NZ First board might not meet until weekend or even Monday to discuss which deal to agree to, Peters says

NZ First board might not meet until weekend or even Monday to discuss which deal to agree to, Peters says

By Alex Tarrant

The New Zealand First board might not meet until Saturday, Sunday or even as late as Monday, depending on members’ availability, Winston Peters says.

Peters is looking to secure a large majority of both his caucus and board for whichever arrangement with National or Labour New Zealand First eventually decides to go with.

He told media in Wellington Thursday lunchtime that negotiations were set to end Thursday night, and that the caucus should be in a position to present the options on Friday. But that didn’t mean the board would meet then.

Peters said the board wanted to meet face-to-face, and that the logistics of bringing them in from all over the country meant it could be the weekend before they met. A Skype call was considered, but decided against, he said.

Peters later added that some board members were having to attend funerals on Friday. Party president Brent Catchpole also told Newshub that some board members would have to first apply for time off from their employers to make the trip to wherever the meeting is set to be held.

Peters initially tried to skip around questions of the process for the board to meet: “I can’t talk about the board because we’re trying to find out whether or not they’re available – all of them – and we’re working round that. So that’s not a matter I can answer now.”

He was asked whether it looked likely that the board would meet on Friday. “Ah, no,” Peters said. On when it would meet then meet: “It depends upon the logistical availability of the board, which could be Saturday, Sunday or Monday. I’ll know that before too long.”

“People do have to come from all over the country.” Peters said a Skype meeting “wouldn’t be satisfactory.” He added: “We thought of that, we thought we could circumvent all that by doing it by Skype, but that would not be the kind of serious discussion we need to have.”

“I’ll let you know when I do know. Can’t tell you now.”

Peters was asked whether the party caucus would consider the deals alongside the board, or in a separate meeting. “Same meeting,” he said.

He also denied that the party had been secretive about who sits on its board. A number of news outlets Thursday morning printed the list of names, which is not available on the party’s website. Peters soon after issued a press release (see below) saying board members had rights to privacy.

Speaking to media earlier, he said: “We had an AGM, you’ll recall, in Auckland this year with a massive turnout. The board all turned up, and if you didn’t bother to turn up and take any attention, sad for you.”

Food prices – consideration in talks

Meanwhile, I tried to throw in another policy question – this time on news Thursday morning that food prices were up 3% over the year – above CPI inflation. Could food prices be a target of the next government, given New Zealand First’s policy platform on the issue which envisages taking GST off basic food items?

“We campaigned on the regret that we’ve become a high-price, high cost-of-food economy. We…regret that. That’s a consideration in our talks,” he said.

Read Peters’ press release on NZF board members below:

New Zealand First values our board members’ privacy, says New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“They are not politicians but New Zealanders who believe in the party and wish to make a contribution to the decision-making process.

“They give up their valuable spare time to take part in board meetings and attend to other matters, and we are grateful for that.

“By putting their name forward to serve on the board they do not expect to have their privacy invaded and to become public figures. This privacy extends to all party members.

“New Zealand First values transparency but we also value an individual’s privacy especially when they volunteer their services,” says Mr Peters.

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This has turned into a circus, tail wagging the dog. While these dramas continue it is causing uncertainity for people, financial market and business who are looking for cues on what to expect for the next 3 years.


IMO its more to do with the state of "media" these days... Everything needs to be a clickbait title, bite sized chunks of dribble lacking any real substance so that tomorrow they can put out another clickbait piece contradicting the one before it.

The media think that its all about their ego's and how dare Winston take time to negotiate.
If he took the first offer without comparing what the other party is offering it wouldn't be a negotiation.
He has to go back and fourth to try and get the parties to make their best offer. Good on him.
The media ridicule Winston and misrepresent him. He owes them nothing.

Honestly it will be more of the same which ever side wins IMHO.

He's known for weeks negotiations would happen this week. Why hadn't he already organised a board meeting for tomorrow? What a joke. He's going to get torn to pieces by the media if he drags this out, and rightly so.

Bookings on certain golf courses aren't easy to come by, you know. One has priorities.

