Grant Robertson and Shane Jones throw hats in ring for Labour leadership job; Cunliffe joins too; Key not bothered

Grant Robertson and Shane Jones throw hats in ring for Labour leadership job; Cunliffe joins too; Key not bothered
David Cunliffe

By Bernard Hickey

Labour Party Deputy Leader Grant Robertson and Maori Affairs Spokesman Shane Jones have both confirmed they will stand for the leadership of the Labour Party.

Fisheries and Revenue Spokesman David Cunliffe declared his on Monday afternoon.

Robertson was the first to move and timed his announcement to coincide with the 6pm television news programmes on Sunday. 

"I offer a new generation of leadership that can unify our Party, and lead us to victory in 2014," Robertson said.

He said there was a huge amount at stake. "Every week New Zealanders can see new examples of how badly John Key and his government have lost touch with their hopes and concerns. From the Sky City deal, to rising unemployment and a lack of respect for our fundamental democratic rights and freedoms, this government is not listening to New Zealanders," he said.

Robertson said he wanted to encourage the 800,000 New Zealanders who were eligible to vote but currently didn't.

Jones told the NZHerald his candidacy may not resonate in the common room, "but rest assured it will be relevant in the smoko room".

"The Labour brand is a proud and true brand. Unfortunately, we have allowed that brand to become irrelevant in how a whole bunch of New Zealanders see their personal circumstances," Jone said.

"The 800,000 who didn't vote last time need to see Labour as relevant to what they need to help bring their kids up. It's simple stuff: jobs, income, security, sport, life," he said.

A snap OneNews poll conducted over the weekend showed Cunliffe was the current favourite over both Robertson and Jones in the eyes of general voters and Labour supporters.

Cunliffe had the support of 29% of eligible voters and 32% of Labour supporters, while Robertson had 10% and 14% support respectively. Jones had the support 15% of Labour supporters and 11% of the general electorate.

Cunliffe in too

Cunliffe announced his candidacy with a statement on his own website, saying he had consulted with colleagues and family.

"Their view is that I can bring together a party and a government that provides a strong, clear voice for fairness, inclusion and prosperity to be shared by all. I believe that now is the right time to answer that call," Cunliffe said. 

"Our shared vision is to rebuild our society so that everybody – not just a lucky few - gets the chance to succeed and make the best of their potential," he said.

"I am deeply saddened this Government is so intent on cutting deals for its big business mates and kowtowing to powerful foreign interests, that it is willing to sacrifice so much of what we hold dear."

Prime Minister John Key said he was not bothered about any of the candidates, but thought the main contest would be between Robertson and Cunliffe.

He said whoever won would pull Labour further to the left.

(Updated with Cunliffe joining the contest)

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A bit of a waste of time I should imagine.
Robertson's sexual orientation will hold him back from the mum's and dads that in the end decide which party rules - labour won't want to test that hurdle just yet. Jones - a List MP who scraped through an immigration scandle through a failure of the investigation to prove that there was criminal intent and not just stupidity - won't National be rubbing there hands together at the prospect of raking all that up. The misuse of credit cards, charging for pornographic movies and the hiring of a charter jet show some serious character flaws for someone who aspires to the highest level in NZ. The Smoko room might be interested but the Labour party won't unless they just want a Mad Hatter to hold the position until Cunliffe takes over just before the election.

Yet GR won his own electorate, moms and pops cant be that bothered,  "Grant Robertson is Labour's MP for Wellington Central.  He won the seat at the 2008 election with a majority of 1904 votes, and a majority of 6376 at the 2011 election"  6000 isnt a bad majority.
Same sex marriage this year, nay a squeal.....
"raking it up" so really the quality of National's MPs is the ability to rake up old muck....great piece of governing that is. 

Fair point , but as Matthew Hooten said on Radio National this morning , Kiwis have had enough of the NZ Labour Party behaving alike a group of gay university intellectuals ...
... they need to get back into the mainstream : The economy / Jobs / Health / Justice ... re-connect with the average Jim & Joan Kiwi

What does it say about NZ that the word intellectual is used as a pejorative term?


Hang on SK I'll just go lookie up what Chairman Mao was thinking when he coined it...!
 But I would remind you in the interim.....there is no substitute for "common"sense, just a shortage of it among intellectuals and common folk alike.

