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BNZ poaches Mandy Rutherford from ANZ in Australia to be its new chief financial officer

BNZ poaches Mandy Rutherford from ANZ in Australia to be its new chief financial officer

Mandy Rutherford, a New Zealander who spent five years as chief financial officer of Malaysia's AmBank, has been named BNZ's new CFO.

Rutherford succeeds Adrienne Duarte, who departed in July to join the former GE consumer finance business Latitude Financial Services as its CFO. Peter MacGillivray has been BNZ's acting CFO in the interim, and will continue fulfilling this role pending Rutherford's arrival in March, which is subject to Reserve Bank non-objection.

Rutherford (pictured) is currently general manager of wealth transition and separation at ANZ in Melbourne. She left AmBank earlier this year.

BNZ's outgoing CEO Anthony Healy, who is returning to parent National Australia Bank (NAB) to be succeeded by fellow NAB executive Angela Mentis from January, also worked at AmBank in 2007-08.

At AmBank Rutherford managed all financial aspects of the group’s operations including strategy, finance, external reporting, capital, treasury, investor relations, mergers and acquisitions and corporate services, BNZ says. She has also worked in other roles at ANZ including managing director of ANZ Samoa.

Rutherford graduated from the University of Canterbury with a Bachelor of Commerce, in accountancy and business administration and is a chartered accountant. Here's her LinkedIn profile.


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Ambank is none other than where Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak held a personal account, an account into which a USD $681,000,000 "donation" from a "Saudi royal" was deposited. This "donation" was later exposed by both the Sarawak Report & the US Dept of Justice as yet another transfer of nefarious origin in the 1MDB global web of klepocratic fraud.

Given that Mandy Rutherford was CFO of Ambank when the alleged "donation" was deposited into Mr. Razak's account, it is curious what her actions were (if any) regarding this mysterious "donation" (which should have raised more red flags than in all of China and failed every AML/KYC check on earth......)

Ambank's founder and former CEO, Hussain Najadi, was assassinated in broad daylight, over what was alleged to be his imminent raising of alarm regarding this "donation". Meanwhile, there's been nothing but utter silence on the matter from Ambank's parent ANZ, and similar silence from all ANZ/Ambank officers active during the matter (including Mandy Rutherford).

Naturally ANZ would prefer this chapter of the 1MDB global klepocratic scandal be swept under the rug. Hopefully, for the sake of the murdered Ambank CEO and the robbed & plundered Malaysian public, this story is far from over...