Xi Jinping

15 Feb 19, 12:44pm
We look at what we have at risk in trade and economic exposure to China as they ramp up economic and political pressure on us to join its world view on trade and 'friendly relations'
11 Feb 19, 8:27am
Roger J Kerr says the latest unemployment figure seems like a 'rogue' number and he believes in time it will be proven that the labour market did not suddenly turn soft in the December quarter
6 Feb 19, 9:31am
Xi's goal is to shore up the authority of the party-state within his country, including by ensuring Chinese are not exposed to liberal-democratic ideas, and not to launch a new cold war with the West
4 Feb 19, 8:01am
Roger J Kerr says a combination of a recovering Australian dollar and a weaker American currency has helped to push the NZ dollar higher; sees further gains for the Kiwi in coming weeks and months
14 Dec 18, 10:12am
Jarrod Kerr with the Top 10 things to think about into 2019 from trade wars to yield curve inversion, wage growth, property, Italy and more
5 Dec 18, 12:20pm
Mauldin Economics' Patrick Watson argues globalization is slowly reversing meaning politicians should try to minimize the pain instead of adding to it
3 Dec 18, 8:26am
Roger J Kerr suggests the Kiwi dollar may have struck fair equilibrium value in the US68c to US70c range
19 Nov 18, 8:16am
Roger J Kerr says the NZ dollar is now likely to go above US70c in coming weeks as speculators continue to unwind 'short-sold' positions and climb back into the Kiwi
5 Nov 18, 8:09am
Roger J Kerr sees more positives for the Kiwi dollar from global developments but believes the currency may give back some of its recent gains if the Reserve Bank 'inexplicably' maintains its 'overtly dovish economic outlook'
4 Oct 18, 4:00pm
Patrick Watson says businesses that depend on imports or exports can't plan ahead against the backdrop of a trade war which is why Trump's trade war won't work
2 Oct 18, 9:23am
John Mauldin says the Trump tariffs could end the conditions that justified them. Something similar happened before, during the most famous trade mistake in US and global history: the 1930s Smoot-Hawley tariffs
27 Sep 18, 12:37pm
An unintended outcome of the trade war is that China will reduce its reliance on trade and imported technologies and could be stronger, more resilient, and less willing to accept international rules
7 Jun 18, 4:59pm
The current trade spat is about more than economics. Minxin Pei says while China might avoid a trade war in the short term, the longer term will bring escalating tension, possibly even a full-blown cold war
24 Apr 18, 7:39am
John Mauldin delves into the trade & economic relationship between China & the US, hoping wise & cool heads prevail in a time of tension
11 Apr 18, 1:58pm
We are missing an important perspective on China and its leadership says Keyu Jin, and not for the first time. Accountability for outcomes is the real issue
21 Mar 18, 5:00am
Kevin Rudd lays out how and why China wants changes in the world, what drives Xi Jinping, and what risks and traps we face if there is a western policy vacuum on China
17 Mar 18, 9:41am
Denise Ho assesses the new dominant authoritarian strand in Chinese society compared to other phases China has gone through, and points out that 'reform' has often accompanied authoritarianism
14 Mar 18, 4:59pm
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank eyes opportunities to help Pacific Islands crack down on illegal fishing; Outreach met with scepticism by veteran Pacific watcher
14 Feb 18, 12:27pm
With higher living standards, Chinese citizens will demand far more personal freedom and political accountability. The most fundamental challenge for Beijing is to govern while excluding electoral democracy
17 Jan 18, 9:52am
Jacob Shapiro on the coming conflict between China and Japan, Persia rises, oil’s glass ceiling, shuffling deck chairs on Europe & NAFTA’s resilience


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