15 Feb 19, 8:34am
Global rates fell overnight after a much weaker than expected US retail sales; NZD has outperformed amidst further short-covering in the wake of Wednesday’s RBNZ MPS while NZ swap rates rose again yesterday; S&P500 is close to flat on the day
14 Feb 19, 7:53am
Global equity markets have moved higher again, although US indices are now only slightly up on the day; NZD is the top performing currency over the past 24 hours; NZ rates were higher across the curve yesterday
13 Feb 19, 7:48am
Hopes grow for an extension to the trade war ceasefire between the US and China; global equities and bond yields have moved higher; USD has fallen back from its year-to-date highs overnight
12 Feb 19, 8:17am
Equity markets moved higher across Asia and Europe overnight; USD has again strengthened overnight; NZD is down slightly on the day against the USD; NZ rates bounced modestly yesterday on profit-taking ahead of the RBNZ meeting
11 Feb 19, 8:24am
Equity markets fell across Asia and Europe, although a late bounce in US equities left them marginally higher on the day; NZD was little changed on the day, but NZ rates experienced another sizable fall
8 Feb 19, 8:08am
US equities are currently down 1.5% after a similar fall in Europe; US and Germany 10-year rates are lower; NZD is little changed from the NZ close but is still the weakest performer
7 Feb 19, 7:27am
US equities are slightly weaker and US rates are slightly lower; AUD is the clear underperformer, following RBA Governor Lowe’s speech yesterday afternoon, with some negative spillover effect for the NZD, even as dairy prices continue to surge
5 Feb 19, 8:23am
US Treasury yields have extended their rise following the strong US data reports on Friday; US rates are supporting the USD but gains have been modest; NZD has slipped a little to 0.6880; AUD has slightly underperformed the NZD
4 Feb 19, 8:19am
US data on Friday saw US Treasury rates move 4-7bps higher across the curve; rise in rates tempered the lift in US equities; currency movements were generally modest, apart from some softness in the yen; NZD met some resistance near the 0.6940 mark
1 Feb 19, 7:49am
US equities have extended gains made in the aftermath of the dovish FOMC meeting yesterday morning, helped by better corporate earnings results; US Treasury yields have continued to move lower; NZD has increased to its highest level since early December
31 Jan 19, 7:50am
AUD has outperformed after a marginally better than expected CPI release; NZDAUD drifted back to 0.9500; NZD is again broadly unchanged against the USD; 10 year Treasury yield is 1bp higher than this time yesterday, at 2.73%
30 Jan 19, 8:02am
Currency moves have been reasonably modest, but the NZDAUD has pushed up to near 18 month highs after a disappointing NAB business survey; NZD is little changed against the USD; US Treasury yields are modestly lower overnight
29 Jan 19, 8:00am
US Treasury yields fell modestly and the Japanese yen outperforming; NZD is unchanged this week, and continues to hover close to its year-to-date highs; USD indices are broadly flat on the day
28 Jan 19, 7:51am
Markets optimistic on positive signs in US-China trade discussions, further policy tweaks by China, more positive Brexit smoke signals, and Trump signing bill to reopen the US government
25 Jan 19, 8:42am
ECB and PMIs pressure euro lower. No US shutdown progress despite new talk. AUD suffers after NAB rate hike that raises bets for RBA cut
24 Jan 19, 7:43am
NZD is stronger after yesterday’s CPI report while GBP is stronger on reducing risks for a no-deal Brexit; US equities are retreating after a positive open; NZ 2-year swap rate rose by “only” 1.5bps to 1.93%
23 Jan 19, 7:44am
Global equities and bond yields lower; most major currencies haven’t showed a lot of movement; commodity currencies are slightly weaker, except the NZD which has managed to hold its ground, while GBP is the strongest of the majors
22 Jan 19, 8:21am
NZD has tracked sideways overnight after drifting lower during the Wellington public holiday; IMF downgraded its growth forecasts for 2019 to 3.5%; GBP has been the strongest major overnight
18 Jan 19, 8:10am
US equities have managed to inch a little higher overnight; NZD has underperformed again, as the market awaits CPI data next week; domestic rates ticked up yesterday, led by the front-end of the curve
17 Jan 19, 7:46am
Better than expected earnings from US banks helping to support equity markets; GBP has bounced strongly from yesterday morning’s lows; NZD has underperformed overnight and the NZ 2 year swap rate made a fresh low yesterday


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