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The Reserve Bank names Yuong Ha its new Chief Economist and Vanessa Rayner Head of Financial Markets

The Reserve Bank names Yuong Ha its new Chief Economist and Vanessa Rayner Head of Financial Markets

The Reserve Bank has made two internal appointments to its senior management team.

Vanessa Rayner has been appointed as Head of Financial Markets succeeding the departed Mark Perry, and Yuong Ha has been appointed Head of Economics and Chief Economist succeeding John McDermott who left to join economic research organisation Motu.

Rayner has been an adviser and manager in the Reserve Bank's Financial Stability Group, including time leading the review into banks’ culture and conduct, since joining the central bank and prudential regulator in 2016. Prior to that she worked for more than a decade at the Reserve Bank of Australia, including management roles in its Economics, Financial Markets and Financial Stability Groups. Rayner’s appointment takes effect from May 6.

Ha has been at the Reserve Bank since 1997. He has worked in the Economics Department as manager of the modelling team and manager of the forecasting team. And over the last two years, he has been worked in the Financial Markets Department, including as acting Head of Department. Ha’s appointment takes effect from April 29.

Christian Hawkesby, Assistant Governor and General Manager for Economics, Financial Markets and Banking, said the appointments follow a competitive external search process. 

“Both Vanessa and Yuong have broad central banking backgrounds, clear leadership capabilities and experience, and the ability to connect and collaborate both internally and externally,” Hawkesby, who recently joined the Reserve Bank from Harbour Asset Management, said.

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