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BNZ places 2nd order for 'PayClip' card readers from Aussie supplier which it says could 'revolutionise' payments for SMEs

BNZ places 2nd order for 'PayClip' card readers from Aussie supplier which it says could 'revolutionise' payments for SMEs

Stronger than anticipated demand has seen BNZ place a second order with the Australian provider of the "PayClip" product the bank says will enable small businesses to use smartphones as mobile credit and debit card payment machines.

Mint Wireless says BNZ has ordered an additional 1,500 BNZ PayClip branded card readers, on top of its initial 2,500 order.

The bank announced the impending launch of the product last month, saying it would help businesses people on the move to get paid quickly. BNZ said PayClip attaches a card reader to most Android and iPhones, which will let businesses "quickly and securely" receive payment from Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards wherever they have access to data via third and fourth generation mobile phone technology and wifi.

Sydney-based Mint says BNZ has now officially launched PayClip, and it's now in the Apple App Store with the Android version to follow within a week. A statement from Mint quoted Harry Ferreira, BNZ's head of small business, saying PayClip revolutionises payments for potentially 469,000 New Zealand small and medium sized businesses.

"We have been overwhelmed by the response from our customers since our launch, and impressed by how Mint Wireless has been able to deliver PayClip in less than six weeks," Ferreira said.

BNZ and Mint will share a proportion of the monthly transaction fees from PayClip users. BNZ customers will pay a monthly NZ$10 fee and a transaction fee up to 3.25% to use PayClip.

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