7 Oct 17, 6:02am
Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister Jacqui Dean pushing for open banking in NZ as part of greater retail payments competition. Notes regulation limiting merchant fees, open access to bank data common overseas
21 Aug 17, 3:39pm
The ANZ, ASB, BNZ & Westpac owned Paymark's annual profit rises with generous dividends paid
12 May 17, 4:02pm
Xero argues retail payments network ownership should be removed from major users as it was in the electricity and telecoms industries
19 Apr 17, 9:50am
Juniper Research sees users of the likes of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google's Android Pay reaching 56% of total mobile contactless payment users by 2021
11 Apr 17, 10:25am
Paymark is still on the block more than 14 months after ANZ, ASB, BNZ & Westpac officially hoisted a 'for sale' sign
9 Mar 17, 11:26am
Simon Tong succeeds Russell Jones as ASB's executive general manager for technology, innovation and payments
14 Feb 17, 10:40am
'All we want is NFC access' parents of ASB, BNZ & Westpac NZ tell the ACCC in ongoing battle with Apple over Apple Pay
7 Feb 17, 4:50pm
NZBA offers range of 'proactive and voluntary measures' as an alternative to potential government regulation of retail payments systems
22 Dec 16, 5:02am
The new Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister is once again outside Cabinet. Does this mean National doesn't take oversight of our savings & improving the lot of SMEs seriously?
15 Dec 16, 5:16pm
Paymark CEO Mark Rushworth resigns with the company set to remain on the block into 2017
10 Nov 16, 4:22pm
Paymark and ASB in online EFTPOS 'soft launch'. Service open to retailers and other banks
9 Nov 16, 9:43am
Dexibit, which uses data and analytics to provide insights into visitor behaviour for museums, wins fintech innovation challenge
8 Nov 16, 12:32pm
RBNZ's Grant Spencer says new oversight regime will give regulators crisis management powers over systemically important financial market infrastructure providers
28 Oct 16, 1:01pm
BNZ's Anthony Healy warns regulating interchange fees could see banks pull back from loyalty schemes leaving consumers worse off
27 Oct 16, 5:02pm
As the Government mulls regulating credit card interchange fees, New Zealand has been named one of the most profitable credit card markets in the world
20 Oct 16, 10:08am
MBIE issues paper suggests 'regulatory intervention' needed to fix retail payment systems market inefficiencies, reduce prices & open barriers to entry
13 Oct 16, 7:41am
Apple Pay makes New Zealand debut through offer to ANZ NZ's Visa credit and debit card customers
4 Oct 16, 5:02am
Visa and Mastercard dominate the New Zealand credit card market yet their local revenue, profit and notably tax, is minuscule
22 Sep 16, 10:12am
Bank lobby group says interchange fees are 'set in a competitive commercial environment' as the Government mulls regulation
21 Sep 16, 12:33pm
Government mulling credit, debit card interchange fees charged to businesses and surcharges faced by consumers in retail payments probe


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