Shane Jones

8 Oct 18, 3:14pm
A discussion document has been released for consultation on the proposed independent infrastructure agency through which it is planned to lift the quality of infrastructure investment in New Zealand
12 Sep 18, 12:51pm
How can we marry KiwiSaver funds looking for yield with Government infrastructure projects looking for funding? 
6 Sep 18, 2:05pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says location of bank branches is up to banks, but notes banks need a 'social licence' to operate
2 Sep 18, 7:02am
Shane Jones’ multi-billion-dollar Provincial Growth Fund still has a long way to go before reaching its $3 billion target, Jason Walls says the next couple of years might prove to be a political headache for the Government
31 Aug 18, 10:00am
Political reporter Jason Walls has always kept an unofficial list of his favourite political moments/events in the back of his head and has now laid them out for all to see
30 Aug 18, 9:27am
NZ First MP Shane Jones unhappy with banks' reduced regional services at a time when they’re making ‘stupendous profits.' To meet RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr to plead his case
17 Aug 18, 2:30pm
Minister of Infrastructure Shane Jones says a new independent body will help sort out some of NZ’s major infrastructure issues, as well as helping to attract local and foreign investment
13 Aug 18, 4:00pm
The Government will inject another $240 million to help plant one billion trees over 10 years – this is in addition to the $245 million already allocated
6 Aug 18, 12:21pm
The Government will undergo a reset in its procurement policy, after major construction sector players lobbied Ministers to lead by example
2 Aug 18, 3:44pm
Shane Jones says the woes in the construction industry reveal why a beefed-up independent infrastructure agency is needed in NZ
1 Aug 18, 10:46am
Westland Milk strategy review casts a wide focus to find higher value add. Vets issue no-transport advice for MPB herds
27 Jul 18, 10:30am
Fonterra chairman John Wilson stood down on Friday, citing health reasons. Fonterra critic Shane Jones has a few words of advice for new chairman John Monaghan
20 Jun 18, 6:27am
The only consequence Shane Jones has faced for his attacks on corporate NZ is increased airtime & more column inches. Jason Walls doesn't expect him to stop anytime soon
14 Jun 18, 3:08pm
Winston Peters says ‘heads should roll’ at Fonterra over its loss on China's Beingmate, says the buck stops at the top
14 Jun 18, 8:32am
Government ministers try to build bridges with the rural community, some by 'friendship', some by bullying. Also, why are there three national farm databases? wonders Guy Trafford
13 Jun 18, 4:09pm
The ‘First Citizen of the Provinces’ has called for the resignation of another top public-sector figure – Fonterra Chairman John Wilson
14 May 18, 9:56am
In a new series, political reporter Jason Walls sits down with MPs at the pub – he catches up with NZ First’s Shane Jones over a Bacardi and Coke the Minister spent the night nursing
6 May 18, 7:42am
NZ First is making a clear pitch to rural Kiwi voters and has a $3b war chest to help plead its case so how Simon Bridges’ performs on his tour of regional NZ will be very important, says Jason Walls
3 May 18, 8:32am
Peter Dunne sees opportunities for National in the regional and environment areas and warns against them lapsing into 'Opposition for the sake of it - as looks to be the case at present'
1 May 18, 2:58pm
The scale of New Zealand’s infrastructure deficit is 'massive' and can't be fixed without billions of dollars of private capital – Jason Walls takes a look at how the Government plans to woo investors


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