Nick Smyth

10 Dec 18, 8:07am
The risk-off backdrop pushed US bond yields lower; currencies saw relatively little movement, although the NZD drifted lower on the day; OPEC announced a larger than expected 1.2m barrels per day supply cut, which boosted oil prices
7 Dec 18, 8:02am
Safe-haven currencies like JPY and CHF outperform; commodity currencies have underperformed; global equity markets are a lot lower, while US 10 year rates are down to a fresh 3-month low
6 Dec 18, 8:13am
AUD and CAD are the weakest performers; GBP is better bid after a poor run recently; S&P futures are up 0.6%; NZ’s generic 10-year government bond yield closed at 2.47%, its lowest level in over two years
5 Dec 18, 8:21am
Equities and bond yields are lower and, overnight, commodity currencies have drifted lower, while JPY is the best performing major currency; Brexit woes continue to impair GBP
4 Dec 18, 7:49am
Equity markets rise and commodity currencies outperform; US 10 year rates opened higher, but have fallen away to be little changed just under 3%; NZD has held onto the gains
3 Dec 18, 8:24am
US equities were stronger, US rates were lower, while the NZD closed near its recent highs; Oil prices fell by around 1% after data showed that US oil production surged to a record high in September
30 Nov 18, 7:50am
NZD sits this morning around 0.6850; US equities are modestly lower through the morning session, while the US 10-year rate is back near the NZ close of 3.03% after earlier breaking below 3%; NZ government rates were 4-5bps lower
29 Nov 18, 8:33am
Wall Street up and greenback down as Fed boss says interest rates 'just below' neutral. Local markets ignore RBNZ FSR. Eyes on NZ business confidence
28 Nov 18, 8:13am
USD is broadly higher once again, although the NZD has bucked the trend and is up slightly on the day; US Treasury yields are also broadly unchanged overnight; GBP is the worst performer over the past 24 hours
27 Nov 18, 7:53am
Equities and US bond yields were rising overnight, and crude oil recovered some of its large falls; currency moves have been modest; NZD is trading just under 0.68
26 Nov 18, 8:09am
US equities ended the week on a soft note and US Treasury yields declined slightly; EUR weakened, and the USD strengthened; oil prices remained in free-fall due to concerns about oversupply; NZD fell 0.5% on Friday
23 Nov 18, 8:09am
The only notable movement has been strength in GBP; NZD was modestly weaker in local trading yesterday and has sustained that move overnight; NZ rates were down slightly across the curve yesterday
22 Nov 18, 7:54am
Global equities higher, global rates rise modestly and commodity currencies are supported; bounce in oil prices is interesting considering the stream of negative headlines; NZD and AUD have been the best performing
20 Nov 18, 8:07am
US equity markets have turned south; US Treasuries have been better bid; Mike Pence has appeared keen to trade barbs; his comments weighed on NZD and AUD sentiment at times
19 Nov 18, 8:11am
USD and US Treasury yields fell after comments from Fed Chair Clarida were interpreted as dovish; that helped the NZD to continue to power on up; AUD closed the week around 0.7330
16 Nov 18, 8:13am
GBP trashed again and UK gilt yields plunging, dragging down US Treasury yields; US equities are now back to square; NZD continues to perform well, making further gains overnight
14 Nov 18, 7:59am
US-China trade talks and a Brexit deal have supported risk currencies like the NZD; GBP has been the top performer; US Treasury yields haven’t responded to the better risk backdrop
13 Nov 18, 8:16am
US equity markets have remained under downward pressure; USD has extended its recent gains; NZD has held up reasonably well, and is down only marginally against the USD overnight; NZ swap rates nudged up slightly yesterday
12 Nov 18, 7:56am
Heavy-handed Chinese moves on setting commercial interest rates overshadows markets. Oil drops into bear territory. Eyes on both Brexit developments, and upcoming Powell comments
9 Nov 18, 8:29am
US equities are flat and US Treasury rates are little changed; NZD sits this morning at 0.6780; the local 2-year swap rate rose by 3bps to a fresh high of 2.19%, while the 5-10 year swap rates were up 6bps


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