A new pod hotel will open near Auckland's new Sky City Convention Centre next year

A new pod hotel will open near Auckland's new Sky City Convention Centre next year
Sleeping pods in one of the Jucy Snooze hotels

A new pod hotel a capable of accommodating 466 visitors will open in Auckland next year.

It is being developed by Jucy Snooze, which has already opened pod hotels in Wellington and Queenstown, and will be known as the Jucy Snooze Auckland and be located within the existing four storey building on the corner of Cook and Nelson Streets in the CBD.

Instead of rooms, pod hotels have sleeping pods and shared facilities such as bathrooms and lounge areas, providing a low cost alternative to a traditional hotel room, although the new hotel will also have some more traditional ensuite rooms.

Jucy chief executive Tim Alpe said the hotel would primarily cater to budget international tourists, but its location near the new Sky City Convention Centre currently under construction would likely appeal to budget conscious business travellers from both this country and overseas.

"The main target market for Jucy Snooze Auckland will be millennial budget tourists who may travel by themselves, as a couple or part of a larger group," Alpe said.

"We [also] see potential demand from out of town businesses such as start-ups who need to come to Auckland regularly but can't justify the cost of establishing a permanent office here," he said.

It will provide work spaces and meeting rooms for business travellers and other facilities will include a pizzeria and bar.

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How many of them are Kiwibuild?

No I don’t believe you could include 2m2 as KiwiBuild but I am sure Phil might give it a go!
He has only got 982 more to be built before July and bearing in mind the Onehunga studios and boxes won’t be finished before then, it is hard to understand why he thinks he can
18 in one year and no one in them yet so Phil has to do the impossible.
Truth is he is totally out of his depth with his portfolios just like all the other cabinet ministers.
Laugh a minute with this lot but is costly for the country though.
Gordon, in L.A. Airport at the mo on the way to Vegas!

If you happen to be a pea, then I suppose a pod would be an ideal place to be.

But NZers are getting larger (not smaller) so I'm not sure this concept will go down to well.

Anyway, we'll see......


A couple of pertinent questions:

1. Can they be rented by the hour?
2. Can they be hosed out?

@PhilTwyford "Affordable Homes"