Tax Working Group

14 Mar 19, 2:06pm
Gareth Morgan takes issue with the Tax Working Group including Michael Cullen's assertion that the capital gains tax (CGT) is best described as a 'tax on capital income', saying there appears total confusion over what income actually is
13 Mar 19, 11:00am
How businesses are affected by Capital Gains Tax will depend on how much it redistributes the tax burden, Greg Ninness says
11 Mar 19, 5:40pm
PM Jacinda Ardern refuses to say whether she'd prefer tax reform to be revenue-neutral despite instructing the Tax Working Group to put revenue-neutral packages on the table
11 Mar 19, 12:49pm
Labour more discreet than NZ First in gauging public opinion on the introduction of a capital gains tax through an online poll
11 Mar 19, 9:42am
Chris Trotter says the Government's handling of the Tax Working Group has highlighted Grant Robertson's reliance on his mentor Michael Cullen
9 Mar 19, 10:18am
Andrew Coleman on how the Tax Working Group produced a report that anything but looks to 'The Future of Tax'
7 Mar 19, 4:09pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says it isn't unreasonable to pay Michael Cullen up to $1062 a day to spend the next four months defending the integrity of the TWG report
2 Mar 19, 10:35am
Peter Dunne says the political party reactions to the Tax Working Group report were universally trite and banal. Yet it will all just come down to Winston Peters making up his mind
1 Mar 19, 12:09pm
Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says any Tax Working Group recommendations the government adopts will be made by legislation meaning a full select committee process
26 Feb 19, 1:41pm
Finance Minister Grant Robertson says government to go through Tax Working Group recommendations to see what will add to fairness & what's possible to gain consensus on in a coalition
25 Feb 19, 7:59am
Chris Trotter says the Capital Gains Tax recommended by Cullen’s team is of such breadth and bite it can't have been intended seriously
24 Feb 19, 6:02am
Terry Baucher says the minority view in the Tax Working Group's final report means we could get an extension of the taxation of capital just to residential property investment 
23 Feb 19, 10:15am
Peter Dunne says the majority of Tax Working Group members have been used as stooges for a predetermined Labour Party policy outcome
22 Feb 19, 7:48am
Tax Working Group says the Govt should 'give favourable consideration' to exempting NZ Super Fund from NZ tax because it's 'an instrument of the Govt'
21 Feb 19, 3:14pm
Guy Trafford assesses how the Tax Working Group report would change signals to farmers, and how they are likely to respond
21 Feb 19, 2:22pm
David Hargreaves has a quick look at some of the florid prose that has greeted the Tax Working Group's final recommendations
21 Feb 19, 1:48pm
Government taking 'measured' approach as coalition partners seek consensus on Tax Working Group's findings; Winston Peters sticks to the script
21 Feb 19, 12:52pm
National Party reacts to Tax Working Group recommendations; Simon Bridges says the TWG recommendations are 'an attack on the Kiwi way of life'
21 Feb 19, 11:51am
Tax Working Group proposal for a local government tax on vacant residential land wins support from Auckland Mayor Phil Goff
21 Feb 19, 11:37am
All the details on the Tax Working Group's findings are included here, including the Government's initial response and also the 'minority view' of three members of the group


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