25 Mar 18, 1:26pm
Housing and Urban Development Minister says 29 hectares of Unitec land at Mt Albert will be transferred to Crown ownership; between 3000 and 4000 homes to be constructed
21 Mar 18, 11:24am
Migration gain continues its downward path with more non-New Zealand citizens returning home
19 Mar 18, 4:07pm
The Government's decision to have a 'significant' portion of the Kiwibuild houses pre-fabricated is logical, but risky
12 Mar 18, 3:41pm
David Hargreaves fears the Government's desire to push through difficult-to-implement offshore housing buyer legislation may prove a distraction in tackling the most pressing housing shortage issues
9 Mar 18, 10:25am
Kiwi journo in London on the issues making waves in Europe - the affordable housing battle, Russian spies, social media companies paying us for our data, migration, Brexit and more
1 Mar 18, 9:07am
New research from Motu Economic and Public Policy Research finds a very dynamic construction sector with a lot of staff changing firms and many companies both entering and exiting the industry
28 Feb 18, 2:59pm
New Reserve Bank paper puts estimate of Auckland housing shortage far higher than previous RBNZ estimates; says if construction worker shortfall continues it will be 'difficult' to overcome the shortage
28 Feb 18, 11:22am
Annual net gain from migration down 1.6% to 70,147 in year to January
18 Feb 18, 7:02am
This government could find itself with a worse housing crisis on its plate than the one it inherited from National, Greg Ninness suggests
12 Feb 18, 2:43pm
Housing Minister Phil Twyford has hit back at claims his Government is not ambitious enough with its KiwiBuild policy and says expect ‘far more’ than 100,000 new houses over the next decade
12 Feb 18, 1:45pm
There is a danger in over-examining issues such as the housing market, rather than just rolling up sleeves and taking action
12 Feb 18, 10:01am
A 'stocktake' of the housing market commissioned by the Govt paints a 'sobering impact of the housing crisis, particularly on children', says Housing Minister Phil Twyford
2 Feb 18, 11:28am
Net migration fell by nearly 7% in December 2017 compared to the same month the previous year; Annual net migration slipped to 70,000
24 Jan 18, 3:54pm
Gareth Kiernan looks at what the New Year will bring for migration, education, foreign house buyers, KiwiBuild, the RBNZ, the minimum wage, and infrastructure
20 Dec 17, 11:42am
Latest Stats NZ figures show monthly population gain from migration down 4.8% when compared with same month a year ago
18 Dec 17, 3:15pm
David Hargreaves questions whether as currently drafted the Government's offshore house buying ban will prove counter-productive
14 Dec 17, 4:52pm
Any buyers breaching the Government's new offshore buying ban on New Zealand houses may be forced to sell the houses
13 Dec 17, 4:18pm
Housing and Urban Development Minister expects the ban to be passed into law early next year; will ensure house prices are set by NZ-based buyers, not people from overseas
8 Dec 17, 11:34am
Westpac report says migration is already slowing and this will 'reinforce downward pressure on house prices'
22 Nov 17, 11:42am
Annual migration is still running at a record high but the monthly figures show it is starting to slowly decline


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