We record the benchmarks Peters set for his decision to choose the Labour/Greens option 

We record the benchmarks Peters set for his decision to choose the Labour/Greens option 

Winston Peters' speech made some claims about the state of the New Zealand economy and its immediate prospects.

That means it is a good time to record just where things are at so it can be used as a benchmark in the future.

Here are some of the markers he referred to, plus a number others that are equally relevant:

Benchmark: 19-Oct-17 Source NZ$   NZ$ US$
    2008   2017
Consumer confidence ANZ-Roy Morgan 102.3   126.3  
Crown surplus (bln) Treasury -$0.5   +$12.3 +$8.8
Exchange rate TWI-17 RBNZ 63.3   75.6  
Government net debt bln Treasury $10.2   $66.3 $47.5
Country's net overseas liabilities % GDP RBNZ -80.4%   -58.5%  
Exports (Goods + Services) bln pa Stats NZ $45.0   $71.8 $51.4
Current account deficit bln Stats NZ -$14.1   -$7.5 -$5.4
C/A as % of GDP Stats NZ -7.5%   -2.8%  
Unemployment rate Stats NZ 4.1%   4.6%  
Employment rate Stats NZ 65.4%   67.8%  
Participation rate Stats NZ 68.0%   70.6%  
Inflation / CPI Stats NZ +5.1%   +1.9%  
Official cash rate RBNZ 7.50%   1.75%  
2 year fixed mortgage rate (avg) interest.co.nz 8.56%   4.78%  
GDP growth Stats NZ -1.7%   +2.7%  
Median income, week Stats NZ $919   $1,807 $1,294
Median house price $(000) REINZ $335   $525 $376
Median rent $/week 3br house MBIE $295   $400 $286
Health spending (bln) pa Treasury $11.9   $16.8 $12.0
Income tax rate (max) IRD 39%   33%  
GST IRD 12.5%   15%  
Annual net permanent migration (000) Stats NZ +4.3   +72.1  
Core public service (000) FTE SSC 45.9   48.9  
Number of people on a benefit (000) MSD 269.6   277.2  
Population (mln) Stats NZ 4.270   4.818  

The US dollar equivalents are recorded so that these benchmarks can be assessed on an exchange-rate adjusted basis. (NZ$1 = U$0.7163)

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Government Debt

good point. In there now

Excellent idea

Brilliant idea. I'd like to see some more granularity in housing e.g. Regional medians. Numbers built. Affordability. Maybe civil service size as well.

Good idea on Public Service staffing levels. The June 2017 data is due to be released in December 2017 sometime. As at June 2016 it was 45,895. I will add the 2017 data to this benchmark table when it becomes available.

Are there snap shots of this same data set going back previous years so we can look at any trends etc?

Might want to add the raw GDP and maybe NZ Population, to normalise some of the raw data already here.

If anybody has been taking notice, Michael Reddell aka Croaking Cassandra regards GDP per person as far more important than GDF Growth which is the current sham statistic we have been fed for the last few years.