When " intellectuals " start micro-managing your life for you , your light-bulbs / showerheads / mass medicating your daily bread ... then you know they deserve scorn .... because those politicians are so up themselves that they think you should act in your personal life exactly as they do ( and if you don't , they'll force you to by law ) ... because they really do think that they know best ...
... most folks want commonsense from their elected officials .... not the rubbish they copped from 2005-2008 ..... and they still remember lucidly those last 3 years of the Clark Labour government ..
No one calls Bill English an intellectual . The guy applies commonsense to his policies , and doesn't steam-roll over the populence .... who in Labour can match that ?

If Bill English suits your reading age then so be it.
Some people are not afraid of a few extra syllables.
Also - he steamrolled asset sales over the populace, not populence.
And what a good deal they got out of that.

So your an intellectual now SK.......? Billy Bob's a shit kicker, GBH knows it I know it, gosh even the public didn't want him....but he works for the team as a team player...shit kicker though he be.
 ya boot scrapings...he'd say bout now.

Well .. you really are riled up today aren't you
Got a burr under your saddle?
The countess give it the old toe-over-throw-hold with a half-nelson?

Yes I'm reclaiming the word intellectual for shamelessly intelligent people everywhere.
Occasionally you may need to use the word 'you're', which has a different meaning to 'your'

Wild Bill told the populace aways back in 2008 , that he planned on asset sales after the 2011 election , if the Gnats won ....
... after 4 years , asset sales finally began .... after two elections , both of which the majority of the voters agreed on asset sales ...
Meebee  you could furnish us with your intellectuallised definition of " steam-roll " ?

GBH I think you are stretching on this. 
I find it interesting that where pollies normally seem very cautious about losing votes, yet they carried on with this despite the considerable disquiet that flared up.  I can but voice the feeling that as part of the keep NZ's credit rating talsk with the markets etc they pandered to the ideaology of that cohort....seems strange they would snowplow  though so much disquiet without good reason.
Yes sure overall ppl voted for a series of platforms that National had, one of which is asset claim most ppl wanted it when you only have about 51%? of the vote  though is a bit of a stretch.
I wonder though as we see just how the SOE's have been over-charging just how wise it is to continue, its looking like an election battleground. Lots of OAPs on limited incomes getting uppity on rising power bills, then ppl like a vote loser....doesnt have to lose many % to be toast.

... usually I'm credited with the sort of memory that makes a goldfish look like an elephant , but on this I am certain ( ahem ! ) ..... Ms Helen challenged Jolly Kid way back in 2008 on the asset sales , and JK promised none until after 2011 ....
Jolly gee whizz , he delivered on his promise .... what more has the guy gotta do to satisfy some people !
... and after JK rebuffed every one of Clark's alarmist anti-Gnat rants , she knew the jig was up ....
Democracy , me old dear , the good folks of Kiwiland voted for asset sales in 2011 .... for , not against ....

Events my dear Gummy. And we had a big one down here in 2011. Maybe it registered on your Goldfish memory. Christchurch in the first time in a generation voted National. I wouldn't put any money on that continuing given the mess Brownlee is making.

Be fair to Bomber Brownlee's back-up crew , I'm sure a big debt of gratitude is also owed to the EQC for the grinding shamozzle that is the Christchurch recovery ....

That is true Brendon, the Fatman has soiled it with falling piecrust and blatant contempt for the citizenry of Christchurch.
 Have you noticed he's been flying under the radar of late...? well obviously not so much flying as plummeting, but Joyce once again has been deftly used as a deflector of light in the house of mirrors .
 Still I don't suppose Fletchers can grow into Fonterra overnight, but they are well on the way.

Crikey SK , Wild Bill can read ? .... he's light years ahead of the Gummster then ...
... but even I know you're wrong on one thing , you don't have a few extra syllables .... orchestras only ever have one person playing the syllable ....

"Bill English applies commonsense" 
Yeah like a $1.8bn SCF bailout and $30m Tiwai bung. Commonsense. 

Tax & spend , Tax & spend , Tax & spend , Tax & spend , thats all Labour have to offer you and I .
And you and I will hammered the hardest 

So many ppl are upset on landlords out pricing them that no I think its not that bad an idea in terms of votes, the family home is excluded after all.  Sure some wont be happy, on their bachs etc but  they were probably die hard National anyway, nothing is lost.  1million? out of 4 million?  2 person family, 2 kids, that suggests with your number, every family has one, seems OTT.
The election platforms will be interesting to read....

Exactly right Zz.... unless Labour widen the CGT to include all assets , even the family home , the rich-listers will find ways around / through / over / under it ....
Just as they did when Sir Cullen brought in his 39 % income tax ....
.... that badly backfired on him , or at least , on the middleclass who don't receive WFF .... and the CGT will do so , too ...

