18 Dec 18, 12:55pm
Markets closed in the red Friday in a risk off mood; NZD momentarily recovered towards 0.6800 but failed to make any headway past 0.6890 at the close; NZD has lost ground against its Australian cousin
11 Dec 18, 3:18pm
Equity markets continue to be on a wild ride of late; China growth has slowed for November; NZD has made a good start to the week against the USD; NZD continues to outperform the AUD
4 Dec 18, 1:54pm
Good news emerged from the G20 weekend meeting; NZD has continued its bullish run higher to reach 0.6930; NZD rallied off the weekly open of 0.9370 AUD to reach recent resistance of 0.9435 during Monday’s trading
27 Nov 18, 3:10pm
NZD fell away sharply continuing its momentum to the downside from last week’s risk off close; NZDAUD remains very much content in its recent range between 0.9345 and 0.9430
21 Nov 18, 7:43am
US dollar has pushed higher across the board, arresting its slide over the past week; plunge in oil prices continues; NZD opens this morning close to its overnight lows around 0.6810; US interest rates traded a narrow range
20 Nov 18, 2:07pm
Currency markets ended the week uneventfully after a huge week of Brexit related headlines; NZD rallied to 0.6880 against the greenback during Friday’s NY session where it closed the week; NZDAUD is still mysteriously holding up over 0.9300 levels
15 Nov 18, 7:54am
Equity markets oscillated around flat before pressing lower, likewise US yields; oil prices have recovered a small amount of recent heavy losses; NZD is at the top of the G10 leader board
13 Nov 18, 2:16pm
Markets are still figuring out what it all means post US elections and Fed policy announcement; NZD climbed to a four month high of 0.6817; NZD has continued to climb against the AUD
6 Nov 18, 1:54pm
The potential future of Donald Trump's presidency could be decided this week; NZD held its ground late Friday reaching a high of 0.6685 against the USD after Non Farm Payroll numbers printed; NZDAUD pair continues to be range bound
30 Oct 18, 2:47pm
Equity markets in the US closed down for the week with the DOW at -3.0% and the S&P and Nasdaq both around -3.9%; NZD traded from 0.6600 levels from last week’s open down to 0.6470 Friday against the USD; NZDAUD cross opened at 0.9200
16 Oct 18, 3:03pm
US based indices are down over 4% which marks the third biggest weekly loss this year; CPI figures published well up on expectations this morning pushing the NZD higher to 0.6595; NZD is back trading above 0.9200 levels against the AUD
9 Oct 18, 2:36pm
Starting the week around 0.6600 NZDUSD sank to 0.6440 a 2.5 year low; NZDAUD pair is still bouncing around within recent ranges but closer to the bottom of our support area of 0.9050; US Dollar has been the strongest performer over the past 10 days
2 Oct 18, 2:00pm
US Dollar strength was the theme closing the week out on a high as markets retreated on risk sentiment; travelling below 0.6600 to 0.6590 the NZDUSD cross look vulnerable for further downside; NZDAUD at 0.9130
25 Sep 18, 2:02pm
NZD opens the week with a softer tone currently at the 0.6650 level; NZD has underperformed on the NZDAUD cross and is now back around the 0.9150 level; Fed is expected to increase interest rates by 0.25% for the third time this year
18 Sep 18, 1:55pm
President Trump has delivered remarks to impose 10% tariffs on 200 Billion worth of Chinese imported products; NZD has started the week well gaining against the USD to 0.6600; NZDAUD rangebound for the fourth week
14 Sep 18, 7:48am
US equities rose and US Treasury yields fell modestly; NZD is not much higher than this time yesterday; USD weakened after the CPI data; Turkish central bank raised its one week repo rate by a whopping 625bps, which has helped support EM currencies
13 Sep 18, 7:54am
The USD and US rates drift lower. US wants more trade talks with China. Fed sees 'restrictive' rates needed. Oil prices reach four year highs. Eyes on US CPI
11 Sep 18, 2:11pm
US Dollar traded higher across the board with the US Index jumping to 95.43; President Trump said Friday he was willing to slap additional tariffs on 267B worth of Chinese products; NZD is trading at fresh low of 0.6515 versus the USD
7 Sep 18, 7:54am
NZD sits around 0.66 and UST rates are lower, with comments by the Fed’s vice chair Williams interpreted as dovish; market movements have been modest, as we await a possible announcement by President Trump of further tariffs
6 Sep 18, 8:28am
In the shadow of Canadian, Brexit, and NAFTA news, the Kiwi dollar has turned up. Italian bonds benefit from 'confidence' policy statements from their new government


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