15 Oct 18, 11:44am
We face the apparently contradictory situation in which inflation is strongly rising and yet the Reserve Bank will keep the possibility of interest rate cuts on the table
14 Oct 18, 5:02am
Despite recent market volatility most KiwiSavers should be happy with their investment. Now is not the time to be cutting and running or you will miss the benefits of long term investing. Even default funds are doing better
10 Oct 18, 5:12pm
InvestNow starts offering BNZ term deposits with special rates; Wants other banks on its platform so people can shop around for the best rates without opening accounts with different banks
4 Oct 18, 4:00pm
Sales or profit incentives need to go for banks' top dogs - not just frontline retail staff - says head of Aussie royal commission
3 Oct 18, 4:40pm
Economists say milk production levels this season will be crucial, with the strong start already putting pressure on prices
27 Sep 18, 4:16pm
BNZ senior economist Doug Steel sees Fonterra's $6.75 milk price forecast as difficult to achieve without an improvement in international product prices
24 Sep 18, 3:29pm
Despite last week's surprisingly strong GDP figures, economists believe the Reserve Bank will stick to its 'dovish' view that the next move in interest rates could be down when it reviews the Official Cash Rate on Thursday
19 Sep 18, 4:48pm
BNZ delays comprehensive credit reporting until 2019 blaming 'new requirements introduced by regulators in relation to cloud-based storage platforms'
18 Sep 18, 10:03am
Economists note that economic growth slower than the central bank is predicting would see growing speculation of future interest rate cuts - but higher growth figures would curtail such speculation
1 Sep 18, 9:05am
Five banks & five mortgage borrowing calculators, so how much would each lend's fictional borrowers? Between $320,000 and $866,000, apparently
30 Aug 18, 9:27am
NZ First MP Shane Jones unhappy with banks' reduced regional services at a time when they’re making ‘stupendous profits.' To meet RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr to plead his case
29 Aug 18, 5:00am
NZIER is expecting economic growth of just under 3% over the coming years, but says there are still a few clouds on New Zealand’s economic horizon
28 Aug 18, 5:02pm
BNZ's Jason Wong shows that on a long-term fair value basis using purchasing power parities, the NZD is under valued compared to the USD & may stay that way for some time
20 Aug 18, 7:50am
BNZ’s Head of Research Stephen Toplis is clearly not as optimistic as the Reserve Bank or the Government when it comes to NZ’s future growth – but why?
15 Aug 18, 12:16pm
How using bank apps locks you into excessively high spreads & fees when you convert money from or to NZ accounts & why direct negotiation will save you a bundle
14 Aug 18, 12:42pm
BNZ and SBS Bank trim some rates for terms one year and longer. Kiwibank raises its 200 day 'special offer' rate. These changes come as wholesale interest rates shift sharply lower
14 Aug 18, 12:21pm
Westpac Chief Economist Dominick Stephens says the Adrian Orr-led RBNZ appears to be considering OCR reductions and is less inclined towards hikes
14 Aug 18, 9:29am
Credit ratings agency Moody's says big year after year increases in major Kiwi banks’ profits are coming to an end
3 Aug 18, 3:34pm
Suspended lawyer and former BNZ staffer jailed for involvement in mortgage fraud scheme; property developer sentenced to home detention
3 Aug 18, 12:42pm
New Zealand's big four banks don't appear to be following in their Aussie parents' footsteps when it comes to ATMs


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