a rant with a yawn) will have that problem wherever they are.

Interesting. When I was living in London for quite a few years I had a fair few English friends that either came back to NZ with me for a holiday or came to visit after I emigrated back to NZ and pretty much all of them loved NZ but mentioned that it was kind of boring.

NZ is great for outdoors activities - but who wants to surf the same breaks every day, ride the same trails, watch the All Blacks win again (big *yawn*) and do all that same small-town stuff that most (insular and parochial) kiwis are happy with?  I also like good theatre, art, travelling, being in different cultures, a vibrant clubbing/band/music scene, great restaurants, the  buzz of being part of the world rather than just watching it go past from the bottom of the Pacific... do I need to go on?

"I've lived here all my life and never been bored, don't even know what it feels like" - says it all really.


Yay It's Friday....time to Fruckle...this ones for you Stanley G.

New definition for S.O.S. 



A C-130 was lumbering along when a cocky F-16 flashed by.


The jet jockey decided to show off. 




The fighter jock told the C-130 pilot, 'watch this!' 

And promptly went into a barrel roll followed by a steep climb.. 


He then finished with a sonic boom as he broke the sound barrier. 

The F-16 pilot asked the C-130 pilot what he thought of that? 




The C-130 pilot said, 'That was impressive, but watch this!'


The C-130 droned along for about 5 minutes and then the C-130 pilot came back on and said: 

'What did you think of that?'


Puzzled, the F-16 pilot asked, 'What the heck did you do?'


The C-130 pilot chuckled.

'I stood up, stretched my legs, walked to the back,

Used the toilet, then got a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.'


When you are young & foolish - speed & flash may seem a good thing!


When you get older & smarter - 

Comfort & dull is not such a bad thing!


Us older folks understand this one, it's called S.O.S. 

Slower, Older  Smarter....

Totally agree old chap, which is why I view NZ as a retirement destination only. My comment is less about age though and more about broadening your horizons a tad. There are no shortage of people in the world who are quite content to live in the same town all their lives, spend their weekends mowing the lawn, cleaning the car, taking the boat/jetski out for a spin, and settling down with a few stubbies to watch the footy on Saturday night.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it either. But for the rest of us who yearn to see/do a bit more, and have experienced several other facets of this weird and wonderful world, that kind of life is a complete anathema. For us to say New Zealand is boring is more a statement of fact than an expression of inner turmoil (as implied by KiwiDave).

On a scale of exciting places to live based on a number of criteria such as the ones I mentioned previously, NZ IS boring. It's a small coloquial pacific island at the bottom of the world. While it has many wonderful qualities, being an exciting place to live is not generally perceived to be one of them.

Couldn't agree with you more, KD.  Interesting, interested people are never bored.  Being bored is about you, not about your environment.  To suggest that being happy with one's lot is a sign of old age, lack of ambition or whatever is just plain ridiculous.

Well, I suppose you'd have to wonder whether it might not be in National's interests to abolish the Special votes component , given the next election could produce a record turnout of expats all wanting........more of the same..?
Is it me , or is this "move along ,nothing to see here" position being held by the current administration becoming annoying to the point of offensive.
(A) Industry  the remaining N.Z.'ers should really  reskill in...
Dairy Farming................Banking
Real Estate.......................Banking
Corporate Export..............Banking
(B)Undesireable Industry
Small MFG EXP............not competitive, do not understand principals of Hedging
Tourism....................not competitive, poorly promoted.
Education................not necessary ,as section(A) can be covered by immigrants
The dilema for N.Z. is , directionaly (economically speaking) there is no meaningfull political opposition from which to gain a sense of counter proposal policy that would have any real impact  on , the loss of NZers, the currency, the obscession with property.
And before you jump on me there (------------) yes there is Winston, but, he has been the master of his own undoing in terms of credibility.
No one has yet to be heard say  to Shearer.." Who's side are you on anyway" thus the invisible man.....well intended , but imposingly impotent.
Ha, but the Red Brigade did it to themselves, Cunny was their man and they were just to stupid to see , if you expect a dog fight , then put a dog in ....not a pussy.
  Rant at's Friday YaY..crikey dyslexic today ...third edit.

