NZ likely to be where 11 of the fugitives on China's list of the 100 people most wanted for corruption are

NZ likely to be where 11 of the fugitives on China's list of the 100 people most wanted for corruption are

Overnight, China published a list of 100 citizens who it's seeking on corruption charges.

That list includes eleven who they think may be in New Zealand.

Here are those eleven. 

Only one is alleged to have arrived here in the past five years.

According to the Google Translate version of the web page releasing the details; "We will strengthen law enforcement cooperation with the countries concerned, and make full use of various resources, so that corrupt elements become an object of hatred, people cry, firmly grasping them back to justice."

No indication was given of the scale of the alleged offending by each name on the list. But given it's China and given this is the 'top 100', the values involved are likely to be large. Only ten in the full list are dated 2015.

And given the New Zealand related list seems to have among the oldest cases, perhaps New Zealand is no longer seen as a 'safe' destination for economic crime fugitives to escape to.

Full name Original work 
and duties
Likely to be in Filing 
Issued red 
warrant time
Yan Sun

Yan Sun (Alias: Liu Yang)

Tonghuajinma Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. 2001.11 New Zealand Tonghua City, Jilin Province Public Security Bureau Job occupation 2005.8.22
Hu Yuxing

Hu Yuxing

Housing System Reform Office, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, director 2002.7 Australia, New Zealand Taiyuan, Shanxi Province Procuratorate Abuse of power 2003.2.6
Jiang Lei

Jiang Lei

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Branch of the automotive industry executive vice president, legal representative 2007.4 New Zealand Xicheng District Procuratorate Corruption 2007.9.27
Chen Xingming

Chen Xingming

General manager of China Power Finance Co. 2002.6 United States, New Zealand Beijing Municipal Procuratorate Embezzlement 2004.7.27
Xiao Bin

Xiao Bin

Qiqihar Credit Guarantee Corporation 2011.2 Canada, New Zealand Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province Public Security Bureau Job occupation 2012.7.16
Xuan Xiuying

Xuan Xiuying

Zhuhai, China Southern Securities Company Guangzhou Branch Sales Director Lin Jing 2002.8 New Zealand Zhuhai City, Guangdong Provincial Procuratorate Embezzlement, concealment offshore deposits 2003.2.19
Cheng Sanchang

Cheng Sanchang

Henan Henan Provincial Government in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Group Ltd. Chairman 2001.2 New Zealand Henan Province Procuratorate Corruption 2002.2.8
Yun Kin

Yun Jian (alias: Fang Jian)

Haikou City, Hainan Province Local Taxation Bureau deputy director of Longhua 2009.2 New Zealand Longhua District, Haikou City, Hainan Province Procuratorate Bribery 2009.5.15
Yu-tai years

Yu-tai years

Director of Planning at the Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park 2007.1 New Zealand Hebei Langfang City Procuratorate Corruption 2007.10.24
Sun Yan

Sun Yan

Nanjing Xinjiekou Commercial Bank of China branch in staff 2001.9 New Zealand Jiangsu Province Procuratorate Corruption 2004.5.24
Liu Quanzhou

Liu Quanzhou

Jiangsu Provincial Communications Department staff 2002.3 New Zealand Jiangsu Province Procuratorate Corruption 2004.5.24

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Now, about that cosmetic surgery appointment I enquired about....Can I please bring it forward Doc...

That list is only the whales

Quote - Shane Jones was stood down from his Opposition portfolios, while the Auditor-General investigated his handling of an immigration application from donor William Yan, otherwise known as Yang Liu or Bill Liu.

They will be easy to find as they will be in the pockets of our corrupt politicians both National and labour.
In our Ha Ha Ha least corrupt country Ha Ha Ha

So over 10% of most wanted headed for NZ.

And there are plenty of others not quite so wanted, who probably came here too.

So what does that tell us do you think? about our generous immigration Policy.

Maybe this is why we do not count our immigrants and sell them, sorry give them... free access? as long as they buy up large at the top of the all enterprises... too. Plus a directorship or well...for some lucky tykes, with a helping hand out..

Free market...Personally I do not think so!.

For a bit of balance

11 are in New Zealand and (only) 10 in Australia

And to put it in perspective.....what is our % per head of population, compared to USA and Aussie.

Way too bleedin my estimation. Are we too much of an easy mark and lax to say the least.

Does no one check just where money is coming from. $10k in cash raises eyebrows, has to be accounted for. Millions looted electronically creates nowt but a little comment here.

Now this is where I find myself a bit at sixes and sevens about our immigration laws. On one hand I am totally against this whole buy your way in, using residential properties as a means to gain investor status etc etc, but then I see this and I don't know if I want to be complicit with China where these people are concerned knowing what a harsh system exists there and how it is entirely possible that some could face charges that may not even be crimes here.
I find this article fairly disquieting

Your moral dilemma - is akin to the paradox of which is the greater evil

One assumes the wealth that has been smuggled out of China (because it was impossible to get wealth out 10 years ago) was obtained by causing some common people a great misery

By using that great wealth, smuggled into New Zealand, and using it to acquire many properties in Auckland, some of which are held empty, at the cost of forcing the values of Auckland properties up, and therefore rents, they are now bringing that same misery to Auckland and indirectly forcing the common people of Auckland onto the streets, into cars, and garages.

Witness the instance last week of the colleague of a commentator whose parent has just arrived from China and acquired 53 properties in Auckland as part of a significant investor visa program, buying his residency, and keeping half the houses empty, unrented, untenanted

So which is the greater evil?

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