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Why do I live and love this area? Simple – It is perfectly located for everything that is awesome! I like to think of it as a Multi-cultural fusion of people. Cafes restaurants and shops all wrapped up close to the sporting thrills of Eden Park and the attractions of central city… if you find anywhere better to live let me know.
As a local, my partner and I, work, love and play in this vibrant haven. There is no doubt this area has certainly improved from 100 years ago when it was swamp and farmland. This has surely been by design, as an area this good is no accident.
I have come from a highly successful corporate sales career to move into an industry that blends well with my passion for property. I consider myself a true sales professional, eager to serve you when you sell. The Agent you choose will have a big impact on the price achieved and the service you receieve. I understand that to give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, that is sincerity and integrity, and this is my offer to you in the sale of your property.
UP Real Estate provides the ultimate real estate experience. The name says it all “Unlimited Potential” - real estate by design. My goal is to use this platform to maximize every opportunity in order to achieve outstanding results for you, my client. Each property deserves total focus. It’s a philosophy we both share.
UP Real Estate is not driven by the numbers game, i.e. having multiple listings at one time. It’s about providing the very best one on one service. Throughout the sale and after the sale process, our clients and customers enjoy 100% commitment.
In short, if you are thinking of selling your home or are looking to buy one, I’d love to help.
We are “Unlimited Potential” – it’s now time for you to realize yours!!!!

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