Whoever he goes with, neither National or Labour voters are going to get what they voted for, as Winston will have stripped out a huge amount of policy that voters actually wanted.


...and hopefully grafted in some policy that neither of the big two would have had enough courage or integrity to do themselves. I voted NZF and so far, so good.

well, neither party got a majority so the voters will get exactly what they voted for! a coalition!

This is MMP, the system that was democratically decided by the people, so get over it everybody!

Except those who voted NZF, like I did. I feel like Winston won the election. This is why I voted for him, he stirs things up and gets everyone all agitated.

For your amusement, or somehow the good of the country - is that your criteria for voting ?

Pretty well much, Grant A. This country has been led up the garden path by the previous 2 administrations, for their own personal gratification and ideology. It's time the people had some input, and, dear I say it, some selfish fun! Until politicians show they can work for the good of us all then I will vote for what's best for me! Which is what I did.

I will sometimes support radical positions for the LoLz.
This is probably a major weak point in a democracy. A monarchy would be more sensible.

MMP at its finest

Not really, if you look at NZF v Labour & Greens the policy matches are not bad at all.

The writ has been returned

The Electoral Commission has returned the writ for the 2017 General Election marking the end of the formal election process.


The writ was issued by the Governor-General on 23 August and directed the Electoral Commission to conduct the election.  It has been returned today to the Clerk of the House of Representatives showing the names of the successful electorate candidates. 


The Commission has also declared the successful list candidates by publishing a notice in the Gazette and forwarding a return to the Clerk of the House listing the names of the elected list candidates.


“No applications have been made for a recount of the election results, which means we have been able to finalise and return the writ to the Clerk of the House,” says Alicia Wright, Chief Electoral Officer.


The first meeting of the new Parliament must take place within six weeks of the return of the writ.


David Wilson, Clerk of the House of Representatives, says preparations are underway for the opening of the 52nd Parliament. 


“The return of the writ today is the next step in moving towards starting New Zealand’s 52nd Parliament.  Elected candidates come into office as Members of Parliament from tomorrow and are sworn in at the opening of Parliament which is required to take place by 23 November,” says Mr Wilson.


 A full list of successful electorate and list candidates is attached.


 The official election results are available from

In July Peters told Newsroom the public would know about NZ First’s decision by “Writ Day”

Another lie.

Get real Foyle. These are negotiations and anyone with even half a brain should know that such are inherently open ended. It is very possible that your beloved Nationals are the stumbling block to a speedier conclusion of these discussions. Rushing them will not create a better coalition. The Dutch have just taken 208 days to form theirs.

List of 2014 Successful Candidates? I don't think John Key got back in......

Ha. Gosh. That's cut and pasted straight from the Electoral Commission press release. If they can't get a link right...

Winston is leaving a nice gap for Labour to rain on his parade by walking away.

I'm actually starting to think I'd rather Labour did walk away.

Signs that the coke our "rock star" economy has been sniffing is going to have its usual result soon, with the rock star lying in a mess on the floor. Unfortunate side effect of basing one's economic "growth" on little more substantial than housing and immigration, perhaps.


My gut feeling is NZF will go the same as the Maori party next election if they form a government with National.

It only requires 1/3rd of 2017 NZF voters to be disappointed with their choice to send them into oblivion at the next election so they're likely doomed no matter what they choose. I have my fingers crossed that they go with Labour and the Greens. We will all find out soon.

I have my fingers crossed they go with National haha. For reasons above - I suspect National's emaciated economic chickens are coming home to roost soon.

I fully expect that the 5% will be reviewed down to 3 or maybe 4%. WP would be stupid not to insist on that IMHO....then again....LOL.

I feel that the arrogance of the national party will find a way to squash Peters over the next term if he sides with them.

He would have the upper hand with Labour and he can trust them as I cant see Adern being the type to employee underhanded tactics

GST off 'food' - a consultants' and lawyers' Trough for years and years....the Oz experiment is the go-to here.

A well-funded future awaits.....

Removing food falls into the same mad ideas for moving the port.

