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Love what you do and do what you love; Passive income ideas; The purchasing power of money; Sacrifices on the path to savings; The End of Men

Personal Finance
Love what you do and do what you love; Passive income ideas; The purchasing power of money; Sacrifices on the path to savings; The End of Men

By Amanda Morrall

1) Do what you love

Recently I made a major discovery. (I'm a slow learner).

If you do what you love, life is 100% easier. I've heard it said a million times before but I used to think it was new age BS. Now that I'm riding that passion with purpose wave,  I'm a convert. 

Here's some guidance from on how to find work that you love. This blog by also offers some suggestions to help you find your flow.

And a final word from Steve Jobs on the subject: "Never give up the search.''

2) Passive income

I love this idea of making money while you sleep, or go skiing or get stuck into a novel for hours on end during the day. 

Realistically, it doesn't happen without effort.  If you're committed, eventually you'll get there. offers a few suggestions  here on ways to generate a passive income.

3) Money = happiness

The money and happiness debate seems to be one that polarises. 

I used to dismiss the correlation now I'm not so sure. At the very least, I think money buys options and time, both of which I love.

How you spend it is critical.

Wealthinformatics blogger draws a straight line.

4) Sacrifices in the name of savings

Twenty five days ago, I did something very out of character and extreme: I decided to give up drinking coffee for 30 days. I've been an addict for 20 odd years.

I am pleased to  report that I have remained faithful to my 30-day self-imposed challenge. Of course, I now drink four cups of tea a day but that's beside the point. I have proven (well that might be premature to declare with five days left) what I set out to do; which is to put will before desire. Along the way, I saved around $30 which is a bonus.

What will you do to save a buck?

This blogger, who goes by the handle,, decided to fast-track her degree to save US$4,000 in tuition.

Proof positive, that where there's a will, there's a way - to save.

5) She's the man now

I cracked up when I saw this personal finance post headlined "She is the Man Now.''

It's a posting from a stay-at-home dad turned financial planner whose wife brings home the bacon. This is a rare but not uncommon occurrence. On a business trip to Japan awhile back, three of women I travelled with had full-time stay at home husbands looking after the wee ones.

It's bound to rankle our mostly male readership but what the heck. I love a great comment thread.

Adapt or perish, says house hubby, arguing that women are adapting faster and more effectively than men to our changing society.

Here's Hanna Rosin speaking on the subject during a TEDtalk. It's fascinating. I love the analogy she makes at the end about the high bridge and how to embrace boldness regardless of gender.  

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Re number 2. Anyone remember Massive Passive...?…


Haha. I have done my time in MLM Alex, mainly driven by the ex. We rose to a reasonable rank in the organisation so I was able to appraise it well.

I actually think the marketing method is valid in terms of our current system. But you obviously got down to some of the hard facts.

It is a number game that is for sure, for everyone that makes it 99 probably won't.

I further believe that the 1% that do are generally driven types that would succeed anywhere, MLM is just a vessel.

The passive income is a have, from what I observed MLM becomes an all consuming lifestyle. Only the founder and perhaps a few around him can ever back off, the network takes constant attention to maintain.

But worst I think for most people is that they are living someone elses dream. If you are that good then why not start your own business and have your own destiny.


Nice to see you reading personal finance Alex. It took Penelop to draw you in?


Amanda your drinking tea is a very sensible move. I will elaborate on this because I sent off an email to a friend on the same subject last night. My friend wishes to give up smoking and had consulted a Doctor about a quitting pill. The Doctor was trying to heavy my friend into some couselling.

My response was the Doctor was full of it. Smoking, like caffeine, is an addiction we get over very quickly. Four days for nicotine and probably quicker for caffeine depending on the level of consumption I guess.

Why you are fighting after that is the psychology of habit.

Best way to get rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a good one.

I hope that is green tea you are drinking now.....



Money = Happiness

Even the bible doesn't condemn money, but the love of money.

Use it wisely and it can complement your lifestyle rather than dominate it.


Fyi scarfie, check out yesterday's video of sir paul callaghan on take five, talking labour earth race boat being an energy inefficient blight. "Truth lies in paradox."


I was waiting for someone else to bring that one up, fell for the trap you did:) I watched that last time it was linked to and commented on it then.

The trouble is he loses out to the paradox in his own reasoning. Yes Earthrace consumed large amonts of fuel at race speed, probably over 100L per hour. But what would all the other vehicles or vessels use if also ran at full speed.

Take it down to a low cruise speed of seven knots, it would use only 7L per hour. It travelled from England to Australia in one load of fuel, 12,500L. It was of course all renewable fuel.

He needs to get in front of Pete Bethune and hear him talk on the issue of bio fuel. Pete has never advocated the replacement of food crops with bio fuel. He says they are not a panacea just a part of the solution, perhaps 10% of transport fuels. New Zealand exports enough tallow to China to supply 5% of our transport fuel if converted to bio diesel.

Pete was here for the night a couple of weeks ago and we had a few conversations around peak oil. Despite being an oil drilling engineer, he is not as extreme in his peak oil views as some. Buy that he means outright supply, but what cost it comes at is another story. He formed his views when doing a 20,000 word thesis on bio fuel for his MBA.



Thank you for featuring my article on the End of Men, titled She Is The Man Now. This is a personal story that my wife and I are living right now. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm honored to be mentioned on your site. I am actually 1/2 Kiwi. My Mother was born on Invercargill!

Thanks again, and please visit my blog anytime.



Thanks for including my passive income link in your aritlce :)