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New Zealand's richest man has nearly finished divesting farmland

New Zealand's richest man has nearly finished divesting farmland

New Zealand's richest man Graeme Hart is looking to offload the last of his once extensive farm holdings.

Hart's Rank Group is selling off a productive 142.8 hectare block leased to cattle grazing and pig breeding operations at Maramarua just south of Auckland through an auction on October 24.

The property is being marketed for sale through Bayleys Hamilton senior rural sales person Mike Fraser-Jones.

Over the past three years, some 30 farms owned by Carter Holt Harvey Ltd under the Rank Group stable of companies have been sold off.

The Rotorua and South Waikato farms – totaling approximately 8600 hectares – were predominantly high quality dairy unit conversions of what was once forestry plantations where the trees were logged.

The Carter Holt farms were purchased by a mixture of local and international interests.

Fraser-Jones said that as a one-off block and Rank’s last rural livestock-based land holding, the Maramarua operation would most likely be bought by a New Zealand-based farmer or someone looking for a revenue-generating primary produce-based investment opportunity.


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