29 Jul 18, 7:02am
Just as KiwiSaver fund balances start to rise to substantial levels, investors may need to focus on the changing economic landscape, possibly adjusting their portfolio allocations
27 Jul 18, 12:03pm
The aggressive KiwiSaver category grew 30% in a year as members chase upsized returns to build their retirement funds over the long run
24 Jul 18, 12:04pm
The small Conservative KiwiSaver category is growing fast and David Chaston can't work out why investors have directed $2.7 bln that way
23 Jul 18, 3:01pm
State and AMI home insurance policyholders in parts of the country deemed risky to receive premium increases of around $91 a year under IAG's new pricing model
20 Jul 18, 9:43am
David Chaston joins the call for KiwiSavers to move investments in default funds elsewhere, unless they're nearing retirement
20 Jun 18, 8:46am
Although corporate bond values have nearly tripled in 10 years, much of that growth is in emerging markets. While a correction seems likely as defaults rise, Susan Lund says the shift toward bond financing is actually a welcome development
1 May 18, 9:30am
Conservative or cash KiwiSaver returns beg the question: Why are you in KiwiSaver in the first place? We review the long-term returns and find them hard to justify
21 Apr 18, 10:22am
Nothing goes up forever, including financial markets or economic growth. Corrections happen. Now is a good time to think how your KiwiSaver will fare in a downturn
20 Apr 18, 7:30am
We review the performance of KiwiSaver Growth funds. This sector is settling back from outsized returns but some are still delivering well. A decade of track records back up our analysis
17 Apr 18, 5:00am
The tide is going out for investors in KiwiSaver Default funds as the heavy allocation in fixed-income securities risks valuation readjustment down, cancelling any gains in yields
6 Apr 18, 12:37pm
Question marks remain over the extent to which further insurance premium hikes flagged for more disaster-prone parts of the country will be offset by decreases in lower risk places
8 Feb 18, 5:37pm
As 2018 progresses we are moving ever closer to the date when payment for today’s recovery will fall due. The recent market gyrations suggest awareness of the inevitable reckoning is already beginning to dawn
5 Feb 18, 9:43am
We review the overall performance of the KiwiSaver funds industry, one that will reach $50 bln invested in 2018. Results have been good overall but there is a wide divergence between managers
2 Feb 18, 5:02am
2017 was great for KiwiSaver members who chose balanced-growth funds, but only if your fund was managed well. Nine of 14 funds shone, for others the results were dim
29 Jan 18, 2:49pm
Our comprehensive review of Aggressive KiwiSaver fund returns to December 31, 2017, identifies who has the best long-term results. But it shows managers for a quarter of these funds aren't up to scratch
26 Jan 18, 9:01am
On the back of buoyant and positive markets, our comprehensive review of default KiwiSaver fund performance to December 2017 identifies who is doing best
13 Jan 18, 8:55am
Youi points to US study that finds marital status is almost as significant in car insurance pricing as age and gender; Says it has never rejected a legitimate claim based on marital status
11 Jan 18, 11:14am
Youi charges single and divorced drivers 16% to 21% more for car insurance than married drivers. Why? Jenée Tibshraeny shares her view
31 Dec 17, 8:02am
If financial markets are driven by two powerful emotions, greed and fear, then the lack of fear in bond markets suggests a cavalier attitude that may not end well
9 Nov 17, 8:49am
Forget Korea, or the Middle East. Christopher Smart says gradual shifts in international global institutions can be far more consequential for investor behaviour, and fundamental realignments are taking place


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