fresh water

21 Feb 19, 11:34am
Tax Working Group recommends government includes agriculture sector in a reformed Emissions Trading Scheme
26 Oct 18, 10:00am
The NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton on all things freshwater; the state of play, irrigation, quality, cap & trade, water management, prices & more
14 Aug 18, 2:30pm
Kerry McDonald details why he believes New Zealand must hold a Royal Commission into the policy failures of successive governments since the Millennium
11 Aug 18, 10:34am
Guy Trafford and IrrigationNZ's Andrew Curtis argue irrigation and agreement on water policy will be crucial for food production in the future
17 Jun 18, 7:09am
It has taken a while but tensions are finally starting to show within the parties that form the Government. Jason Walls argues Andrew Little put it best: ‘This is just coalition government’
16 Jan 18, 4:38pm
Allan Barber sees ongoing trade access challenges, irrigation, and the growth of China as a food customer all among what will be the key issues in 2018
4 Sep 17, 5:02am
Labour targets rental law overhaul; Nats to get even tougher on gangs and drugs; Greens target leached nitrates levy at dairy, could shave 5% off average dairy farm's profitability
9 Aug 17, 1:25pm
Labour could have knocked the water debate out of the park; But the economics of its royalties policy just don't work; Let's hope they get some nationalistic headlines out of it before questions are asked
9 Aug 17, 10:38am
Labour to impose royalties on all commercial water use, but says rates won't be set until after 'first 100 days' meeting with affected parties after election
14 Apr 17, 1:20pm
Peter Gluckman calls for national conversations on fresh water policy that are beyond traditional political rhetoric. The issues are complex, the stakeholders multiple, requiring innovative science and ground-breaking solutions
21 Mar 17, 9:19am
Government refuses to consider OECD's recommendation to include agriculture in the Emissions Trading Scheme despite agriculture making up half of NZ's emissions; OECD suggests Government eases back funding for irrigation
20 Mar 17, 9:26am
Water tax debate would require decisions on ownership, allocations, charge fairness across industries, PM English says
19 Mar 17, 7:21am
A water tax debate during an election year? Political madness! Well actually they're not discussing the real problem; Talking bottled export tax misses the point - let's talk charges, allocations and efficencies
23 Feb 17, 2:29pm
Govt aims to have 90% of rivers and waterways swimmable by 2040, Environment Minister Smith says; Farmers are ready for the challenge - Primary Industries Minister Guy
16 Feb 17, 8:52am
William Rolleston sees the advent of argument dressed up as science but which abandons the principles of evidence, balance and context in order to persuade
22 Dec 16, 5:02am
The new Commerce & Consumer Affairs Minister is once again outside Cabinet. Does this mean National doesn't take oversight of our savings & improving the lot of SMEs seriously?
22 Oct 16, 10:17am
Geoff Simmons investigates the claim that farm land prices could be cut by $40 bln as environmental limits bite
30 Aug 16, 8:39pm
Nick Smith sets out the Government's "comprehensive plan for improving New Zealand’s management of freshwater"
27 Aug 16, 4:50pm
William Rolleston challenges the many claims that point the finger of blame for the Havelock North water contamination and system failure; calls for science-based evidence gathering
27 Jun 16, 4:17pm
Fed Farmers dairy chairman admits NZ dairy farmers are among the world's most indebted, says the effects of the Brexit are up in the air and diverts attention away from nitrogen in the fresh water debate


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