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NZX50 Healthcare Sector

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sector capitalisation $mln
Source: NZX
sector change
Source: NZX
sector change
Source: NZX

This chart series is based on the closing trading price for the NZX50 Healthcare sector.

The price data is the adjusted closing price sourced from NZX.

This chart is a summary of the version of the sector, not the S&P/NZX version.

The companies included in this sector are:

  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare (FPH)
  • EBOS Group Ltd (EBO)
  • Ryman Healthcare Ltd (RYM)
  • Summerset Group Holdings Ltd (SUM)
  • Vital Healthcare Property Trust (VHP)
  • Arvida Group Ltd (ARV)
  • Oceania Healthcare Ltd (OCA)
  • Pacific Edge Ltd (PEB) (While they were part of the NZX50.)
  • Arvida Group (ARV)