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Former BNZ boss Peter Thodey appointed to Westpac NZ board

Former BNZ boss Peter Thodey appointed to Westpac NZ board

Westpac NZ says Peter Thodey, who was BNZ's CEO and managing director for seven years up to 2007, has been appointed to its board effective from February 20.

"His significant expertise in banking and business management has seen him hold a number of high profile directorships including Chairman of BNZ Life Limited, Chairman of BNZ Investments Limited, Chairman of Visa NZ Limited, board director for Visa Asia Pacific, Chairman of Custom Fleet NZ Limited and Chairman of the NZ Bankers Association," Westpac Chairman Peter Wilson said in a statement.

“Peter’s wealth of experience is invaluable and his outstanding leadership and banking expertise will greatly enhance our board."

Thodey has also held other executive roles within the National Australia Bank group, BNZ's parent.

Westpac said no other changes were being made to its board.

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