Given growers and retailers know very well how much consumers will pay for various products - if GST comes off they will simply hike the price so consumers end up paying the same as before.

Called opportunity pricing - pretty basic economics.

Leaving aside the massive increase in complexity that this would entail - ask any Australian - they long for our very simple low cost system.

Oh well, then all gst should probably be reduced to under 10% the, seeing as Aussie seems to manage 10% GST and excludes a lot of food items. 15% is too high.

And runs large deficits ... They will have to go to GST @ 15% if they want to run surpluses again.

Pocketaces - you seriously citing Australia as having made great economic decisions in the last 10yrs ?

The latest from Peters is that some of the board members have to attend funerals on Friday. Also the party president said some are having to apply for time off.

Must be all around Winston's age.

Everyone gets old, unless they die young, and he is actually around the age of several powerful world leaders. In NZ there seems to be a stigma around age and older people . And no I am not old myself.

I wasn't meaning to be ageist. Just noting the sad fact that in your seventies you sadly attend more funerals of folk you know that was the case in previous decades.And I agree, it's strange that in NZ politicians seem to be expected to be younger than is the case overseas.

A few young family members and friends died suddenly in the past couple of years. The bugger was that we still do not know why they died. Another bugger about death is that while it does not announce itself, neither does it leave a calling card or message. Death is not the domain of the old alone. Considering many do spend more than a quarter of their lives in retirement it seems weird to pass them off simply past a indistinguishable point.

And coronation street is on

so the actual decision makers are non public board members - enjoy your three years in the sun if you survive that long - as it will be the end of NZF no matter which way they go after this farce.

So finally a bunch of unelected mysterious directors will decide who and how the country will governed in the next 3 years .... Circus? ...I guess eventually everyone will learn from this fiasco , next time !!

Hey, Jian Yang was technically elected via the list and is honestly no longer beholden to his former masters...

Oh, not what you meant.

I kid, I kid.

Any clown could see this circus coming to town but they still voted for him. Almost want him to go with Labour so we can see the whole thing implode in under 6 months.

WP going with National.

National leaders now in power have everything to lose if kept out of power as than new faces will emerge in national and many current national leader will be gone. To avoid losing their prominence will do anything and everything that WP demands.

Also WP too knows that this is the last election for them as in next election will not even pass 5% mark.

I'd prefer WP went with Labour/Greens and I'm not being magnanimous.

Wherever WP goes the next government is doomed.

Ex Expat I must admit to the same feelings. I think David Farrar's recent article laid it out pretty well. It would be National's last term of office for a long time, but if Labour instead go with NZF, National would be the opposition from hell. The biggest party in parliament, by far the most electoral MPs stirring up their electorates, buoyant members from a very strong election result that saw them win a greater share of the vote than when they came in first in 2008. Even if the three headed coalition Govt holds itself together over the three years, it would take much to oust them, and probably consign the Greens to at least a term outside of parliament in 2020. It will be a very very interesting period to watch.

So even if NZF does goes with national, I think it will feel like a hollow event for many National Party supporters, especially if the concessions made to NZF are significant..

Totally irresponsible of WP not to have a scheduled board meeting tomorrow. He has announced for weeks that he was working to a 12th October deadline. If he can't organise a few people to attend a meeting then what's he going to be like when he's running several portfolios?
I wouldn't leave him in charge of organising a chook raffle.

Ha..the reality is the deadline is for the other parties not your own..standard negotiation :-)

So NZ First party members do not know who there board members are? How does this compare to other parties? I can't think of any reason why members of any board should be secret.

Boards members listed here.... - the power of Google.....

So the future of NZ is decided by a group of mysterious directors. So much for democracy.

I voted for FPP back in the early 90's. Simple logic told me MMP would result in lame duck governments and small parties holding too much power and thus it comes to pass.

STV would have been a better option to MMP.

