12 Dec 17, 12:40pm
One of the masterminds behind a fraudulent bid to buy the Crafar farms has defaulted on an ASB mortgage over one of his frozen Auckland properties
11 Dec 17, 2:01pm
New Zealand's Australian owned banks deliver their shareholders a stellar September quarter as Kiwibank wrestles with its core banking system impairment
8 Dec 17, 10:20am
Strong September quarter net interest margin, lending and deposit growth at BNZ as parent NAB does well on the dividend front
7 Dec 17, 7:56am
US yield curve flattest in 10 years, distorted by QE durations. Soft AU GDP pushes back next RBA rise. Eyes now on US non-farm payrolls report
6 Dec 17, 8:20am
Markets expect US Fed hike, but long rates slip causing a yield curve flattening. NZ rates rise and steepen. Eyes on AU GDP and US jobs data
5 Dec 17, 8:13am
UST 10yr yield opened higher and traded a tight range since, up 3 bps to 2.39%; European rates are also higher; in the local rates market, downward pressure remained evident for money market rates
1 Dec 17, 8:58am
NZ-US 10-year bond spread down to 34 bps, the lowest since 1993. UST 10yr up to 2.42% but volatility lowest since 1979
1 Dec 17, 7:02am
BNZ poaches Mandy Rutherford from ANZ in Australia to be its new chief financial officer
30 Nov 17, 9:40am
The RBNZ says its latest stress tests show the 4 main banks could absorb big losses in a downturn and remain solvent, but cautions about uncertainty around the impact of any severe downturn
29 Nov 17, 9:53am
Dips lower by BNZ and the Cooperative Bank come as real estate transaction weakness intensifies competition while the loan rollover market stays healthy
28 Nov 17, 8:45am
US yields flatten further but NZ rates perk up at the long end. Powell faces confirmation hearings with pressure to wind back GFC reforms
22 Nov 17, 8:09am
Markets starting to accept the US Fed will be raising rates, ahead of Fed minutes release. Local rates follow. Local migration data unlikely to move markets
21 Nov 17, 7:49am
Equity markets rise in improving outlook. Local liquidity factors weigh on our rates with loan demand soft. Eyes on RBA speech
20 Nov 17, 8:03am
US yields flatten. NZ 90 day bank bill rate hits record low. Domestic liquidity conditions very 'easy'. Lower rates loom as loan demand softens
16 Nov 17, 10:16am
New Zealand's Aussie owned banks well capitalised relative to banks in many other overseas jurisdictions, bank lobby group commissioned PwC report suggests
15 Nov 17, 8:10am
Yellen expresses frustration over 'lots of speeches'. UST 10yr pulls back from 2.40% level, curve flatter. Eyes on US CPI and AU wage data. Local rates little changed
14 Nov 17, 5:04pm
New Zealand's biggest home loan lender signals a more aggressive market position with two lower rate 'specials'. BNZ adjusts an out-of-line rate
13 Nov 17, 11:35am
Five-and-a-half years into New Zealand's comprehensive credit reporting regime two of the big five banks are yet to embrace it
13 Nov 17, 10:36am
BNZ launches programme to enable brokers to electronically lodge mortgage applications; Hopes move will improve industry standards
13 Nov 17, 7:55am
US rates follow EU rates higher, with UST10yr back at 2.40%. NZ bond markets settles. Eyes on US CPI.


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