So many ppl are upset on landlords out pricing them that no I think its not that bad an idea in terms of votes, the family home is excluded after all.  Sure some wont be happy, on their bachs etc but  they were probably die hard National anyway, nothing is lost.  1million? out of 4 million?  2 person family, 2 kids, that suggests with your number, every family has one, seems OTT.
The election platforms will be interesting to read....

This is the same Matthew Hooten who called Nicky Hager a pro-Al Qaeda commie c**t ?
I'll pass on anything he has to say thanks...

"Reconnect with Jim & Joan Kiwi".... yeah right , the  Cunliffes live in Herne Bay , and own an SUV,  which must be handy for those dreadfully bad roads In Herne Bay

Captain Charisma hath spake upon high , to the heathen masses below ( that us , Mr B. ) .... and his epiphany is that Hard Labour is on the right track , the answer to all that ails us is a Capital Gains Tax , and localised applications of leeches ( IRD / and your local council ) ...
... CGT will cure the housing " crisis " , raise much needed munnies for an underfunded welfare state , reduce unemployment ( can you prove it won't ! ) , and feed the poor starving poverty stricken underclass on less than $ 150 000 per year ...
Screw the rich pr#cks to the wall , and make 'em pay , the bounders !

Ah come on GBH , he aint said squat pricks...? no no matey.....elitist's with a contemptuous view of the masses....their money may facitlitate the urge to separate  but it's their very nature that brings about the elitist thinking.
 That said best wishes upon you Mon Ami. 

Hello Count : They ran a Cunny spiel on Radio National yesterday afternoon , with our boy proclaiming his confidence in the previous Labour policies , and the need to install a CGT ASAP ..... too many richlisters " getting away with it " ....
... and a few other gems of Labour's money envy ..... really gonna chase anyone who's successful , again ...
And with the same consequences as when Sir Cullen tried it , the richies got away with paying even less , and the middleclass copped it in the neck ....

Really? yet National passed the same sex marriage act (or whatever its called) just this fluff there eh?
The pink tourists are interersted..what in that is detrimental to jobs?
Really if Jim and Joan kiwi are the right wing bigoted hicks that your above line (gay university intellectuals) implies  then a lurch to the right of desiny church is required.
No I dont think so.

Prime Minister John Key said he was not bothered about any of the candidates, but thought the main contest would be between Robertson and Cunliffe.
He said whoever won would pull Labour further to the left.
Well at least they'd be getting pulled some bloody where....anywhere but nowhere  ya smug little whack job, which is where they were going with Shearer.
Not bothered....isn't that just typical  of Key...smug contempt  "disprezzo compiaciuta" should become the party motto.
Well if Cunliffe drags em anywhere to the left of where your taking us they should still land to the right of center.....twat.

gonna be an interesting November 2014, yes sir.

No Zanyz, I think you will find it was Phill....just Phill...people didn't warm to him you see, he was nice and gangly...then he became tough but still looked awkward.....then there's nothing worse or more sad looking than a defeated tall awkward man...just nowhere to hide .
Scroll the site for Smug Vs Desperate 1/2/3 the tale of the tape.

Aw Zanyz I know Phill well enough to throw a stone from my window n hit his office roof there by the Garage on the cnr......but come on , even influencing Council to upgrade the footpaths or do something anything about that awful Mt Roskill Shopping Center on Dom Rd....has been poor to say the least.
 That said the May /Stoddard Rd Complex is looking every bit the business....just  could have done with Three Kings looking a little more like it yeah..?
 Hey you did'nt used to be Kimy did you...?  he's around there somewhere. got me on that one zany....but even if I have to drug myself to do it...I will attempt to vote this smug little man out before he does any real damage.
 An ya can't do that by voting Silly McGuilly as qualified a contender as he is.

Cunning Cunliffe is holding off his announcement til the last minute while Shane Bluey Jones and Giggly Grant look in the mirror- and are impressed with what they see

I don't call him the Running Kun for nothing gonzo, Kun Li, will bitch slap em both, knife Robertson, blueball Shane as a reminder to not be soo red blooded....then have a chat with Jacinda about any she,may have.
 Still when it comes to being self satisfied their combined egos could not match ol' not bothered's.

This could be the fun of the week....whos going to be the last man left standing. I hope to gawd they pick someone with some part of their abilities otherwise JK will skate home.

