Finance Companies

Institution Product Plan Notes Interest rate %
AA FinanceCar or Boat LoanSecuredFrom10.95
Car or Boat LoanSecuredTo17.95
Avanti FinanceCar LoansSecuredFrom12.95
Car LoansSecuredTo24.95
CFS FinanceCar LoanSecuredFrom9.95
Car LoanSecuredTo22.95
Christian Savings Car LoanSecured by carFrom6.56
Car LoanSecured by carTo8.84
Finance DirectCar LoansSecuredFrom6.69
Car LoansSecuredTo24.95
Finance Now Personal LoanSecuredFrom12.95
Personal LoanSecuredTo27.95
Financial Holdings Vehicle LoanSecuredfrom9.95
GemCar Loan (>$6,000)SecuredFrom12.99
Car Loan (>$6,000)SecuredTo18.99
Geneva FinanceVehicle LoanSecuredFrom8.95
Vehicle LoanSecuredTo28.95
John Deere CreditTractorsSecured4.75
MARACCar loanSecuredFrom9.75
Car loanSecuredTo19.95
MTF FinanceVehicles loanSecuredFrom9.25
Vehicles loanSecuredTo21.25
NZ LoanCar and Boat LoanSecuredFrom12.95
NZ Vehicle Finance Car Loan SecuredFrom8.90
Car Loan SecuredTo15.95
Paraloanfor people with physical disabilitiesSecuredFrom6.20
Squirrel MoneyVehicle LoansSecured8.95
Stadium FinanceCar LoanSecuredFrom9.95
Car LoanSecuredTo19.95
Toyota Financial ServicesClassic / ChoicesSecuredFrom9.75
Classic / ChoicesSecuredTo15.45
Marine LoanSecuredFrom 11.75
Marine LoanSecuredTo15.45
Special - Signature ClassSecured7.25
Up2Drive - a BMW Group BrandCar LoanSecuredFrom9.49
Car LoanSecuredTo12.99

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