12 Apr 18, 10:56am
Some local mills turning away orders due to lack of capacity. Stable China sales undermined by high stocks. India sales struggle with liquidity. Rising ocean freight costs biting into returns
17 Mar 18, 10:20am
Export markets face growing competition while domestic markets are steady although supply is very tight in some regions. However there are uncertain outlooks in both markets
16 Mar 18, 11:57am
Nirmal Nair on bitcoin & power usage, cybersecurity threats to electricity grid resilience, NZ's tree planting, the Census, RD&D, microchipping employees, Dilbert & more
14 Feb 18, 2:27pm
Average log prices remain well above 3yr average with firm demand from China and is likely to improve, variable demand from India where improvement will come later in 2018
10 Jan 18, 10:00am
High China log demand and rising export prices are putting the squeeze on supply for domestic use. Log price index reaches a new all-time high
23 Nov 17, 5:15pm
Price volatility in log market now a distant memory. Domestic demand stable. Key export markets still in basic health. Index price equals record high
19 Oct 17, 11:42am
Despite little change in prices, Indian demand is rising again, China demand stays high, and freight rates are up. The lower NZD has improved returns especially from Australia
29 Sep 17, 5:02am
Lessons from Jim Anderton’s time as Industry and Regional Development Minister might well provide a valuable road map to how Winston Peters will be courted by Labour and National
20 Sep 17, 11:27am
Domestic lumber demand is tailing off just as export log demand is picking up, putting upward pressure on local log prices. Demand from India growing faster than expected
23 Aug 17, 4:51pm
Domestic demand is flat and supply is ample. Export prices are flat, but China log demand strong across all grade. India demand up and strong. But rising NZD impacting prices
19 Jul 17, 2:19pm
Both domestic and export markets remain strong. NZ exports to China grow +12% but prices seem toppy. India market has low stocks. Domestic market shows no slowdown
19 Jun 17, 5:06pm
Both domestic and export markets report steady to strong demand. Prices just shy of all-time record. China shows stability and balance, and India recovering as predicted
27 May 17, 9:14am
Election 2017 - Party Policies - Primary Industries and Rural Affairs - Forestry
25 May 17, 12:03pm
China log market balanced. Indian market recovering. Local market demand remains strong. Log price index rises to a new record
19 Apr 17, 12:00pm
Brian Fallow is encouraged by the collegiality on display in Parliament over climate change, but notes the cow in the room remains agriculture
18 Apr 17, 8:59am
Strong domestic demand continues as China stocks stabilise and India trade picks up again. As supply tightens, prices expected to rise
25 Mar 17, 8:32am
ANZ economist Con Williams argues forestry's long-term prospects depend on how the international carbon market develops
23 Mar 17, 11:46am
Although demand remains strong for NZ logs and prices are getting a boost from a lower currency, rising freight rates may have an outsized impact in coming months
16 Feb 17, 8:32am
2017 has brought sharply higher export prices for logs, and strong demand continues from the local market as Auckland replaces Christchurch. Regional shortages reported
17 Dec 16, 10:56am
Both domestic and export log markets feature positive sentiment, although prices drifted in December. Fundamentals appear to be moving to favour suppliers again


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