NZ First will hold joint caucus and board meeting on Monday to discuss government formation, Winston Peters says

New Zealand First's board and caucus will hold a joint meeting in Wellington on Monday (October 16) to discuss whether to go into coalition with Labour or National, or go with any of the seven other options in front of them, party leader Winston Peters says.

He made the comment to media early on Friday afternoon, part-way through a day-long caucus meeting.

Negotiations with Labour and National ended on Thursday, although Peters said NZ First might still make contact by phone or text over certain matters, thought to include potential Ministerial roles.

Radio NZ on Friday morning reported a number of interesting details about some of the 14 board members (the number includes Peters and his deputy Ron Mark). Newshub also has an overview of them.

Peters is keen for a large majority of the board and caucus to vote for whichever way they choose - we've reported that could be as high as 95%. There are 21 of them.

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I hope the microwave contamination doesn't get in the way of a good decision.....

Too much drama on and off the screen. Too many extensions of time. Democracy or Secrecy dictating the government formation ? Getting to be a bit tiresome, any one ?
Winston runs the risk of losing goodwill and credibility, by dragging this too long.


So you would rather that they rushed through a quick decision? Why? It is very important isn't it? Deciding how the country is to be run for the next three years - a lot more important than buying a house or making an important career decision. It is not some sort of high action spectator sport, but judging from some of the comments it seems that this is the way a lot of people view it. Far better to spend some time at this stage and get it right than make a half arsed decision and spend the next three years regretting it.

'If the decision stretches beyond Monday, people will lose patience.'

Method in the madness ? We will know soon.


Time to get real folks.
And Holland has just taken 208 days. Childish impatience may be one of the reasons there are more accidents on our roads.

Winston says it will be a consensus decision which should be classified as a modern day miracle if in fact it actually is decided by consensus with Winston chairing the meeting
It will either be a Labour Greens NZ1st govt or it will be spruiker land for a further 3 yrs.
Glad I can live anywhere So sad for my homeland if National return to power

It better than the UK has in front of it with Comrade Corbyn likely to take charge. Now that is a disaster waiting to happen.

That remains to be seen. Neoliberalism is very possibly taking the entire capitalistic system to oblivion.

i wonder if Winston is finding Steven Joyce a little like this ....

“Look, the one thing I can tell you with confidence is there will be another financial crisis. It is in the nature of humans.”

Absolutely! I enjoyed that video and vaguely remember the sharemarket crash of 87. I had just left school and started my first government job with the Post Office which within 3 years was split up and became Telecom. Good times, even though inflation was through the roof and 6 monthly pay increases were 7% and Term Deposit rates ensured your savings were devaluing faster by the day.

Here is another reason why the ideology and short term thinking of rapacious National will be disastrous for future NZ.
In a few decades time, attitudes to many of the environmetal issues that are concerns of the Greens WILL become ever more mainstream. Time will supply all the evidence needed.

.Q4 normal
It’s “their” not “there” job
God help the NZ Education system

O4 Normal has already told us that writing is not his/her strong point. Lord knows he/she has had enough goes at saying the same thing over and over to expect him/her to get the spelling correct, but I don’t judge him/her for it or point it out.

Btw I think he/she said he/she was late 50s. That’s a long time out of school.

I agree and that is coming from a bit of a "grammar nazi". I easily understand what "O4 Normal" writes and I also appreciate reading his/her thoughts.

He and yes Ex expat I’m 57 and way past anyone helping me and no one even checked me to about 10 years ago. Quite embarrassing, they made me read these kids books and I totally changed the story as I went along. O.well . It my fault. Txting on a phone has helped a lot over the years. I’ll edit my baby words hahahahaha

Its attack the man not the ball when they are losing O4 keep up the good work.

"The truth will set them free" its a long hard road but someone has to do it.

Nothing more tiresome than dickbaskets who bitch on about spelling mistakes.

Anytime next week would be fine, theres no hurry. What’s the hurry. Better to take a bit longer and get it right . Everyone should leave them alone to do there job

agree. There's an awful lot hanging on this decision. Pivotal moment.

Pivotal moment for NZ alright
Which will it be folks Leave the gates open to ever more migrants stealing the McDonalds jobs ?
Or sanity with Labour Greens NZ1st with some common sense to immigration ?
If Winston goes with National expect more of the same albeit with excuses
National will bribe him with racing & foreign affairs anything he wants

Peters won’t take any less than labour’s numbers on immigration with national. No way. And he hate foreign ownership. That’ll be gone for sure with housing. If national are going to only offer peters what labour are doing anyway why would he go with national. Doesn’t make sense and labour will bend heaps anyway. It ether peters and a slightly weaker labour or national guttered

yeah and if the Nats end up like that, they are going to look pretty stupid, effectively adopting many of Labour's policies.

Yeah fritz. If you read between the lines of some comments like Hoskings it’s your normal greedy national voting home owners worried about losing something they really didn’t have in the first place. High house prices . Never mind about the people that actually have to fork out the money for these stupid prices and there life time of debt. I hope peters drags this out to Friday haha


there are plenty of desperate, self interested assholes really worried right now.
Let's hope Winnie makes the right choice

Hahahahaha well said. I couldn’t say it like that because I can’t read and write very well. I’ve been tested with a low level of dyslexia, words like what want, there their and ready what’s not there can be fun. I normally write or read 3 times, so sorry if I sound dumb because I’m a way I am. Specially sorry to northernlights. I’ll try and do better

As long as you can drink a crate.

Actually I cant drink a crate anymore, Im to old. But it still sounds cool if your a boofhead like me.

Just be yourself. I love reading your thoughts.

Thank you but I just reread what I just wrote which I didn’t edit. I’m surprised anyone can understand me . I’ll edit more. Thanks again

Poor case of democracy. Had enough. Don't care or worried about who will be the PM..

National are the epitome of neoliberalism and Laissez-faire economics. It seems to be the antithesis of what NZF stands for. The national of today is a different animal to Rob Muldoon's National. I personally find it very difficult to see NZF aligning with National yet all the media see it as a virtual certainty. Pivotal moment in NZ political history indeed.

It tells us a lot about those that control our MSM. Sadly the bulk of our population get their news (aka propaganda) from such sources.