The Greens and Turei in particular have been giving Key a good razz for his support of Banks and child poverty - mocking his "Planet Key". They have provided by far the best opposition this term and their use of their website and social media is first class, updated with new material several times a day.
Winston had his hey day in the 90's with his moral victory over Fay Richwhite in the Winebox saga and the battles within the National Government but it devastated him financially even with the free legal support he got. Never really recovered the maverick fire in the belly. Can't blame him really even if some of the internal National stuff was of his own making.
Labour are woeful. Like National, guardians of the 19h century status quo. Economic policies not far from National's, only a bit less nasty on social issues. Shearer is a hopeless communicator. Agree Cunliffe would have been much better.

400k= 5 houses suggests a lot less ticket clippers.

Thinking of joining my kids working in Australia myself.  Do they want the olds on their doorstep?

MB - Lucky its a big country and plenty of space - mine always ask us to shift back over there. And given we have experienced a few aftershocks today, one while I'm typing this, I'm thinking it's a damn good idea.

Aloha my little friends from the sunny shores of Kaanapali.
Well,  I must say the "master plan" is working so well ... spiffing, say what.
Now the idea is to send those whinging bludgers off to the fair shores of Ash-tray-lia ..... where the corporations are silly enough to pay first werld salaries. 
Then Moi and his corporate friends can employ (for much less!! haw haw) these Enzud bound  immigrants (who have been turned away from the USA) our "competitive" salaries .... bliss !! .... the same work for less mullah !!
Which of course means more money for Moi and his banking compadres to soiree around thine hallowed marble halls of the Aucks Club,  quaffing 21 year old single malt, in the latest penny loafers from 5th Avenue .... haw haw.
Why "trickle down" when "trickle up" is the only way to go ! ..... haw haw
Now back to soaking up the sun.......waiter, where is that Mai Tai ....... Bliss !

When Hickey departs , and the Gummster gets the editor's job , I'm offering you your own column , Champers ......
....... abso-tittly spiffing to hear from you ,old bean !

Hey hey..! your getting a bit free and easy with the colum thingy there GBH,  by my current reckoning I'm out of a job before I even started...shees!
In fact I think it far more productive for you to get Champers .... on the chair , to explain to the oily tics the way it his no nonsense way....
 I'm an ideas man you see. 

CC, I'm sure you'd be mates with Gina Reinhard, she's got a cunning plan to sort out those useless, overpaid Aussie mine workers. Seems she's heard she can get Africans for $2/hour and, best of all, if they get uppity and start wanting more money you can just shoot them.

.... now , be fair to the mega-mining magnates  ..... you can only shoot about 30 or 40 of your workers  ...... apparently the barrels of the pistols expand when they get warm ......
We really must look into that .....

It just occured to me Champers old thing.....what it is that is missing in John Boy's brand of smug arrogance.
It is the very quality that endears you to myself.......Honesty in the smugness, committment to the smugness, enjoyment of the smugness.
 You are the example of what  John Boy wishes he could be....smug ...self satisfied...without apology.......excellent....good for you.
Happiness to you . enjoy your tropical soda..!!..I'm having a cold one, I may need to give it a rub.


Tan Tay Lan chỉ là quá lạnh và buồn, bạn nên đi Úc cho một số quảng cáo ánh nắng mặt trời và một công việc bia lạnh

I'll have to tough it out here for a while yet Chairman M... that cold beers sounds good  though...besides Bernard like cold sad's like sunshine to him....!

Gusto ko ang may beer sa cool na at asul NZ kaysa sa sabsabin maghugay makagawa sila sa Ashtraylia !

"Lucky" I don't have to live there.

Another 5000 Indian immigrants this year so far. Are you waiting for this to happen to you before you act?