Bayleys' latest commercial sales evenly split between tenanted and vacant properties, prices started at $680,000

Bayleys' latest commercial sales evenly split between tenanted and vacant properties, prices started at $680,000
This light industrial unit in Mangere sold for $750,000, giving a net yield of 5.73%.

The latest Auckland commercial property sales reported by Bayleys Real Estate were in the low to medium-priced end of the market where private investors are most active, with net yields ranging from 4.85% to 6.77%.

The lowest yield of 4.85% was for a modern block of five retail shops at Flat Bush with three street frontages and good on-site parking, which was returning $181,900 a year plus GST and outgoings.

It sold for $3.75 million.

The highest net yield of 6.77% was for a 162 square metre, ground floor office unit in a modern block at Albany which sold for $720,000.

Also of note were a modern, high stud light industrial unit with high roller door access and a two level office at the front with car parking, in the Airport Oaks precinct which sold for $750,000 achieving a 5.73% net yield, and a 347 square metre medical centre at Mangere which sold for $1.87 million giving a net yield of 5.27%.

Vacant properties are also selling with Bayleys reporting the sale of half a dozen small to medium sized vacant properties at prices ranging from $680,000 to $3 million, across the retail, office and industrial sectors.

Details including photos of the individual properties are available on our Commercial Property Sales page.

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Yields going the right way at last.
6-7% return on its way back to some commonsense.

How can common sense have an opinion on returns when 'fair returns' are effectively arbitrary?