Don't you worry about that , me little darling , Captain Charisma Cunny will ride to the rescue .... our boy's just biding his time ... flushing out the pretenders to the throne ...
.... he knows , in your political life , you don't get many opportunities to grab the leadership , and third time lucky , Cunny will win it easily ...
Then , 14 months of pulling the team together ( no , Jonesy , I didn't mean that ! .... you too Grant , putcha hands into your own pockets , fella ) , linking up with Winnie and the Firsts , appealing to the middleclass of the country ...
.... a win in 2014 ... Voila ! ....

 Captain Charisma Cunny...GBH
I like it ,although we got to work the squint into the Brand...I was thinking Captain CloseEyes but that sounded a bit asquiff....ummm help me out here!

Bernard could be his finance minister ... then you'd have the dream team of two superheroes , Captain Charisma with Captain Calamity ....

I fear Calamity's imposing figure would prove too big a distraction for Jacinda who needs to be able to see where her opportunities lie.
 nope Calamity is out before he's in....besides you know what happens to nice guys in politics....nothing....nothing at all happens...then you leave. 

I think we could allot Jacinda and Shane Jones joint custody of the entertainment and movies industry portfolio ...
... give Jonesy enough time , we'll soon see were Ms Ardern's opportunities lie ...
..... I've never referred to them as " opportunites " , Count , but I will tonight , when the wife gets home ...

I looked Jacinda up, if shes the list MP for Auckalnd, oh my god.  You never know though maybe some of the guys will get such hardons over her cutie pie looks she'll be a winner...
God I hope the election is not that shallow....

.... if the Count and moi are anything to go by , you won't even getcha ankles wet in this election , cutie pie ...

This cuttie pie will chomp through the Labour's rank with that set of denture..

Denture ? .... she's got falsies !!! .... ga-zounds .... the perils of the English dental service , huh !

cunnis in and shes all on for a 3 way stoush- -jk  might have some competition,  at last..

gonzo !  .....cunnis in and shes all on for a 3 way...?...Sounds like Shane Jones has captured your imagination already.

Hold Copy: Colin Moyle is in too.

I can identify 5 potential leaders in this Labour caucus photo.. any thought?

... time to move on , don't wanna vote for that Helen Clark buncha muppets again ....
They'll look like a totally new and refreshed group of stuffed animals with David Cunliffe at the helm !

..." we have made .....the Labour Brand irrelevant ...'
Precisely Mr Jones , exactly what does Labour stand for other than the  INTERFERING NANNY STATE  and  TAX AND SPEND ?
Even the Greens have a clearer strategy  than Labour, although God help us all if they ever get into power . 
John Key won the election twice becasue he recognised that middle income Kiwi's were fed up with being taxed to death , with the  tax money transfered to idle layabouts and being told when they could wipe their backsides or discipline their children .
The problem that Labour has got is that most New Zealanders who supported them in the past are now in the middle class and TAX AND SPEND POLICIES actually hurt them instead on the amorphous ill -defined rich guys , of which there are very few in NZ .
Key is assured of victory in 2014 against these losers.  

BM, Problem is, Jokey is little better. NZ needs to find a new Norm Kirk for Labour and a new Keith Holyoake for National.
Regards, Ergophobia 

Ergo fair enough , but even if they did find a  " Tony Blair " and re-invent themselves , what have they got to over the Average Kiwi other than Tax and Spend ?
I dont see what they could do to attract their old working class consituents back.
Their support base is a combination of
1) The Old trade unionists some have died or retired  ( many have gone to Winston Peters )
2) Refugees
3) Struggling Pacific Islanders with bad spending habits
4) People too lazy to vote
5) The looney left
6) Maori not on the Maori voters roll
7) a few Gays
8) a fair share of leftwing rabble rousers
With regards to the working class generally  , the dirty work is done by Migrants nowadays , and many of them are ambitiuos and dont support labour , dont understand the Greens , and see John Key as open and fair .

Well that certainly got the ol thread going ........up up and away...!
 or was it Hi ho Silver...?

I must say I am surprised Count since it is really quite irrelevant, given the general economic layout before us I can't see how anyone of even moderate intellect would bother to participate.  But this thread has added some style to the yawn.

I must concur with you on that Scarfo', I myself was shocked to see  intellectual luminaries such as SK enter the fray to joust merrily among such rabble as myself....
 But yes, is was a relief from the ennui of numbering in a physical I'm dead poso the ratings went up as well......hybrow indeed..!

FYI, poll here on who should be Labour's new leader -

Who does SkyCity support? - it matters not to them what the citizens wishes are.

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