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Harcourts sales were up in most parts of the country but down in Auckland in October

Harcourts sales were up in most parts of the country but down in Auckland in October

The number of residential properties sold by Harcourts in October increased in all parts of the country except Auckland and Northland when compared to the number of sales in September.

In the northern regions, the number of properties sold declined from 576 in September to 515 in October (see table below) and the average selling price for the northern regions also declined from $683,101 in September to $669,698 in October.

Sales in the Wellington region experienced mixed fortunes with the number of sales rising from 262 in September to 304 in October, while the average selling price declined from $366,153 to $346,330.

In Christchurch there was a strong lift in the number of sales from 404 to 442, while the average selling price dipped slightly to $485,625 from $496,161 in September.

Harcourts chief executive Hayden Duncan said the markets in Auckland and Christchurch had recovered from the winter lull but the provinces continued to struggle with the South Island outside of Christchurch being particularly difficult.

The decision by the Reserve Bank earlier this week not to remove LVR restrictions would be hard news for provincial New Zealand, he said.

See table below for Harcourts full results in October compared to September this year and October last year.

Harcourts Sales for October
  October 2014 September 2014 October 2013
Auckland & Northland      
   Number of sales 515 576 513
   Average price  $669,698 $683,101 $644,502
   New listings 771 671 828
   Total properties available for sale 1,927 1,771 1,650
Central North Island      
   Number of sales 416 299 321
   Average price $342,271 $337,639 $332,743
   New listings 530 439 527
   Total properties available for sale 2,095 2,099 2,144
Wellington Region      
   Number of sales 304 262 312
   Average price $346,330 $366,153 $370,559
   New listings 498 396 455
   Total properties available for sale 1,517 1,452 1,541
   Number of sales 442 404 412
   Average price $485,625 $496,161 $478,614
   New listings 578 492 677
   Total properties available for sale 2,078 1,927 1,643
Rest of South Island      
   Number of sales 224 194 241
   Average price $314,570 $298,702 $312,508
   New listings 336 286 381
   Total properties available for sale 1,578 1,599 1,753


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