15 Aug 18, 12:16pm
The trap in the app: how using bank apps locks you into excessively high spreads and fees when you convert money from or to your New Zealand accounts. And why direct negotiation will save you a bundle
14 Aug 18, 12:42pm
BNZ and SBS Bank trim some rates for terms one year and longer. Kiwibank raises its 200 day 'special offer' rate. These changes come as wholesale interest rates shift sharply lower
14 Aug 18, 12:21pm
Westpac Chief Economist Dominick Stephens says the Adrian Orr-led RBNZ appears to be considering OCR reductions and is less inclined towards hikes
14 Aug 18, 9:29am
Credit ratings agency Moody's says big year after year increases in major Kiwi banks’ profits are coming to an end
3 Aug 18, 3:34pm
Suspended lawyer and former BNZ staffer jailed for involvement in mortgage fraud scheme; property developer sentenced to home detention
3 Aug 18, 12:42pm
New Zealand's big four banks don't appear to be following in their Aussie parents' footsteps when it comes to ATMs
30 Jul 18, 12:01pm
Economists say it’s likely New Zealand’s unemployment rate won’t move when the data is released on Wednesday, but wage inflation is expected to jump
26 Jul 18, 9:57am
New Zealand banks lift advertising spending 38% in first-half of 2018 led by BNZ and ANZ
26 Jul 18, 5:00am
NZ’s economic cycle is very much into the mature phase, according to BNZ’s Stephen Toplis, who says rising international interest rates could spell trouble for the Kiwi economy
21 Jul 18, 10:02am
BNZ's Craig Ebert can't shake the niggle that there is a fundamental inconsistency in RBNZ policy positions. But he suspects it may be our exchange rate, rather than interest rates that will sort it out
20 Jul 18, 9:43am
David Chaston joins the call for KiwiSavers to move investments in default funds elsewhere, unless they're nearing retirement
19 Jul 18, 9:17am
Infometrics is expecting GDP growth of roughly 2% a year until 2021 – 1% under Treasury’s forecast – and the regions are expected to do the economic heavy lifting
19 Jul 18, 7:29am
Which 3 life insurance providers is the FMA considering taking regulatory action against? Westpac and AMP rule themselves out; 2 providers stay silent 
18 Jul 18, 2:16pm
Goldman Sachs' predicting a February OCR increase makes the investment bank the market hawk, with most other forecasters picking a hike in the second half of 2019
12 Jul 18, 11:14am
The changes continue to be made at Kiwibank following the reshuffle of shareholding
12 Jul 18, 7:56am
A group of 60 NZ CEOs have joined forces 'to help New Zealand transition to a low emissions economy'
11 Jul 18, 8:48am
Stress testing shows the big 4 banks' combined pre-tax profit would tumble $32b over 5 years but they wouldn't breach capital requirements & would remain solvent, the RBNZ says
11 Jul 18, 8:38am
RBNZ makes 'in-principle' decision for ANZ, ASB, BNZ & Westpac to be required to report credit risk through both their current internal models approach and the standardised approach
4 Jul 18, 1:15pm
The sharpest fall in global dairy prices for over a year raises questions about whether the current level of forecast milk price for farmers this season will be achievable
2 Jul 18, 9:05am
Kiwibank is the third bank to adopt 4.19% as its one year fixed home loan rate as the reductions keep coming at the popular end of the fixed term options


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