3 Jan 18, 9:50am
Yu Yongding says widespread forecasts of stable 6.5% growth ignore slowing fixed asset investment and expectations need to be reined in
15 Dec 17, 12:24pm
Mike Pero Mortgages case study shows the larger your credit card limit, the less you'll be able to borrow to buy a house, regardless of what's owing on your card
13 Dec 17, 7:42am
ANZ economist believes the Government may have to reprioritise some of its spending if it wants to reduce debt and reach its other fiscal targets
30 Nov 17, 1:27pm
The Reserve Bank's loosening of LVR limits will give the banks greater flexibility with their lending policies - but David Hargreaves wonders if the banks will actually want that at the moment
29 Nov 17, 3:56pm
Reserve Bank doesn't see a collapse of house prices 'as a particularly high risk' due to Government policies, but says the new policies reinforce the RBNZ's decision to relax LVR restrictions
29 Nov 17, 9:13am
Reserve Bank will begin rolling back the LVR restrictions with the 'speed limit' for high LVR lending for banks increased to 15% from 10%; Investors will be required to just make 35% deposits compared with 40% now
19 Nov 17, 7:20am
Credit Suisse argues a run of bad luck is seeing Millennials do it tougher than their parents did when they were young
13 Nov 17, 11:35am
Five-and-a-half years into New Zealand's comprehensive credit reporting regime two of the big five banks are yet to embrace it
8 Nov 17, 9:28am
George Friedman & Xander Snyder probe the broader regional importance and challenges of Turkey's capital shortfall leading it to borrow overseas
2 Nov 17, 8:44am
Adair Turner shows how East Asia is winning by ignoring warnings of wasteful investment in low-return domestic projects, and by forcing their firms to compete fiercely in the West's open markets
1 Nov 17, 1:57pm
Yu Yongding says massive capital account deficits fueled by capital flight needed to be stopped to prevent China's net foreign asset disappearing. Capital account liberalisation needs to wait for a healthier, stronger financial system, he says
1 Nov 17, 10:08am
New data shows how banks have responded to regulatory signals for capital adequacy, chasing loans on property so hard, now more than 80% of all loans are property-backed
28 Aug 17, 9:55am
Key Harmoney borrower's fee at centre of Commerce Commission court proceedings seeking compensation for borrowers
18 Aug 17, 9:26am
BNZ's Tony Alexander says first home buyers are buying fewer homes because house prices are 'too high' and the loans they would need are 'too frighteningly big'
12 Jul 17, 11:36am
BNZ says it is considering an offer for a new series of 5-year unsecured subordinated fixed rate notes for Kiwi retail investors and certain institutional investors
30 Jun 17, 10:57am
Yu Yongding says China is confronting the macroeconomic challenge of over-capacity deflation. Curbing excessive government and corporate debt which brought a credit rating downgrade is a second-rank problem deflected by a very high savings rate
19 Jun 17, 1:56pm
Cameron Preston goes looking for magician's sleight of hand in the Government's latest Budget
17 Jun 17, 10:52am
Brian Easton analyses house prices relative to consumer prices over a long period. He says what makes recent house price changes so extraordinary is their occurrence during a time of general low inflation
5 Jun 17, 7:14am
Brian Easton suggests that rather than being obsessed with the public debt track, we need to pay more attention to the private debt track especially when it involves overseas borrowing
30 May 17, 11:09am
China's credit rating downgrade underlines need for authorities to keep preventing Chinese from investing their savings overseas, Asia expert says 


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