4 Mar 19, 5:01pm
New Auckland Council and government working group to address housing and urban growth issues gets ready for action
28 Feb 19, 2:45pm
Auckland Council Chief Economist David Norman says developing greenfield land is 'eye-wateringly expensive' and requires a staged approach to ensure adequate funding
26 Feb 19, 11:43am
David Hargreaves says the lasting legacy of the Government's new 'Healthy Homes' initiative will likely be increasing numbers of people dependent on the state for a roof over their heads
26 Feb 19, 7:53am
Housing and Urban Development Ministry officials concede that the Govt's new 'Healthy Homes' initiative will drive up rents, see rental stock taken off the market and may increase demand for public and emergency housing
19 Feb 19, 6:11pm
Bridges says a capital gains tax would cause people to leave for Australia (where there is a capital gains tax); fails to answer questions about the fairness and effectiveness of the tax system
12 Feb 19, 5:22pm
Proposed requirements for banks to hold more capital won't cause KiwiBuild catastrophe or economic slowdown, according to Twyford and Robertson
12 Feb 19, 5:00am
Opposition leader Simon Bridges' figures on rising rents are more interesting for what they don't say than what they do say
9 Feb 19, 10:02am
TOP Leader Geoff Simmons on why we need to kill, not tax, capital gain
2 Feb 19, 9:03am
Peter Dunne looks at the challenges for a possible 'blue-green' party and the National Party's quest to get the numbers to allow it to govern
28 Jan 19, 10:04am
Chris Trotter on how middle class housing subsidies overwhelmed the social housing priorities of the Labour Party's rank-and-file members
19 Jan 19, 9:00am
Why five months into the 2019 financial year none of the $90 million Treasury had set aside for KiwiBuild had been touched
18 Jan 19, 1:57pm
KiwiBuild head Stephen Barclay hands in 'immediately effective' resignation; Minister Phil Twyford can't comment because it's an 'employment issue'
21 Dec 18, 12:04pm
Auckland Council's chief economist David Norman argues Auckland's housing shortage will prevent Sydney and Melbourne style price falls
13 Dec 18, 3:35pm
Rodney Dickens challenges Barfoot's optimistic judgment saying the Auckland market is weaker than average, and that the demand-supply balance doesn't justify much if any upside in prices
10 Dec 18, 8:27pm
PM tight lipped on rumours KiwiBuild CEO Stephen Barclay is off work due to an employment dispute; Says his absence has nothing to do with the KiwiBuild programme
10 Dec 18, 11:10am
Stats NZ says property assets owned by Kiwis increased in value by more than $300 billion over a 10-year period
4 Dec 18, 11:57am
Andrew Crisp appointed CEO of the new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development responsible for KiwiBuild, Housing NZ and the new Housing and Urban Development Authority
29 Nov 18, 5:00am
Tax Working Group members Craig Elliffe and Robin Oliver discuss the challenges of creating a comprehensive Capital Gains Tax that excludes the family home
28 Nov 18, 3:15pm
Infometrics' Mieke Welvaert tackles the claim NZ's heading for a house price crash. She explains why she sees a small dip in some places before an upward trend resumes
27 Nov 18, 12:15pm
Auckland is adding new jobs fast, and consenting much more housing. But housing isn't being built near where the jobs are. David Norman explores the reasons for the mismatch


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