More detail on the board members from RNZ here -

Winston from all past years has turned things in a circus , NEW ELECTION PLEASE , Bunch of clowns total idoits with smaller parties bring back first past the post .
James Shaw is weak, rolling over in the grass or falling into dirty rivers.
James Shaw also wants to change Govt at all costs , what a wally he going down a slippery path which could trash Greens for next election, Sue Bradford ex green member on tv today said that Greens should walk away if the Greens dont get any gains.What a clown James Shaw is
We all knew Wintson would twist things and I cant believe that we have to wait on NZ LAST BOARD MEETING ,
Dumb that they may have to apply for leave for there meeting whenever , THANK YOU WINSTON YOU CLOWN
I now think that none of the major parties should go with Winstone and Paddy Gower is right to call it what a circus.............
Warning directors of NZ first what do we know about them , squat its a secret

I think James Shaw is being quite sensible - a change of government will have the best environmental outcomes, so he is trying his best for that to happen (by not demanding too much). If he was to try and be kingmaker, his party could be in power for 3 years and then be doomed - much like what will happen to NZ first.

Peters isn’t meeting his board and if he does it’s only to take the blame if any of him directly . He made up his mind before the elections. Everyone knows there no way he’ll go with national and specially English. He had to play this game to get as much as possible out of labour. Winnie is playing the game like a true king true Winnie style. What could peters get out of national for the future of his party . Zip

who knows mate he may go with Taxcinta , frankly this is Disneyland

new election

Winston starting to look like a tool. He originally said a decision would be made by the 12th- pre election. As soon as Election Day happened he "went fishing" for 10 days....rather than getting on with negotiations so a decision was made by the 12th....idiot.


... what a shame that Gareth Morgan's TOP didn't get into parliament ...

It's like deja vu all over again , with Winston calling the shots ... and keeping everyone on tenter hooks ...

... and the bone idle Greens refusing to play the game ... content to pretend that it's still FPP , and that their big momma Miss Labour still adores and needs them desperately ...

Gawd , stone the flaming crows ... same old , same old .... mind numbingly skull crushingly freaking boring ...sigh !

GBH, "Greens refusing to play the game" - they are locked in the boot of the Wizened One's bus - that muffled hammering you may faintly detect is the hapless Shaw protesting that this was not quite what he meant by 'the Precautionary Principle'.....

I can’t wait to read the demands that labour or national have agree too . These two want in so badly it’s going to be a scary list for sure

It is Friday the 13th, "what can possibly go wrong for poor New Zealanders and Awklanders''

Talk is cheap, houses are expensive, so is Labour, our National identity, is made up of foreign imports, NZ First, came last and still may a little Green with envy. You poor voters.

Vote with yer feet....things is MMP ain't working, Economy is uneconomic, Debt is rising, Car Parks are slipping, Apartments are Flat broke, production is falling, so is rain after one day of Sunshine.

Ain't looking good this Friday the 13th. All a more ways than one.

The failure of MMP can be placed squarely at the feet of the Greens.

Not so. There are multiple issues that have impacted on voting. Not the least is short term thinking and the fear of a wasted vote. For the last three elections voting for either of the two currently main parties was in my view a totally wasted vote. Why? because it gives NZ nothing like what MMP can become while providing more of the same old same old. More voters need to think longer term by supporting those smaller parties that will eventually break the historical status quo. There are other factors such as the dishonest tactics of National that worked very well on the ignorant and smugly secure among us because there surely was a strong level of apathy among the comfortable retirees in my circles. I am disappointed regarding how many of them were hoodwinked by the Taxinda attacks. It gives me zero confidence in National, a party built on negatives and the more selfish among us.

Funnily enough, it only seems to be a failure in the eyes of older National voters who pine after FPP. I haven't seen young Kiwis complaining about it anywhere near as much.

I watched a Geoffrey Palmer interview a couple of weeks ago and he mentioned something about the pre MMP era when a senior politician hadn't read his briefing notes, said the wrong thing to the public and it impacted on the whole debate. I'll have to watch is on demand to see what the error was. I voted STV, because I want two bites at the cherry, most likely ACT first, then National.

I find the undies in a knot comments above very funny. Make the most of it, the news will be back to reporting panda births soon enough, and regardless of the government, beer will still be fizzy.

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