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Sydney-based Orro Group continues acquisition strategy buying Liquid IT in Wellington

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Sydney-based Orro Group continues acquisition strategy buying Liquid IT in Wellington
Nick Halikias, Liquid IT
Nick Halikias, Liquid IT

Sydney-based network and infrastructure specialist Orro Group has bought Liquid IT in Wellington, its first New Zealand acquisition.

Liquid IT is an IT solutions and security provider that counts the Accident Compensation Corporation, Greater Wellington, the Electricity Authority, Weta Digital, Hutt City and other government and private entities as customers.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed by Orro or Liquid IT.

Nick Halikias is the chief executive of Liquid IT which was launched in 2015.

“Orro and Liquid both have the unique goal of simplifying and reshaping the way IT and managed services are understood and implemented," Halikias said.

The chief executive of Orro Group, Daniel Greengarten, said the buy of Liquid IT is the Australian provider's first international expansion.

Liquid IT will bring government, transport and public service customers to Orro. All 45 Liquid IT employees will be retained by Orro.

Orro Group was created in 2021 when four Australian IT companies, Comscentre, CustomTec, Correct Solutions and Mach Technology Group, merged.

The Australian IT company is owned by private equity firm Liverpool Partners, and in March last year, Macquarie Capital took a A$150 million stake in Orro.

Orro has been acquiring Australian IT firms, such as RIOT Solutions, Coloured Systems and Qtec Systems, as part of its growth strategy in recent years.

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